”Moshi” is hello in Japanese and its very artistic to blend the two words Momo & Sushi into one and fusionized something delicious yet something out of the box concept.The menu is totally budget friendly and you get to taste some of the finest fusion forms of Sushi,the whole concept of the raw fish sushi has been changed to an overly imaginative art form.Myself being a bit away from the Sushi world had made me fall in love with it.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor 1.jpg

Rahul the man behind Moshi is Dubai based,studied in UK and so his journey to his dream started with the love for fusion cooking living with a bunch of culturally diverse mates.He developed a taste for sushi and momos and was surprisingly astonished to find that the momo-sushi combo was on a heat in UAE due to very minimal options available.But when asked why Moshi he honestly said  ”being a son to vegetarian parents,my parents will never get a chance to taste and know what sushis are so i fusionised the concept and gave the vegetarian touch to it and now my parents love my sushis more than i do”.

Moshi unveils summer menu at newly opened branch in Oud Metha on May 25th, 2016. As i was one of the lucky ones to try their new menu with a twist, first let me give a glimpse of their interiors. Wall plates with all the famous historic monuments hanged with a finish of bamboo and wood. Their is a wish net on wall where you can attach lock with your name son, it has a n open kitchen and i love the orange and the black colored interiors which only shouted MOSHI loud.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor gg_Fotor_Collage b.jpg
The Ambiance
2016-05-25 23_Fotor fgh.jpg
Summer Menu

Moshi – Momo & Sushi, serving a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia,  it has opened a second outlet in Oud Metha first being at Al Barsha, here is my blog on Moshi, Al Barsha and is adding a new summer menu to the mix.

To start of we were served Strawberry Mojito, strawberry blended with mint leaved and frizz added to it. How creatively served in Bulb glasses, cute and short, and very handy too.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor sd.jpg
Strawberry Mojito

A wish lock was given to write our names and wishes and hang up on the wish net wall, a cooler way to remember you for ever by the Moshians.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor ff.jpg
Moshi will Remember us For Ever

Here comes our first platter of the Sushi family all served in stoned plates, my photos now gets a gorgeous look to it.

Moshi calls Air Rolls, for those not fond of seaweed, using lettuce to roll makis, making it a healthier alternative.

Volcano Rolls, a prawn based maki rolls with a little prawn on topped.

Zaatar Labneh Maki, this one was a twist an Arabian twist with maki rolls perfectly done with Maki, a must try out.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor sss.jpg
Sushi Plates

Flaming Chicken Cheetos, one of its kind how MOSHI does this, a cheetos with chicken on it and done with sesame seeds on side, that was amazing, being a die hard fan of Cheetos this made my day out at MOSHI wow.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor nnnn.jpg
Flamingo Cheetos Chicken

Broccoli Chicken, Its broccoli maki roll with chicken, a perfect fusionised form of greenish gaudy color in my mouth.

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Now comes my Vegetarian Platter which had my favorite BPD Dhokla Maki and Broccoli & Asparagus.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor mmm.jpg
Vegetarian Sushi Plate

The BPD Dhokla Maki, WOW from me how ingeniously prepared. Dhokla in a maki roll can you imagine and what the Dhokla flavor is fully infused to it, that is the best part i could get Dhokla flavor with a sushi roll. I would definitely go back for another try of this small bites of happiness from MOSHI.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor VBV.jpg
Dhokla Maki

I love the Broccoli & Asparagus, rolled up with maki , what Moshi calls Air Rolls, for those not fond of seaweed, using lettuce to roll makis, making it a healthier alternative. So you don’t have the aftermath effect to it. Being not a broccoli fan but this made me rethink my taste.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor vbvb
Broccoli & Asparagus

Now here comes my Lotus Milkshake, when its Lotus it is always my favorite. This place had kept my expectation high, love the perfectly blended lotus shake, refreshing and soothing. I ended up having two bottles as i love the cute little bottles in which they serve.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor vbvbvb.jpg
Lotus Milkshake

Sriracha Edamame, topped with sauce and chilli flakes, one of its kind. Loved the fusion of the sauce and the chilli giving it the perfect taste to it.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor mmmmm.jpg
Sriracha Edamame

Edamame & Mushroom Momo, wow what MOMOS they were, veggie lovers will love this. Perfect blend of the mushrooms and the edamames, being very generous though and doing justice to both the flavors.

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The Sushi Burger was the ultimate fusionized, a sushi converted to a burger with a crispy chicken as the patty and perfectly done with a cabbage leaves, an unique of a kind at MOSHI.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor BNBNMNMN.jpg
Sushi Burger

Have you ever heard of Falafel Nigiri, yet MOSHI made it real with its fusion factor. Now you can enjoy your daily Falafel Nigiri style. A unique and delectable as its sound, i was surprised how the falafel actually got its new and brand look as a nigiri with a seaweed paper rolled on topped. A must try.

2016-05-25 23_Fotor bnbnfffgg.jpg
Falafel Nigirii

Moshi aspires to be a laidback sushi haven, as opposed to the plenty of fine dining sushi restaurants found in Dubai.  They successfully achieve so by being a QSR that serves affordable high quality classic and fusion sushi alongside street-style Nepalese momos, whilst providing an amiable casual dining experience. Moshi takes pride in being one of the restaurants that don’t add any MSG to their food.

15 new delectable dishes will be added to the menu, including the much anticipated Sushi Burger, Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos Maki, Zaatar Labneh Maki, Hot Dog Maki, Edamame & Mushroom Momo, and Lotus Milkshake. The summer menu will be available for dine in, home delivery and take away at both branches, Al Barsha and Oud Metha, starting May 26th, 2016.

HIGHLIGHTS : Home Delivery,Kid Friendly,Wifi
CUISINES : Nepalese, Japanese, Fast Food,Sushi
KNOWN FOR : Offering a fusion of Nepalese and Japanese delicacies with a twist
ADDRESS : Shop 5-6, Oud MethaBuilding, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai

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