Gelato is just a fancy word for ice cream, right? Wrong. “When you make ice cream it’s mostly air,” explains Patricia Olguin Borja, the lady in charge at Dri Dri, an authentic Italian gelateria in Dubai. “But gelato uses the traditional Italian process of mantecazione, which means it doesn’t have any air in it. It’s just a little cream, milk and the ingredients that provide the flavor.” Continuously churning the liquid in a special gelato machine while it freezes, the mantecazione process takes 20 minutes. The gelato here is made fresh in-house and contains no artificial flavors, colors or emulsifiers.


A die hard Ice cream lover, and now i got one more place in my favorite list. Impressed by the low fat milk ice creams, fresh fruit sorbets and the best part is all healthy and delicious too.

Pistachio, the pistachio’s used in Dri Dri’s pistachio gelato come directly come from Bronte, Italy and the Almonds grown Sicily. Grown in the volcanic soil and have a distinctive long, thin shaped  and a sharp taste. Just imagine the heavier the description the tastier it was in delicacy. It was like eating the real pistachios and the lovely crunchiness of almonds to it. The golden shining flakes was what made the ice cream a gorgeous one.


Cafe Espresso, Coffee is one of the most traditional flavors pf Espresso, it is served all over Italy often with a drizzle of cream.The best Arabica Coffee used, the more you bite the more flavored it becomes. Wake up and Smell the coffee with Cafe Espresso.

Biscotto, The Artisan cookies from Emilia Romagna called Lugo. The best and the most delicious ever tasted. The cookies and the biscuit crunchies adds so much to the character of the Ice Cream.

Cafe Espresso & Biscotto

Lime, the tangy citrussy flavor is a refreshing way to wake up on a balmy morning. The instant taste will give you immense punch out and while tasting i could feel the freshness of the lime.

Raspberry, During summers at Dri Dri they serve this high quality English raspberries from local growers. All fresh and healthy. It was like chewing real raspberries with the crunchies even on. A must try at Dri Dri Gelato.

Lime & Raspberry

Caramelo Salato, the gourmet salted caramel gelato is salted with Himalayan pink crystal salt, the most purest salt formed in ancient unpolluted seas. It brings out the taste of caramel perfectly.

Stracciatella, the classic method of stracciatella is to pour the hot melted chocolate directly into the gelato as it churns, which solidifies the chocolate and distributes it throughout the gelato. In this method the chocolate is chopped rather then poured, which means more generous bites of chocolate. The most chocolaty Ice Cream in my entire food span.

Caramelo Salato & Stracciatella

Now look at this delicacies.

Dri Dri Ice Creams

A big thanks to Azada for hosting me, a passionate and chirping lady. You will definitely go back for her.

Thanks to Patricia for giving me the Gelato Recipe Book, it really made my day.

Token of Love

Located in JBR AND Box Park, this outlet is surely ine of the best in town.

Highlights : Desserts and Bakes,Outdoor Seating

Cuisines : Desserts, Ice Cream

Phone number : 04 5530647

CostAED 50 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours :  10 AM to 12 Midnight

Address : BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai

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