The laidback attitude of the West Coast is the muse and inspiration for the very concept of Delphine Restaurant and Bar in Dubai. A Californian Bistro, imbued with contemporary arabesque hints, Delphine reflects an eclectic Hollywood casual chic style. The restaurant, bar and lounge areas are infused with velvet furnishings, art deco lighting, comfortable leather chairs decorated in gold and black shades, giving it a glamorous 1920s feel and marble surfaces. All this, with unrivaled warm and personalized service makes Delphine a must visit.

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I got an invite from Sept and the City,  established and based in Dubai, to connect brands with consumers through creative and value added communication strategies for a culinary Ramadan Preview at Delphine H Hotel.

Warmly greeted, comfortable seated with tables full of Iftar dates and sweets, a beautifully decorate piece of art was laid on our tables giving it the sophisticated look to it.


To start with the traditional juices we were served Apricot, Tamarind and the Rose juices, all perfectly fresh and the refreshing element to it.

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Apricot, Tamarind & Rose
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The Menu was a 5 course Iftar Meal and starting of with the Cold Mezze we were served Fattoush, Jarjeer Salad, Hummus beyruuti and Kishkeh.

Fattoush, a bread salad,  toasted  of pita bread  combined with mixed greens and other vegetables. The freshest of the ingredient used giving it a delightful taste.

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The Jarjeer Salad, prepared with Jarjeer an annual plan, know as rocket  with a delectable lemon dressing on top.

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Jarjeer Salad

Hummus Beyruuti,  prepared with mashed hummus with Tahina and Parsley.

Muhammara  is a hot pepper dip originally from.

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Hummus Beyruuti

Now from the Hot Mezze we were served Cheese Fatayer, Spinach Fatayer, Manakish, Cheese Roll, Kibbeh, Lamb Makanek and Chicken Bastiyalla.

My favorite was the Cheese Fatayer, the combination of the salty cheese, fresh parsley, fresh mint, and nigella seeds makes the fatayer irresistible with the perfect dough.

Kibbeh made of bulgur (cracked wheat), minced onions, and finely ground lean beef. with a  torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with cooked minced  lamb with onion and sauteed pine nuts.

Manakish, consisting of dough topped with thyme, and cheese.

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Lamb Makanek, these tiny sausages called makanek are made with lamb and are spicy without being hot,  they are redolent of clove, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, black and white pepper, and lots of other spices to the butcher’s discretion.

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Lamb Makanek

Chicken Bastiyalla, is Morocco’s famous chicken pie. A light, crispy warqa pastry shell conceals savory saffron chicken, spicy omelet stuffing, and crunchy topping of fried almonds sweetened and flavored with orange flower water. A garnish of powdered sugar and cinnamon adds to the fabulous blend of flavors.

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Our soup of the day was the rich, creamy and thick Lentil Soup, prepared fresh and hot.

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Lentil Soup

Here comes the Main Course from different destination in one table, it seems the whole Arab World has united at Delphine.

Koussa Ablama or Dolma, A refined dish where baby zucchini are filled with a mixture of ground meat and pine nuts then lightly fried and baked with tomato sauce. One of its kind and heavenly delicious meaty flavored in my mouth.

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Grilled Shrimps, perfectly done and very well marinated with the delectable spices. Very tender and soft and so delectable to the mouth, the first look of it was WOW from me.

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Grilled Shrimps

Mix Grill, it had  a platter of Shish Taouk, Minced Beef Kabab, Chicken Grilled, Lamb Chops, Grilled Vegetables. My favorite being of all was the Lamb Chops, very juicy and perfectly done, grilled in accurate details leaving behind the delicious aftermath of it.

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Lamb Tajine is a  slow cooked Moroccan (North African) stew of meat and vegetables with spices. A flavored dish with meatiness into it topped with apricots which gave the sweetness to it, an added character to the dish.

