There is always a place where not only beecause of the food and ambiance you want to go back, though the food is awesome over here but only for the lovely waitress our host of the evening Miss.STAVROULLA. What a vibrant and lovely lady, passionate about food and knows how to impress the foodies at Totora. The name Totora comes from a reed grown at Peru’s Lake Titicaca, where indigenous residents use the dried plant to make a floating sail boat similar to a canoe or surf board. The entrance of the venue features a unique and exciting focal point of a rope bridge, evoking remnants of the last remaining Incan Rope Bridge. The two storey restaurant serves authentic Peruvian Cuisine from Peru to Dubai.

The Entrance

The menu at Totora Cebicheria Peruana provides the most authentic Peruvian dining experience. Using indigenous ingredients and truly Peruvian spices, blends and produce; Totora Cebicheria Peruana transports diners from the heart of Dubai straight to Peru. From the sharpest tinges of Aji to the tangy sweetness of the Lucuma fruit, Totora gives you the best of Peru.

The Menu

We were invited for a tasting and this culinary journey to Peru was worth a try. As we settled down, the menu was explained to us and the dishes bought right away.

For the drinks, as a non alcoholic i had Chicha Morada. This drink dates back to the pre-colonial era of Peru, prior to the creation of Inca Empire. Purple Corn, Pineapple and Lime, ebhanced perfectly with Cinnamon, Cloves and Sugar. The drink was so gaudy to look at and the instant taste of the cinnamon was the hit.

Chicha Morada

The menu section was divided into small portion.

From the Cebiches which are Peruvian classic of raw fish cured in limejuice, spiced with Peruvian chillies there was De Bario, Nikkeu and Champinones.

De Bario, it was prepared with Octopus, Shrimps,Sea Bass,Boiled Cassava,Chulpi Corn, Rocoto leche de tigre. The dressing was a little pungent and sweet which was rather perfectly mingling with the other ingredients served.

De Bario

Nikkei, it was Tuna, Avocado with Nikkei sauce.

Nikkei, a cross-pollination between Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. Nikkei cuisine transforms local dishes using Japanese flavors and techniques, resulting in its own personality and identity under a distinct Peruvian lens. Over the years, Nikkei has evolved, ranging from Peruvian comfort food sprinkled with Japanese flare, itamaes incorporating local herbs, sauces, and spices to orthodox staples, and a contemporary offshoot pushing creative boundaries to form a completely unique modern day culinary artform.

The dish can be eaten after mixing as the instant sauce flavor comes after you perfectly mingle it. A dish worth a try.


Champinones, prepared with Button, eryngii and emoki Mushrooms, Lime Juice, Inka Corn, Coriander. Now this is something for the vegetable loves, a blessing to them as the whole menu was mostly for the non veg ones.


The next section of the menu was Rollos De Maki, which is Sushi style rolls with traditional Peruvian Sauce.

Quinoa Roll, it was prepared with Quinoa, Red Snapper, Avocado, Rocoto Sauce. I think the best Sushi i ever had, so perfectly done and the Peruvian sauce played the rest of the trick.

Quinoa Roll

Now from the Platos Pequenos which are traditional Peruvian small dishes we were served Empanadas.

Empanadas, Mushroom, Baby Spinach, Aji Amarillo, Chimichurri Sauce.It was a puff preapred with soft and chewy dough and the generous filling of the ingredients mention. The trick to eat is to open the puff and squeeze the lemon. A heavenly delicious treat to myself, i am definitely going back for this.


Anticuchos, it is traditional Peruvian grilled Skewers.

De Pollo, its grilled chicken skewers, perfectly done. The meat all soft and tender, spices infused till the last bite spikedwith house aji sauce.

De Pollo

De Champinones, skewers of Portobello Mushroom, Vegetable sauce and spiked with Chimichuri Sauce.

De Champinones

For the mains, though we were almost full. But i was wandering if the starters were so delicious, the main course will be heaven. And i was right, this place has got some real delicacies.

Seco De Cordero, it was Chica de jora braised Lamb leg, Aji Panca, Aji Amarillo, Chifle Peruvian Squash. It was delicious Lamb on a bed of pumpkin squash, the taste of salt and sweet was giving a very rare but a good taste out of it. In love with this dish.

Seco De Cordero
Seco De Cordero

Arroz Con Pato, prepared with Duck, Aji Amarillo, Aji Panco, Rice, Coriander. It was crispy duck, very tender and soft. The rice was the perfect combo with the duck, infact the duck gave a lot of character to the dish.

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Quinotto, White Quinoa, Portobello Mushroom, Aji Amarillo, Parmesan Cheese, Black Truffle Oil. The instant taste of the Trufle Oil was WOW from me, a delicious and divine dish.


Now for the Desserts which is my favorite part of the meal. This place has got some real heavenly bites of sweet happiness for all sweet tooths.

Tres  Leches, Sponge Cake, evaporated and condensed milk, whipping cream and berries. It was so heavenly and delicious, every bite of it was HEAVEN in ones mouth.

Tres Leches
Clasico Peruano, Classic Rice Pudding, Purple Corn Sorbet, Fig Crumble

Totora Cebicheria Peruana is a contemporary lifestyle restaurant, lounge & bar that embraces Peruvian cuisine and culture with a ground-breaking modern twist – enhanced by vibrant entertainment elements – adding a stylish and exciting new highlight to Dubai’s and DIFCs increasingly sophisticated dining scene.

Highlights : Full Bar Available,Valet Parking Available,Luxury Dining,Live Entertainment,Private Dining Area Available

Cuisines : Peruvian

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Address : Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai

Phone number : 04 3999666

Cost : AED 500 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted



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