Azerbaijani cuisine comes from a rich cultural background. The country’s mountain and subtropical climate excellently provides the people everything they need to cook delicious and healthy food.  The restaurant name rooted from the Islamic culture which consists of Muslims’ traditional greeting “SALAM ALEYKUM” for each other which expresses the love and peace between people.

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Entering the restaurant itself will take you to Azerbaijan. With the distinctive theme and decors, it will give you the most out of your dining experience. To complete the luxurious dining experience, they have created a comforting and family-oriented ambiance inside and outside the restaurant. You will find complete facilities that can accommodate everyone, a praying room, family lounges, play area for children, non-smoking area, private lounge and outdoor sitting covered in glass  so you the exterior view.

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The Interiors

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Fused with delectably enticing Arabic cuisine, the menu offers perfection to all the customers. To top that off, they also have shisha of different flavors so you can relax after the delightful dinner.

I ordered a Lemon Blueberry Collada, it was freshly prepared with lemonade, Blueberries, Grenadine Syrup and Coconut syrup. The coconuty flavor really added a lot of character to the drink alongside with the tanginess of the lemonade. It refreshed me after a long drive from home and loves the flashy color of the drink.

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Lemon Blueberry Collada

Then comes our selection of the Appetizers.

Hummus Beituti, prepared with mashed hummus with Tahina and Parsley.

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Hummus Beiruti

Hummus, mashed hummus mixed with Tahini, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil.

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Baba Ghanouj, Grilled eggplant with fresh vegetables, topped with pomegranates. I love the flavor the eggplant leaves and perfect with Arabic Bread or Khubbus.

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Baba Ghanouj

Moutabal, its grilled Eggplant with Tahini served with Pomegranate seeds and Lemon Juice.

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Tabouleh,  of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice. I am a big fan of it and this place has the freshest of all.

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From the Hot Mezze we had Meat Kibbeh and The Cheese Rools.

Meat Kibbeh, the kibbeh is prepared with Bulgar (Middle East Wheat), minced onions and ground lean beef, served with seasoned vegetables. A must try at Salam Aleykum Restaurant, had the freshest ingredients and tasted so delicious. It was sweet little balls of happiness.

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Cheese Rolls, prepared with the finest grated cheese, onions, parsley and the dough was real good. The impeccable rolls so well dome with the ingredients and served with at a tomato based sauce and vegetables.

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Cheese Rolls
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Cheese Rolls

Oriental Salad, assorted fresh vegetables with sumac powder and lemon sauce. A healthier and tasty way to kick off a meal.

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Oriental Salad

The Arabic Bread served were soft and warm and a way tastier then any other place i have ever tried. The breads all fluffy which was the best part and goes well along every dish in the menu.

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Arabic Bread

For the mains we ordered an Arabic Mix Grill, which had special Grill Kabab, Shish Taouk, Lamb Chops, Arayees with Bread, Grilled Onions and Grilled Tomatoes. I love the presentation and the meat were tender, juicy and delicious. The lamb chops being my favorite was the steal of the plate. It was served with a Tomato Ketchup and Garlic Mayo Sauce.

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Lamb Chops

These place serves the enticing Sweets from the Arab World.A plate of heavenly delicious sweets were placed in front of us and we just digged in.

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Cappuccino, the best way to end your meal.

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There are some promotional Breakfast at Salam Aleykum which you have to grab, as all are delicious and so very authentic.

All these make Salam Aleykum restaurant the perfect place for you to hold your events such as engagements, birthday parties and more. In 2016, they launched their second restaurant located in Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE  Branches will be put up in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, USA and in Asia countries soon as they aim to expand and embark the Islamic name of the restaurant, not only in the GCC, but worldwide.

HIGHLIGHTS : Outdoor Seating,Shisha,Live Music,Valet Parking Available,Kid Friendly,Private Dining Area Available,Wifi
CUISINES : Arabian, Middle Eastern
ADDRESS : Villa 114 A, Opposite Dubai Zoo, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4498556 Table reservation recommended
COST : AED 250 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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