Vegetable Cous Cous,a Moroccan dish of small steamed balls of semolina topped with vegetables seasoned, it went perfectly well with the Lamb Tajine served. A Moroccan Feast it was!!

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Lamb Tajine & Vegetable Cous Cous Trolley

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Chicken Molokhia with Vermicelli Rice is an Egyptian dish, The chicken is  boiled to create the broth for the Molokhia ( is the leaves of Corchorus olitorius commonly known as Nalta jute, tossa jute, and Jew’s mallow ) used as a vegetable soup which, after preparation, is served with Rice at Delphin.

2016-05-25 23_Fotorssswsw.jpg
Chicken Molokhia

Dawood Basha, an Egyptian dish, is meatballs cooked in tomato sauce and served with Vermicelli Rice. The Koftas were of Lamb and tasted so delicious with its softness and tenderness inside it.

2016-05-25 23_Fotorhhh.jpg
Dawood Basha

Local Lamb Ouzi Trolley, an Emirati cuisine, a whole Ouzi Braised Lamb on a Bed of Spiced Rice, so perfectly grilled with the spices infused till bones and laid on a bed of fill flavored rice with pine nuts, peanuts and raisins. The perfect way for a Iftar feasting at Delphin.

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Local Lamb Ouzi

Local Samak Shneyia with Harra sauce on side, Ibrahimi and Snapper fish marinated with the delectable spices and perfectly grilled well, as i could feel it getting infused till the last bones, My favorite and ended up ordering two plates of it, a uniquely delectable fishes at Delphin for Iftar.

2016-05-25 23_Fotorvvffgg
Local Samak Shneyia 

As i always have space for Dessert, this place served most of my favorites starting from Karakada Tiramisu, Rose Macaroo, Date Cheese Cake, Saffron Creme Brulee, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Esh Al Saraya, Baklava, Kunafa etc.

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I tried the Date Cheese Cake, a delicious treat to my belly, perfectly done with cheese and dates, topped with a cherry.

Karakade Tiramisu, it was a unique one, hibiscus with Tiramisu and it played so wel along each other.

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Date Cheese Cake
2016-05-25 23_Fotorvcvcv
Karakade Tiramisu

Eish Al Saraya,  is a famous Lebanese dessert that is made with French bread slices and Muhallabieh (blancmange) ”Eish Al Saraya ” means ”the bread of royal palace”. Had done justice to the dessert and fusionized by the Delphians for Ramadan feast.

2016-05-25 23_Fotordsdsds
Eish Al Saraya

The 7 Night Journey at H Hotel this Ramadan , you can experience a tasty journey, reaching seven attractive destinations that has never been so easy, so make your way to H Hotel at sunset for departure. Every evening explore the taste from a different country during the culinary journey of enticing Iftar. Each day unfolds a new destination starting from Emirati Sundays, Moroccan Mondays, Mediterranean Tuesday, Turkish Wednesday, Egyptian Thursdays, Lebanese Fridays and Persian Saturdays of alluring gourmet delights across these various culinary favorites.

For Ramadan the Buffet will cost AED 170 and it will start from the Sunset to Sunrise.

The H Hotel

The H Dubai showcases elegance and bespoke luxury, offering a host of unique and interesting offerings while creating warm and memorable lifestyle experiences. Known as the leaders for distinctively different food and beverage outlets to suit any taste while redefining revitalization and rejuvenation with second time nominated finalist at the World Spa and Health Awards for Hotel Spa of the Year; Mandara Spa, one of the world’s leading Spa brands and the only one in the UAE. The contemporary Arabesque hotel is also home to 15 dedicated function rooms and a ballroom designed to accommodate 500 to 800 guests for extravagant gatherings.

HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Full Bar Available,Wifi
CUISINES : American
12:30 PM to 4:30 PM
AED 250 (Without Alcohol)
AED 390 (With Alcohol)
AED 590 (With Champagne)
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4371626
COST :  AED 400 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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