Planning on offering any gifting features for this Ramadan, or the occasion of Eid?
If so, then De’Longhi’s have these appliance by that would be a perfect fit!
De’Longhi’s Multifry Extra Chef Multicooker
The revolutionary kitchen appliance that turns cooking, frying and baking into easy and healthy procedures, constitutes the ideal gift for quickly preparing Iftar that the whole family will enjoy – you have an endless variety of easy and low fat homemade specialties from mouth-watering couscous and hearty lamb shank to succulently cooked roast chicken and tender beef shawarmas.
The De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker range includes four different models, and the Multifry Extra Chef Plus stands at 1,199 Aed. The Extra Chef premium model provides equal upper and lower heating power, cooking as a real electric oven with a fan. It also features a digital cooking function control panel.


What better way to show gratitude this Ramadan than by gifting the De’Longhi Multifry Extra Chef Plus Multicooker to your friends and loved ones? Families expect big dinner gatherings, which can be tough when it comes to cooking a feast everyday, but with the De’Longhi Multifry Multicooker Machine it will be so easy to create tasty and healthy meals to share with family & friends. The revolutionary cooking appliance merges the art of oil-free, healthy-fried cooking with a multi-functioning cooking appliance, giving food lovers the option of creating a variety of delicious recipes.
Healthy frying and cooking aren’t the only options; a range of baking recipes is also easily created, with pizzas, cakes and pies. To keep things exciting for the Holy Month, De’Longhi has also created a recipe application that can be downloaded on users’ mobile phones. Here, families can browse through a large variety of traditional and worldwide recipes, in both English and Arabic, featuring ingredients and cooking instructions to prepare an ideal iftar meal that would satisfy all. One gift can create mouth-watering couscous and hearty lamb shank to succulently cooked roast chicken and tender beef shawarmas, the possibilities are endless.


Chef Richard Khoury shares his experience with one of the De’Longhi’s Multifry Multicooker machines, the Extra Chef: “It’s an incredible cooking appliance that allows you to cook tasty and healthy meals in an easy way. From risotto to pizza and curries, there is an unlimited variety of dishes that the De’Longhi’s Multifry Multicooker can prepare for you. It’s like having a miniature chef cooking for you everyday!”


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The best way to show your loved ones how much you love and care about them.

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