My childhood memories recreated, from the little Hawkins Kitchen set to, Stick Kulfi to Chur Chur Kulcha. All thanks to Chef Pradeep Khullar, to attach each dish to your own childhoods. The concept is totally nostalgic and seen in every household of an Indian family, where granny tells us about ancient tales and how we as new generation have adapted to the new techno savvy world. Each  dish i had was so near and dear to me as i could relate my own memories of the beautiful childhood i had. It was like going to the past through Chef Pradeep’s world.

Once you enter Jodhpur you get the Royal feeling and its like walking into a Maharaja palace of the Mughals. There’s a hushed play between shadowy rustles and chandelier-distilled lighting, the turquoise walls and gilded mirrors have all the makings of an enchanted castle, the colors flit from (royal) blue to green to (royal) purple, laced with gold.


I was lucky enough to get an invite and taste some of the excellent works of Chef Pradeep Khullar. He was the man of the show, my blogging has taken me to so many places but i haven’t seen a Chef passing through every table and greeting foodies, discussing food and his works. Hats off to that man.

As we settled down in a Royal manner by the staff, Chef came us and greeted so well explaining how our night is going to be delicious and nostalgic down the memory lane. We were served Guava Lytcha prepared with Pink Guava, Raspberry, Fresh Mint crushed, Jaljeera and Chaat Masala. it was a refreshing start to a deliciously laid up meal. The picture came out so well as it was gaudy to look and fresh in taste.

Guava Lytcha

Now here comes the Jeera Khari with Herb Yogurt, Indian puff pastry dredged with caraway seeds and served with herb yogurt. Crisp Kharis presented in an auto bought my school days back when we use to get in 50 paisa and ate while coming back from school in a jiffy. Whenever i will see an auto surely i will remember Chef’s Kharis now, that’s the magic of him.

Jeera Khari with Herb Yogurt

The Macaroon Chat, was the talk of the town from a few days, all social media hypes, Instagram images and finally i could get a bite of it. Macaroon stuffed with tangy feeling and served as Chaat with all the elements like sweet, sour,crunchy, chewy. It was like the pani puri got a better version to me, need not to worry about the weird shape mouth, the dripping of water, now this small dynamite bites has taken it all over.

The hit of the town, served in a small cute rickshaw which again dates you back to the childhood days. I love rickshaw rides, whenever i get a chance while i am in India i take a ride, all memories recreated.

Macaroon Chaat

Laban and Ricotta Kabab, the funny thing about this is its the first coldest Kabab in the world, and tastes better than the hot ones. It is prepared with crispy fried melange of Hung Curd & Ricotta, coated with Rose Ash. Served cold from the center to allow a contrast in the dish. The crispy coating is derived after flash frying the kabab and then rolling it in dehydrated & smoked rose petals.

As i was busy snap chatting my pics the Chef came running and he told ”Eat your Kababs it will get Hot”. First time someone could ever tell for any food, this is how the Chef creates magic.

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Now this one was the hit as a die hard Beef Lovers, both me and my hubby was in love with this dish. Beef Short Ribs, Aam Papad Glaze, braised for 8 hours and crispy fried short ribs tossed in reduction and made with Aam Papad, Tamarind and Chilly Paste. I could feel the flavors so distinctively in my mouth, all sweet, sour, tangy, chiili. The spices of the meat infused till the last bite, soft and tender, juicy and delicious. It was heaven in my mouth.

I am going back for this heavenly delicious ribs again and again.

Beef Short Ribs,Aam Papad Glazed

My next drink was Passionate, prepared with fresh Passion Fruit, Apple, Mint and Lime. Again  an exhilarating drink on our way, very flashy yet so refreshing.


Chicken & Chestnut Kulcha, Sumac Laban. mixture of Chicken Tikka and Water Chestnut stuffed with dough made with refined flour and cooked in Tandoor. Served with Laban and topped with Sweet Peppercorns.

It gave a sweet and tangy taste on every bite, the dough all soft and tender, a perfect snack out whenever you are at Jodhpur.

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Now this was the shows topper, Palate Cleanser just before the meal. Mango, Cranberry & Kafir Lime Sorbet. The sorbet helps you clean to clean your palate and get ready for the main course. Served in toy pressure cooked made with Fresh Alphonso Puree spiked with Kafir Lime Leaves and DE- Hydrated Cranberries.

