The wait is over and presents to you the most awaited and coming soon hype , so here it is Carnival By Tresind, open to you all on the 3rd of September. I was out of the world when i got an email saying you were one of the few bloggers who will taste Carnival’s contemporary interpretation of Indian cuisine before the actual doors open to public. After the grand success of Tresind, a curiosity arises every day what now, what next, how creative and all H and W questions were in mind.



The gem and the star Chef Himanshu Saini, has shown again that Indian food can be eaten with style and integrity. The man known for revolutionizing Indian food by presenting household Indian favorites with a progressive Indian twist. And here at Carnival he has recreated the magic again by actually focusing on the street foods and giving it a post modern twist. So here’s a pic with Himanshu and the lovely staff of Carnival.

Chef Himanshu Saini and the lovely staff at Carnival

We were greeted with a Namaste, which made me even more honored to visit a place where the culture and the tradition still exist all in a modern way. The seatings were so distinctively done, the Green Balloon is for Veggie lovers and the Red ones for the die hard Non Vegetarians fan.

The Color Game

Welcome to Carnival with a Bubbleology effect, to lighten up your mood and shouting out loud to you- THE MAGIC BEGINS HERE!!!

Bubbly Welcome
All Set for the 17 Course Menu

The decor, as the name suggest Carnival, keeping the theme in mind. The restaurant is finished in colorful hues of perfectly complemented by the brushed cream and brown stone floor and wooden ceiling. Magnificent custom made bottled glass ceiling of the open bar add a distinct dramatic flair. And of course the mask, crowns, golden gaudy trees with Kites all set foot to the feeling of an actual carnival. I have never witnessed an actual carnival before but i am sure it wouldn’t be more better than this.


The Elegant Decor

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As both me and my hubby chose the Non Vegetarian set menu and i must say here it is a 17 course meal, yes your ears heard it right. So be prepared to get mystical with the exquisite menu.

Our very own Banta Soda which you call as Goli Soda as it is open by the thumb, recreating my childhood memories after school and drinking Goli Soda in one shot. All thanks to Bar Chef Sherine John for being so creative and bringing back my childhood days back.

Mango & Passion Fruit, i think the best way to start a never ending set menu dinner.

Pomegranate with Rock Salt, an instant taste of the effect of the rock salt what you need in an Indian Cuisine. Prevailing the culture so perfectly well.

Banta Soda
Pomegranate and Mango & Passion Fruit

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Kulcha, WONDER WHAT?? Don’t worry its our very own Pumpkin mashed to perfection and spices infused so well and stuffed in a Steamed Crisp Kulcha giving you the most delightful taste. Pumpkin had always a very fond relationship with HALLOWEEN, so here’s how the great masters at Carnival had depicted so beautifully the Halloween pumpkin with an Indian Bread.

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Kulcha

Makhan Phal, a Cocoa Butter hive and topped with Avocado and Lime Cream. A sweet delight to my taste buds, melts as you eat, it was like one shot and one go. The taste was heavenly delicious.

Makhan Phal

La Tomatina Beverage Soup, its a cold Tomato Shorba served in a green flashy bottle on a   bed of chill ice, which is accompanied with Cheese Bread Stick. he concept is to pour the soup in the bowl, dipped the stick and eat in one bite and swallow in the other. The most gorgeous look ever a soup can get, mine first cold soup, what it reminded me off my Rajdhani train journeys back from Delhi too Assam where we get Soup with sticks, memories flashed back.

La Tomatina Beverage Soup

Here comes my another drink the Crazy Frog, you have to drink it from these frog brains.Whewww Whewwww!!!! Its Lavender Lemonade, a frizz drink served with Star Fruit. This starring frog made my night even more mystical.

Crazy Frog has to be drink through the Brains!!!

Scary Friend, it is not too scary because its refreshing and soothing to drink. A Mocktail prepared with Honey, Apple and a hint of Cinnamon to it. The cute little spongy freind adds light to the drink and his scary friend.

Scary Friend is Delicious TOO!!

Life Is Too Short Eat Dessert First, its a Jalebi Chaat prepared with potatoes and chick peas with Yogurt Mousse. The crunchiness of the Jalebi to the tenderness of the filling is what the dish is for. And of course dessert being the most highlighted factor of the meal, so you should eat that first is what CARNIVAL shouts out loud to the public.

Jalebi Chaat

Indian Fried Chicken, a perfect minced of Chicken turned into a pakora with cheese filling and coated with Boondi Crisp. It was a delicious treat to oneself, the minced chicken perfectly mingling with the hot and delicious cheese stuffed. The Boondi gives a crisp factor which adds so much to the character of the dish.

Indian Fried Chicken

Malai Baraf, Its a Litcha Granita prepared with Raspberry Rose water and fresh Milk Skin. It was the same Kulfi Falooda back to my college days, ”kulfi wale bhayya” what we use to say to him. The same taste just flashed back again with a nostalgic touch to it. The outer layer is hard rock ice with fillings of litcha granita.

