Maharashtra being blessed with beaches and mountains, caves and temples, forests and cities, abundance of natural wealth and cultural heritage. Food is an integral part of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage, and no visit to the state can be considered complete without sampling a variety of its specialties of Maharashtrian (or Marathi) cuisine. Subtle and understated, the flavours of Maharashtrian food are heavily dependent on the seasons – raw mango (kairi), kokum and coconut make their appearance in the heat of summer, deliciously crispy gram-flour batter coated, deep fried vegetables in the monsoon and rich sesame and jaggery based sweets in the winter.

Unlike many other Indian cuisines, one rarely finds traditional Maharashtrian food in Indian restaurants outside the state, although it has as just much to offer.But thanks to Peshwa who brings to the table the culinary celebration that true Maharashtrian fare is. It packs in a punch with the authentic flavors of Maharashtra, in a setting that reflects contemporary sensibilities. Bringing back an era, follows all the traditional Maharashtrian rituals of service, which adds a whole new layer to the eating experience. Even typical ‘auspicious festivities’ are followed at the restaurant, with the appropriate menu and decor.

The passionate and fully Maharashtrian by heart Mr.Sachin Joshi, the owner of Peshwa restaurant in UAE  knows his culture, food and tradition well. I was impressed by his knowledge on the food and the menu, indeed a chirping person to learn so much about.

So as a welcome note we were served the traditional Kokum Sarbat and Sokadhi.

Kokum Sarbat, a refreshing drink from Konkam made from Kokum fruit i.e sour apple. This one was my personal favorite, it helped a lot in refreshing after a long tiring day at work.

Kokum Sarbat

 Solkadhi, another Kokan delicay, kokum extract mixed with fresh coconut milk and lightly flavored with green chilies and garlic. The taste was coconuty but an instant chili spike on it.


Now here comes my delicious Starters, and i must say my first ever experience to Maharashtrian cuisine and it was amazing, i will definitely go back to try their other delicacies.

Kothimbir Wadi, fresh Coriander and Gram Flour mixture steamed and deep fried into a crispy finger snack. It was eating besan in a totally different style and goes very well with the sweet and tangy chutney served.

Kothimbir Wadi

Wada Pau, potato dumplings served in bread with tangy spicy chutney, the best small bites of Wada Pau ever taste din Dubai. It was like home away from home to me. The toasted chilies added so much to the character to the dish.

Wada Pau

Sauji Kabab, Chicken in spices, marinated and grilled. The tender, juicy and succulent chicken in my mouth, best goes well with the hot and spicy chutney served.

Sauji Kabab

Sabudana Wada, deep fried dumplings of soaked sago, diced poattoes and roasted peanuts,. I am always been in love with Sabudana and turned into a Wada Pau was my ultimate cravings, all thanks to Peshwa.

Sabudana Wada

Sinhagad Bhajee, a classic road side snack of onion dumplings, dipped in gram flour batter, served with deep fried green chilies. Amazing as it sounds, fresh, crispy and delicious. Totally road side snack taste and still i am loving it.

Sinhagad Bhajee
Our Delicious Plate of Maharashtrian Chutney’s.

From Seafood delights it was Pomfret Fry (Rawa), pomfret marinated and shallow fried on griddle, with semolina coating. The freshness, taste, delicacy and the crispiness can be found on every bite. The fish was juicy, tender and so succulent, it was like fishing and cooking all at the same time.

Pomfret Fry Rawa

Surmai Fry (Tawa), surmai marinated and shallow fried on a griddle, with an option for semolina coating. Again a hit from Peshwa, in love with the fish over here, all fresh, crispy and delicious.

Surmai Fry Tawa

Kolhapuri Chicken Tikka, chicken morsels marinated in spicy onion garlic red masala and soft cooked. The gravy, rich and thick. very delicious for all spiced lovers and best goes with any form of rice and bread.

Kolhapuri Chicken Tikka

Malvani Fish, fish cooked in coconut based gravy with a coastal punch by addition of kokum fruit (sour apple) to it. The prawns were so perfectly infused with all the spices used and gave a traditional taste to it.

Malvani Fish

Now here comes the delicious and mouth watering veggies from the Maharashtrian kitchen.

Bharli Wangi, small eggplants stuffed with spices, cooked in thin coconut and peanut gravy. I am a die hard fan of Eggplants and this dish made me fall in love with it again. The most succulent, perfectly spiced and infused veggie dish ever tasted.

Bharli Wangi

Pithale, a thick curry made of gram flour and onions. A must accompaniment with Indian flat  bread ”Bhakri”.

Bharli Karli, small bitter gourds stuffed with spices, cooked in a thick coconut and peanut gravy. This one made my entire concept for Karli being bitter and not so delicious totally changed. The best i could ever wanted for any Karli dish.

Veggie Delights

I never usually write about breads served with dishes  in my blog, but these were the best i have ever tasted.

Poli, flatbread of wheat flour rolled and toasted on a griddle.

Tandulachi Bhakari, hand flattened rich flour bread, roasted on a griddle and puffed on fire. This one was my personal hit of the day.

Jwarichi Bhakri, hand flattened sorghum, (Jowar) flour, roasted on a griddle and puffed on fire.

Indian Flat Bread

Now comes my favorite part the Desserts. I was very curious to what was in sore for us as the starters and the main course were fabulous.

Puran Poli, flat bread stuffed with a soft mixture of split Bengal gram and jaggery.

Puran Poli

Dudhi Halwa, grated bottle gourd cooked with clarified butter, sweetened milk and thickened milk. The color was so appealing, the first look of it was WOW from me.

Dudhi Halwa

Amrakhand, mango flavored Shirkhand. This one was my favorite, a chill, mango delicious flavored dessert and i am definitely going back for this.



Every meal should take you on a journey of exploration, and there is as much to meet your taste buds as there is for your eyes to feast on with the traditional cuisine of Maharashtra. Peshwa, it is not just about taste; it is about offering a ‘complete dining experience’. All these little details help the guests slip seamlessly into a gastronomic foray into the hinterlands of Maharashtra. On the other hand, the sleek, yet appropriately themed, interiors make for a contemporary setting, making the experience relevant to today.

Highlights : Breakfast,Home Delivery,Wifi,Kid Friendly

Cuisines : Indian, Maharashtrian

Known For : Affordable Thalis and authentic Maharashtrian food

Phone number : 04 3795520 Table booking recommended

Cost : AED 100 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 9 AM to 12 Midnight

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