The name’s root is French (Tres Ind) but the foundation is very Indian as the name suggests, known for the unique infusion of molecular gastronomy, Tresind, one of the most sought after dining destinations of the city, the food at Tresind is ambitious and intriguing, without being pretentious, and for the most part exceptionally elegant in both appearance and taste. Bearing that in mind, the menu here is not unduly expensive for such a pleasurable dining experience. A big thank you to Tresind and Faseeha for pampering me with the most delicious and magical food pf my lifetime.


My host for the day was Mr.Kamal, what a vibrant foodie by heart and such a cheerful person, well known by the concept how to satisfy customers, a big thank to you too.

Now lets start my Summer Menu journey to the most talk about restaurant in Dubai.This is to lighten up your mood and to make me sure that your gastronomy journey has just begun. So relax and let Tresind do the magic for you.

Happy with my Refreshment

As compliments we were served Zaatar Pau with Chick Peas Hummus and Tomato and Olive Pickle. The best way to kick start your meal. The bread all house made, soft, fresh and straight from the kitchen of Tresind.

Zaatar Pau with Hummus and Pickle

Deconstructed Pani Puri, the method was well demonstrated live with Pani puri mixture on Sodium Alginate to create the bubble and then soften up in Water. Served with Boondi and Tamarind Chutney. Just gobble in one go, basically one shot Pani Puri. Its always in the streets i have tasted the best ones but Tresind gotta change my mind completely. The best technique with lots of deliciousness added to it.

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Now this ones my favorite, the more i see the more i become the biggest fan of this. The Lava Lamp, done with Green Apple and Peach fresh juices, topped with Passion Fruit Seeds, Red Currants and Blueberries. The magical drink is ready, the best way to see how the lava explores inside the tube glass. Refreshing and the best way to start of your meal.

Lava Lamp

Chaat Trolley by Chef Heena, your Chaat can be so mystical an delectable. Prepared with Papdi and Spinach Fritters with Dhokla freezed  liquid nitrogen to make it hard and tough. Drizzled with Tamarind Chutney, Sweet Yogurt, Chaat Masala Gel and Mint Chutney and topped with Pomegranate, Nimbu Sev Mixture and tempering water of Mustard Seeds, Curry leaves and Coconut. It made me linger in my taste buds again. It was like watching a delicious live art performance within a fraction of section served all cold and delicious.

Mushroom Chai, you may think have we ever tasted this Tea before, yes you havent coz this fusionized can only be done by Chef at Tresind. Your Mushroom Soup just got a little better and delicious over here, served in teapot and poured in cups with Dehydrated Guchchi Mushrooms and Truffle Oil Powder. Infact the best way to drink your soup.

Chicken Tikka Carpachau, slices of soft and tender Chicken drizzled with Tarragon Sauce with Green Leaf for Salads and served in a bowl infuse with Apple Wood Smoke. The flavorsome salad of apple, wood and the dressing. So your Salad had just kicked off well too.


Chicken Tikka Carpachau
Tandoori Lamb Chop Drizzled with Rosemary Sauce with Potatoes with Clarified Butter. Squeeze the Lemon and see the Magic. The Tender, Soft and Fully done Chops perfectly infused Spices and Marinated Well

Sea Bass Rechardo, Sea Bass marinated with Ginger, Garlic and Rechardo Spice again  a Portuguese style prepared spices, specially used in Goa. Served with Pan Fried Stuffed Vegetables and seasoned with Oyster Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Garlic Crisp do give you the aftermath of the dish. The look of it was WOW from me, so gaudy and appealing. And the taste divine!!! Hats off to Chef Malik

Sea Bass Rechardo

Chicken Cafreal, Chicken marinated  in a Goan based Green Sauce, Portuguese style. Pan fried to perfection and topped with Ginger Pickle. Served in a heavy and traditional blender bowl used in every house hold back in India. A nostalgia added to the dish.

Chicken Cafreal

Storage, confused don’t be a Mock tail drink prepared with Orange, Blackberry and Peach Syrup and served with Liquid Nitrogen in a gorgeous storage box. So now you got it right!!!

Tenderloin Steak with Chimichuri Sauce. The Steak seared in Rosemary, Garlic and Clarified Butter. The Sauce, Argentinean style prepared with Coriander and Mint. The Green Sauce smashed in Indian traditional smasher with Garlic, Roasted Coriander Seeds. The Steak dipped in the Green Sauce and topped with Pickled Onion and Pickle Ginger. The steak all soft and tender and the spices perfectly infused till the last bite. Another delicious creation by Chef Malik.

Tenderloin Beef Steak with Chimichuri Sauce

Now here comes the Palette Cleanser to start of your main course, yes you heard it right the mains haven’t started yet. Khandvi Sorbet, the perfect Gujarati style. The first Cold Khandvi experience and it was heavenly delicious.

Khandvi Sorbet

The mains had Tawa Chciken, which was Chicken Tikka Masala in a heavy tomato and spiced based gravy, perfectly pan fried and served with Clarified Butter Breads.

Lamb Briyani, the Raan i can say laid on a bed of flavorful bed of briyani, perfectly cooked and mingling well with the rice. The juicy, tender and delicious meat was the best part of the mains. A must try out at Tresind.

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Our last but not at all the least drink of the day, Lavender Lemonade with a punch of Mint  and Berry Blast, concussion of Berries, Pineapple and Orange.


Lavender Lemonade & Berry Blast

My best part of the meal Desserts, i have a sweet tooth and always on the look out for the best ones in town. Tresind you ruled my heart, mind, soul everything. Keep up the delicious Dessert work.

Constructive Black Forest Cake, prepared with Chocolate Soil on bottom, Sponge Cake on top, Dodha Barfi, drizzled with Caramel Sauce, Infused with Cream freezed in liquid nitrogen and topped with Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Flakes and Red Currant. Your black forest cant taste better than this. It was bite of happiness in my mouth.


Constructive Black Forest Cake

Daulat ki Chaat, Foamed condensed milk with Soan Papdi crumbs and drizzled with 24 Carat gold dust. Your dessert cannot get more expensive and royal now.

Daulat Ki Chaat

Candy Floss, paan flavored, the best way to an ending in an Indian restaurant. The tradition says if you haven’t ended with Paan then your meal never completes, so thank you Tresind for reinventing it in a way so innovatively and still the touch of tradition to it. This cute little bus with flowers and candy floss on trees made my day.

Candy Floss Paan flavored

Tresind marries a progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine. Explore a new take on presentation, flavor and textures of old favorites, in an ambiance that invites and sets the mood, whether a romantic dinner for two or a night on the town, dressed to impress.

Thank you for this beautiful Thank You Note!!


HIGHLIGHTS : Full Bar Available,Luxury Dining,Wifi ,Valet Parking Available,Private Dining Area Available


KNOWN FOR : Modernistic Indian cuisine that experiments with molecular gastronomy – the ultimate blend of food culture, experience and design

ADDRESS : Level 2, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4489523 Table reservation recommended
OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Happy Hours: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Everyday) | Ladies Night: 8 PM to 11 PM (Wednesday)
COST : AED 500 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted