Taking inspiration from the streets of Beirut, Ka’ak Al Manara menu is centered around sweet baked sesame bread known as Ka’ak, a nation-wide popular street dish of Lebanon. Ka’ak Al Manara “Traditional” ka’ak can be enjoyed with a wide variety of sweet and savory spreads, while ka’ak “Specials” are stuffed with hearty protein recipes hand-picked from favorite canteens across Beirut. And no Lebanese food can be complete without a touch from home, with daily selections of salads and soups delivered to Ka’ak Al Manara canteens straight from mom’s kitchen.

Kaak Al Manara

Ka’ak can refer to a bread commonly consumed throughout the Near East that is made in a large ring-shape and is covered with sesame seeds. Widely sold by street vendors, it is usually eaten as a snack or for breakfast with za’atar.  In Lebanon, ka’ak bread rings are made of sweet dough rolled into ropes and formed into rings and topped with sesame seeds. Instead of za’atar, after baking, it is glazed with milk and sugar and then dried.

It was often found near Manara as told by the founder Mr.Ziyad, all nostalgia added to this place and the Kaak and so he decided to name his very own canteen first ever in Dubai as KAAK AL MANARA.


My visit was an amazing experience back to 100 years back. The famous Manara Nescafe, prepared with foam condensed milk and Nescafe was served as a welcome gesture. My first ever refreshing refreshing coffee, so creamy, thick and full of flavors. A must try at Kaak Al Manara.


My first Kaak was the Akawi Cheese and Halloumi Cheese.

Akawi Cheese, melted with cheese topped with black seeds. I never thought bread would be so lighter with all the other infused ingredients. The best i can say tasted, soft, light and delicious.

Akawi Cheese

Halloumi Cheese, toasted halloumi cheese with zaatar, sumac, chilli paste and vegetables. It was like eating a delicious sandwich with filling fully generous and delicious and the Kaak added so much to the taste of the dish.

Halloumi Cheese

Our next was Turkey & Cheese and Lebneh.

Turkey & Cheese, smoked turkey melt with Akawi, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, one of my favorites and i am definitely going back for this.

Turkey & Cheese

Lebneh, traditional creamy yogurt topped with virgin olive oil. Generous filling of vegetables and for this the dish had an instant amazing taste to it.


The Mushroom Soup, so perfectly blend of mushrooms, very flavorsome, rich and thick.

Mushroom Soup

I was also introduced to Lebanon’s Chocolate, Drink and an old CD. As Mr.Ziyad was telling me of his childhood days i could relate the attachment to each and every dish served at Kaak Al Manara.


My next Kaak was Chicken Fajita, fajita herb mix, cocktail sauce, onions, bell peppers and melted cheddar. So perfectly done and the melted cheese perfectly mingling with all the other ingredients, a delicious treat to oneself.

Chicken Fajita

Beef Shawarma, shawarma herb mix, tahina sauce, onion, tomato, parsley and pickles.

Beef Shawarma

Now here comes the best part, DESSERTS.

Nutella Halawa, its nutella and halawa spread mix and stuffed inside Kaak. A heavenly delicious dessert, light and so much chocolaty.

Nutella Halawa

Knafeh, rich Arabic cheese pie with sweet sugar syrup. Kunafa has always been my favorite dessert in Dubai and now served inside a Kaak made it even more taster and perfect for all sweet tooths. A must try out.


With the super and passionate foodie Mr.Ziyad, so many stories shared from his childhood to present and the best part is everything was related to KAAK. He is holding one of the delivery party boxes which can have 6 Kaak’s at one go.

Mr.Ziyad the Founder

Overall it was a delicious experience but i would highly recommend to go for breakfast, as its light and healthier. Kaak Al Manara, the definite talk of the town now serving Kaak filled sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Desserts etc.

Highlights : Breakfast,Home Delivery,Wifi

Cuisines : Lebanese

Phone number : 04 2582003

Cost : AED 80 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 8:30 AM to 1 AM

Address : 1st Floor, Mercato Mall, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

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