Pressure Cookers are so symbolic to Indian household and the Sorbets are made like Popsicles to remind us of our childhood days again. I still have my baby Kitchen Set where my father was forced to eat all raw rice and lentils cooked in that cooker. My whole childhood was recreated by dish beautifully served dish all thanks to the Chef again.

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For the mains we were served Jhinga Chettinad, Gun Powder Papad. Golden Garlic glazed prawns tossed in Chettinad spiked sauce made with Coconut Milk and topped up with crispy parmessan papad.

It was a delicious treat to oneself, the best part was the sauce was served in a separate jar so once we are finished with the first bite we can pour it more, it remains hot and we get an aromatic flavor from it.

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Kyma ‘Pygmy’ Pao,Young Onions, green chillies spiked lamb mince topped with paper thin red radishes and garam masala butter. Served with seared foie gras and miniature pao.

The mince all perfectly done, a thick,creamy delight from the chef and the miniature pao was cute and buttered, the best servers on a stick. A delicious and luscious dish,a must try.

Keema ‘Pygmy’ Pao,Young Onions
Pygmy Pao

Chur-Chur Kulcha, again a nostalgic dish on my table. I certainly remember how my mother tricked me by crushing the rotis so that i am done when i am full, so here’s the concept of crushing the flavored cheesy kulchas with herbs, a definite try and best goes with every dishes in the menu.

Chur Chur Kulcha

Faux Dal Makhani, green moong dal simmered overnight and tempered with all the seasoning for Dal Makhani. It is called ‘faux’ as black dal is replaced with the lightest dal on the planet and the flavors are not compromised.

The best Dal Makhani i have ever tried, surprisingly with the lightest Dal. I ended up having two bowls of it and i am not ashamed of it.

Faux Dal Makhani

Now here comes my favorite part the Desserts, as i was eager to really try Chef’s sweets after a deliciously artistic meal. I was wondering if the starters and main course were so well presented the desserts will be a masterpiece and i was RIGHT.

Rasmalai Milk Foam Rabdi Pistachios, rasmalai served on bed of saffron flavored milk, topped with milk foam and pistachios. Loaded with crisp Kataifi for crunch in the dessert.

It was like Rasmalai fusionized, all in one dessert, the crunchiness, the softness, the foaminess. My favorite hit of the show.

Rasmalai Milk Foam Rabdi Pistachios

Kesar Malai Kulfi, Toasted Almond Silvers, full cream milk reduced and mixed with dry nuts, saffron and cardamon. Freezed in customized moulds with stick inserted and topped it with freeze dried raspberries.

Again a brilliant work, i still remember my kulfi during college days, the same memory has been recreated here. The Chef is so concerned about his customers that he had bought old memories back to real.

Kesar Malai Kulfi

Saffron Jalebi, Mascarpone Rabdi, Gold Dust. Crisp miniature Jalebis accompanied with Mascorpone Rabdi and dredged with Golden Dust.

Presented in a cherry Blossom designed tree, when asked the Chef really gave me an interesting answer as he was passing by Dubai Mall metro he saw the poster of the Cherry Blossom Tree and then it clicked to him that he has to do his Jaebis with this. Now you can imagine the level of the presence of mind he has. Hats off to him again and again.

Saffron Jalebi Mascarpone Rabdi Gold Dust

A quote from the Chef , “At Jodhpur, I want to take all my diners on a retro-innovative journey with my food. My recipes are inspired by some of the delicious dishes I have grown up eating and I have given them my own spin by adding some global textures and ingredients.” Chef Pradeep ensures his food hits all the right memorable notes for his guests and leaves them with a sense of astonishment. The food aims to inspire diners to go beyond the fad of molecular gastronomy and revel in the glorious taste of the Indian cuisine classics of bygone days, and all with an original and creative twist!

The Gem Chef Pradeep Khullar

Highlights : Wheelchair Accessible,Full Bar Available,Outdoor Seating,Kid Friendly,Luxury Dining,Wifi

Cuisines : Indian, North Indian

Known For : Beautiful and comforting ambiance along with a flavorful Indian menu

Address : Al Murooj Rotana, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Opening hours : 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7:30 PM to 12 Midnight

Phone number : 04 3559846 Table booking recommended

Cost : AED 500 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted


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