Hydro Coco is the first coconut water beverages in containers. Created from the original coconut water that comes from the largest palm plantations in Indonesia, the Riau province. Coco Hydro produced by Kalbe Farma, a company expert in the field of health and nutrition, using the technology of UHT and Aseptic so Hydro Coco does not require preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners so that the quality of coconut water as well as nutrients and minerals to stay awake. Hydro Coco packed with Tetra Prisma packaging from Tetra Pak packaging which is easily recycled so that environmentally friendly. 


Hydro Coco coconut water is made from the original so that
it can replace lost body fluids after activities besides
oil also rich in minerals , fat-free , and contain fiber
so good for keeping our digestive health .

1.Real Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best source of re hydration after the move, because its ion content similar to that existing in the human body. The greatness of coconut water was already recognized by the agency FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations, you know!

2.Calcium and Sodium

Both of these substances have good benefits for the health of the body and bone. Consuming both regular basis can help prevent high blood pressure and kidney stones. Meanwhile, the bone becomes more healthy and strong!

3. 100% Natural no Preservative

Hydro Coco only wear natural fabrics during the processing process, so you need not worry about the side effects caused by preservatives.

4.Amino Acid

This substance serves as a source of energy and restore the body’s muscles after the workout. This is because the amino acids in the protein content, which helps build muscle faster. So, do not forget to bring Hydro Coco when you visit the gym!


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