Now here comes again with a twist the FARZITWIST with a bang opening yesterday of the new menu launch and this times the twist is twisted but with delicacy and creativity. At Farzi Cafe is “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Farzi Cafe – the modern Indian bistro, is best described as a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance.It is a quirky, yet chic, Indian cafe concept, where guests experience the finest of infusing a generous dose of Indian flavors, where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion to bring Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”.

The New Avatar

So here’s the Farzi Twist Menu to be dine, speak, shout aloud in your Social Media Paparazzi’s.

New Menu Launch

Amuse Bouse from Farzi, its a Mango Dahi Shot with, just one shot and its over.

Mango Dahi Shot

Chole Kulche Tamarind Onion Salsa, now this was something of  apicture perfect dish. Our very own Kulcha’s sailing on a Farzi boat, so sailor slow it down coz there food pirates around. The Kulcha was very soft and tender with generous filling of Choles, served with Onion Salsa, i guess the best i have ever tasted. A complete dish where you get you IG pic, enjoy it and remembers it for long.

Chole Kulcha Tamarind Onion Salsa

Here comes the Berry Mojito, prepared with 5 Fresh Berries with Lemon and Mint. And of course the frizz has to be there for that instant kick to your taste buds.

Berry Mojto

Surprise!Surprise! A fridge or a drawer, whats in that treasure?Boot Legger!. A CranberryJuice with hint of Lemongrass, Ginger, Pomegranate Seeds. So again a kick start way drink for your senses, so time to start the Farzi Twist.

Braised Mutton Bunny Chow, now this was my favorite. Tender and Succulent Braised Mutton on a bun, drizzled with Mint and Yogurt Chutney. A gaudy presentation with Farzi Twist in mind.

Braised Mutton Bunny Chow

Chicken Nugget Yakhini, Nut Pilaf. Small bites of Nuggets in a bed laid of Yakhini flavored rice with a punch of saffron with generous amount of Nuts on it. The appealing was so good the taste has to be better and the best. The Yakhini was poured from the pot to give the Pilaf more texture, flavor and aroma.

Chicken Nugget Yakhini Nut Pilaf

Confit Boti, Dal Pakwaan. The Confit thats a duck meat perfectly done and the Dal Pakwaan was the twist in their, flavors all the way flying from my mom’s kitchen.Topped with a Papdi to give you the crunchiness within it.

Confit Boti Daal Pakwaan

Beef Pepper Fry, Scallion Masala Uttapam. Have never tasted Beef with Uttapam, but what a perfect mingling. The Curry leaves punched Uttapam gave  a lot pf character to the tender and succulent pepper fried beef. It simply melted in my mouth.

Beef Pepper Fry Scallion Masala Uttapam

Tenderloin Medallion, Aloo Chokha, Texture of Green. Now this was a real delicious dish. The meat was medium done, succulent and tender, so heavenly delicious and what a kick with the crackling spinach and aloo Chokha. I am definitely going back for this. My personal hits and now on my list to remind me to GO AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Tenderloin Medallion Aloo Chokha Texture of Geen

Now here comes the best part the dessert, and from Farzi was expectation was way higher.Dirt Pile, a sand laid chocolate cake with nuts and raisins, poured Chocolate syrup and topped with a vanilla ice cream on it. Now make it more dirty by just mingling everything and of course the ice cream plays the trick. So indulge in a land of chocolaty flavor with your dirt pile.

Dirt Pile

A big thank you to Farzi and the team for the lovely gift and sharing the recipe for Dal Chawal Arancini and to provide with the ingredients was the most generous part.

Thank you

So get twisted here at Farzi Twist, do not forget to try their New Menu, full of twist and full of delicacies and creativity.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Seating Available

CUISINES : International, Indian

ADDRESS : City Walk, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai

OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 10:45 PM

PHONE NUMBER : 04 3942556 , 0526892036 Table reservation required

COST : AED 200 for two people (approx.) Cash and Debit Cards accepted