Malai Baraf

Pullinji, its a South Indian ginger prawns coated with palm sugar caramel and topped with Curry Leaf Crisp. The same South Indian prawns just got fusionized here at Carnival. The strong taste of the ginger along with the sugar gave  a more divine taste to the prawns and i must say the spices infused till the last bite.


Sea Food, Assam Tea dashi poured into Sous Vide Scallops, beautifully served on a shell giving the most gaudy look to the entire dish. The tea is served from a pot to spread the aroma and the flavors intact was a delicious treat. In one go its  a GORGEOUS SCALLOPS. My Assam Tea got a modern fusion version of it  all thanks to Chef Himanshu.

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Uttery Butterly, remember the AMUL add Utterly Butterly Deliciois – Amul!!! Same goes here too, Sliced Wagyu Tenderloin done with Amul Butter and served with a Crisp Cheese Toast. Anything and Everything can one desire from the name, butter with bread, a simple concept so futuristically done at Carnival.

Utterly Butterly

Oranjee, this ones was my favorite from school, i sneaked out of the house to get one of these Popsicle which was then 50 paisa back in India. It became more nostalgic when the same wrapper came with the Orange and Kashmiri Saffron Popsicle, my whole childhood  stood still in fron of my eyes. A big thank you to Carnival and the team.


Mutton Dressed as Lamb, the perfect Mutton Galouti Chop poured with Lamb Jus Nihari and served with fermented Dough Bread. The meat so tender, juicy and succulent that it melted in my mouth and the Nihari added so much to the flavor and the aroma to it. It was drizzled with glistening gold dust, an appealing to the eyes too.

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Dal Phulka, it was a yellow Lentil Cappucino with fresh Truffle GHee and Cumin Coco served with Phulka Cookie. In simple language our very own Pani Puri, pour the dal into the phulka and go in one shot. Never knew Dal with Cappucino and Cocoa will taste so divine and delicious. The Truffle adds as the magician who adds its flavors and aromas in a most secretive ways. The best that can come out with  any Lentil Soup.

Dal Phulka

Gol Hatti, its boiled Chick Peas with Spinach Curry served with Steamed Crisp Kulchas. A veggie dish could not taste better more, delicious and tasty, perfect with the Kulcha’s served. Actually this is the same old place from Delhi where the Chola is served, as we know the most popular dish in Delhi. Carnival has focused on the entire nation and bought the best out of it to us herein Dubai, its like Home Away From Home!!

Gol Hatti

Now come the most awaited part, Desserts. after a successful Deconstructed Black Forest at Tresind i was eagerly waiting for the Dessert fusion at Carnival and to my surprise it was a marvelous experience. All memories flashed back and the taste recreated with the most modern technique of food fusion.

Go Bananas, Toffee Panacotta, Pie Tuile, Ilaichi Banana Ice Cream ”banoffee pie”. GO BANANAS with this South Indian delicacy. The Bananas the most used fruit in the South gets a whole new version in the form of a delicious Dessert. The leaf represent the beautiful state of the Souths.

Go Bananas

The Betels, KHAI KE PAAN BANARAS WALA!!!!. All Paan lovers, Carnival has bought you the same flavor and taste with a twist in the form of a Macaroon to you to enjoy, sit and relax with one bite of the Macaroon Paan Shots. A meal is incomplete without the paan and so here it is, done justice to the whole menu and now i can say proudly that in Dubai i have wholly finished one meal.

The Beetels

Kappi, its a South Indian Filter Coffee in the form of a pebble, just one shot is enough to wake up your senses. The filling is a bitter Espresso, so don’t worry, that’s the trick, the Lotus Caramelized seeds helps you to get the sweet taste back to normal. it was like GOSH on my first bite,  liquid of strong coffee which every South Indian desire after their meal, the same old concept got revolutionized over here at Carnival.


Miracle Berry Palate Cleanser with a Slice of Lemon. Miracle does happen and  Carnival can prove it to you. Served a berry plate which you are allowed to swirl in your mouth, don’t swallow. After that squeezed the lemon inside the mouth, WALLA WALLA!!! the magic begins. The lemon all of a sudden taste all sweet, its the magic of the berry concoction powder with lemons. Do not eat or drink anything after that because everything will taste sweeter to you.


So my 17 course meal comes to an en, lots of memories flashed back, my whole childhood is now again a clear picture of vivid images to me. All thanks to Carnival, but you cannot leave without dropping your card to Mr. Fatty with the English Telephone booth and also you cannot miss to take their card from the Mr.Goose Sewing Machine. A place to visit, eat. enjoy, be mystical and overall to be feel HOME!!

Highlights : Full Bar Available,Wifi,Luxury Dining

Cuisines : Indian

Phone Numbers : 04 4218665 0522424262 Table booking recommended

Cost : AED 400 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Address : Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai

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