Eisenberg Paris Sublime Tan
Huile Visage & Corps
The oil Sublime Tan is the perfect care for your tanned skin. This unique, sensual and fragrant oil protects against free radicals and harmful effects of sunlight, to reveal a sublimely soft and moisturized skin with a divine tan! Its formula, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E helps combat dehydration of the skin and protects against environmental aggression’s. The soft and irresistibly delicious notes help reveal their true sensuality ,a beautiful and bright tan .

You want a beautifully smooth skin and moisturized, divinely tanned and perfumed? The new Huile Sublime Tan SPF 6 Visage et Corps of Eisenberg Paris is for you. According to Eisenberg, its secret is the Camellia Oil. Also called “Gold of pleasure”, this vegetable oil, extracted from ancient times as a plant native to northern European woman and Central Asia, is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acids of the family.Omega-6 prevent dehydration, reducing the loss of trans-epidermal water. In this way, the skin remains soft and supple. Omega-3, however, play an anti-inflammatory and anti-redness. Used together, these fatty acids are an ideal treatment for dry skin.

Huile Sublime Tan SPF 6 Visage et Corps also contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that plays an additional protective effect against solar radiation. Finally, the Tri-Molecular ® formula, the core of all EISENBERG products, increases the effectiveness of each ingredient for more intense tan. The product is enriched with a sensual fragrance that enhances the femininity of every woman. Essential oils of lemon, cloves, galbanum, and nutmeg, for an energizing touch. The essential oils of coriander and orange instead have a relaxing effect, while patchouli and elemi have a stimulating aroma. Finally, the fragrance closes with a jasmine bouquet.

Its fragrance lightly sweetened, combined with its delicate, velvety texture, offers to the skins tanned treatment that protects, hydrates and enhances the brightness. Ideal for dark or tanned skin, it can also be applied on summer evenings to enhance the complexion.It is a new oil for face and body able to preserve skin hydration, play a soothing and anti-redness, and protect the skin from the proliferation of free radicals, one of the major causes of premature aging.