About Salla

Salla is a lifestyle brand that specializes in beautiful baskets, gift boxes, marquee letters, accessories and some other pretty things ideal for gifting and/or decor. Salla products are exclusive designs not available anywhere else. They are handcrafted pieces considered works of art  made  by skilled hands. While our focus are all things chic, crafty and stylish, we make it a point that our products are practical and functional as well. This makes every Salla piece a wonderful keepsake you’ll absolutely love!

I recently received a Marquee Letters, make personalization pretty wonderful! These light letters are the ultimate creative tricks to add a dazzling vibe to your space, not to mention that ultimate personal touch.


  • Made from wood with a smooth red or white finish
  • 24cm tall
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Extremely safe as LED lights never get hot
  • Easy on and off with the switch on the side.

You can hang on the walls, put on the shelf as beautiful decor pieces for your room. And the best part is a beautiful gift for a love one. Try these LED lights and i know your friends, family and loved ones will be in love with you again.


The Other Products are : 

Gift Boxes

Salla takes the excitement of gifting to the next level with its collection of fun and whimsical gift boxes. Pretty, elegant and colorful, they are the perfect packaging your gift needs in order to stand out. Available in three sizes and different designs.


Gorgeous as a decor and striking as a storage solution, a Salla basket is a perfect marriage of beauty and function. Not only are they your go-to storage solutions when tidying up your space, but at the same time, they bring eye-catching style to your home decor. What’s more, they are perfect as crafty packaging for your gifts.  Available in three sizes and different designs.

Accessories and Embellishments

Salla offers the best embellishments you would need to bring an extra dimension to your craft. They are the prettiest bling sparkles that you can use as hang- anywhere decors or as add-ons to your baskets and gifts. Available in different designs, sizes and colors.

You can order this beautiful gift from Instagram @salla.ae

Contact Details : 0568791859