Tirta Spa, one of the biggest and most awarded spa in Asia will soon touch many hearts, body, and soul.

Four-time World Luxury Spa awardee Tirta Spa Dubai will soon rise in the heart of the elite Jumeirah neighborhood fronting the glittering Dubai skyline targeting the most affluent Emirati, Arab and expatriate society.

Owned and founded solely by En Calvert, hailed as Asia’s Spa Goddess, Tirta Spa will soon bring Asia’s tour de force and warm hospitality when it comes to the spa, relaxation, and grandiose pampering.

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“It is a dream come true, I have been in love with Dubai for many years now and I visit this Golden City twice a year, trying different spa from different places and I told myself, I am confident to bring something new, unique, phenomenal and-and a heartfelt service that naturally comes from within. Our spa is not only a luxurious pampering experience but it is a journey to an exceptional spa experience with a deeper level of sense and tranquility” says En Calvert, who just recently came back from Switzerland to personally receive her fourth World Luxury Best Day Spa Awards trophy “This award means so much to me, not only because it is the Oscars of Spa, it is also a symbol of my entire team’s hard work, craftsmanship, dedication and perseverance to create a masterpiece in every spa experience that they will have” En added.

Originating from the Asia’s Best Island, Tirta Spa with nearly 10 years of unparalleled first-class, luxurious and impeccable service to its guest and with their authentic and distinctive Asian cultural massage and spa techniques will be unveiled soon to public and will be enjoyed by the tourists and discerning residents in UAE.

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About Tirta Spa

In the heart of posh and luxurious Jumeirah neighborhood, lies a sacred oriental sanctuary that is Tirta Spa Dubai. Winner of multiple awards including The World Luxury Spa Awards ‘Leading Luxury Day Spa’ in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016. ‘Certificate of Excellence’ awardee and ’Hall of Fame’ at world’s leading travel site, TripAdvisor. Tirta Spa is an experience like no other.

At the beginning and end of each treatment, cymbals and singing bowls are used by the therapists to create a relaxing mantra to enhance meditation. Incense burning in the villas not only creates an exotic aroma but also serves to drive away demons and release bad spirits. With XX treatment rooms, steam rooms, saunas, snow rooms and beauty corner, you’ll discover an integrate ancient healing rituals with modern methods, in order to balance our bodies, struggling to cope with this modern lifestyle.


At the soul of this spa, built from sacred architectural design with a fusion of oriental styles, borrowed from spiritual cultures and temples. Influences from Thai, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Indian and the Middle East are present. The ceilings are accented with cogon roofs, extensive use of indigenous Narra wood, red bricks from Vigan and Mactan stone. Capiz lights made from oyster shell add the final Filipino touch to this eclectic architectural blend. The authenticity of materials created an environment of relaxation and true indulgence.

About En Calvert
Owner, and Spa Director – Tirta Spa

A certified Spa Connoisseur, En started her spa career when she was a little girl. Her family owns a spa which later develop her passion towards managing their family business. In 2011, En studied Physiology, Anatomy, Holistic Massage techniques, Aromatherapy and Spa management from prestigious Hong Kong-based institutes; International Therapy Examination Council and Confederation of International BeautyTherapy and Cosmetology.

En explored the world and visited several countries to meet key influential people from the spa industry such as Michael Scholes, a world renowned aromatherapist, and psychotherapist. En spent time in India, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, France, Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, to name a few, to further strengthen her knowledge on different massage techniques and meditation method from different parts of the world.

En opened her first spa venture in 2007 in Asia’s 24/7 Island, Boracay Philippines. Years after the opening, Tirta Spa Boracay received numerous awards and accolades from several organizations not only in the Philippines but international. Trite Spa was awarded by the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards as the Best Luxury Day Spa in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Trite Spa Boracay is also awarded by travel website giant Trip Advisor a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ for the outstanding review by its guests.

In 2016, En expanded Tirta Spa’s portfolio by setting foot in The City of Gold, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.