The name’s root is French (Tres Ind) but the foundation is very Indian as the name suggests, known for the unique infusion of molecular gastronomy, Tresind, one of the most sought after dining destinations of the city, is offering a truly unique Iftar and Suhoor experience to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. The food at Tresind is ambitious and intriguing, without being pretentious, and for the most part exceptionally elegant in both appearance and taste. Bearing that in mind, the menu here is not unduly expensive for such a pleasurable dining experience.A sumptuous feast  from traditional Arabic to modern Indian cuisine staples, served during this festive month. Whilst the menu continues to embrace signature dishes, Chef Himanshu Saini and team presents brand new concept of a sit down buffet dinner, presenting dishes that are true synonyms for Ramadan celebration in the Middle East.

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A big Shout to Zomato for an exclusive Ramadan Preview invite to Tresind, it was one of its kind and an unforgettable journey to the molecular gastronomy world. To lighten up our moods a fresh fragrance of molecular gas was set aside our long table, a WARM nad REDOLENCE welcome by Tresind.


We are all set for our delicious Ramadan Preview night and our table had this gorgeous wooden fence as servers for the very first time at Tresind with Date candies that pops inside the mouth on every first bite, Saffron and almond milk, Steamed edamame, wild zaatar, Fruit Jar, Salad of the day and Meat Fruit, its Baby Orange stuffed with meaty flavored paste, one of its kind.

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Amuse Bouche

POP – UP Date Candies stuffed with pistachios and nuts, its magic pops on every bite.

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Meat Fruit, its Baby Orange sweet and sour stuffed with a meaty flavored paste, a blend of sweetness as an add on to the Amuse Bouche served by the Chef.

The Saffron and Almond Milk, served in cute little bottles and done with pistachios and nuts was a refreshing and soothing drink for the mind and soul. A great way to start you Ramadan Iftar Meal.

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This is Tresind’s Lava Lamp, a very clever concoction with an Orange Fruit as base. Akin to the magic of a science experiment, the drink is served in a tall, lean, tubular glass. Pistachios, Nuts bubbles float in the mix, and the drama is upstaged when dry ice is added in to get it all smokey. The drink bubbles and fizzes, and has to be the coolest looking lava lamp I’ve ever seen! It has a tangy hit of Orange Fruit, and a slight fizz that makes this generously large serving disappear in no time.

2016-05-22 23_Fotor bnbn.jpg
Molten Lava Lamp


The Salad of the day was roasted Eggplant, playfully done with pine nuts, parsley stems, roasted eggplants, pomegranate seeds with a lemon creamy dressing which was the hit of the show , The lemony flavor was infused well with the eggplants living it with an aromatic delicious dish. Very appealing as it was colorful garden of fresh vegetables in my moms garden.

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The Choice of Sides was infact a twist to the Middle Eastern Ramadan Menus keeping in mind the culture and the tradition. To start with it was a garden of sides very delectably prepared with Corn on the Cob, Mongolian Beef, Creamed Mushrooms, Tempura Chilli, Lamb Kofta and Chicken Keema.

Corn on the Cob had a sweet and sour taste to it and was a juicy factor added to it which added so much to the character of the side.

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Corn on the Cob

Creamed Mushroom, my favorite and the hit of the show. Mushrooms perfectly done with cream in a flavorful way and topped with pine nuts. The mushroom were mingled very well along with all the freshness of the cream giving it a elegantly brownish effect to it.

2016-05-22 23_Fotor zzz.jpg
Creamed Mushroom
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Chilli Tempura, a blend of different kinds of Red pepper with a crunchy coated on topped witha BBQ sauce. A fulfilling side dish with a chilli spiceness added to it.

The Lamb Kofta’s as a very traditional dish during the Ramadan feat, was tender and juicy and minced perfectly well and topped with green herbs. Best goes with a sauce on side for the aftermath effect.

2016-05-22 23_Fotor sdsd
Lamb Kofta

The Chicken Keema, was added for the spiceness to the menu. Playfully minced Chicken keema in chunks with the house made spices used, making the daily dose of Keema to a hipe to the market

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Chicken Keema

The Burnt Butter Couscous, loved the toppings and Couscous as always being my favorite.

2016-05-22 23_Fotor xcxc.jpg
Burnt Bitter Couscous

Mongolian beef consisting of sliced beef, typically flank steak, and stir-fried with vegetables in a savory brown sauce. The beef is  paired with  vegetables and is delectable having a thick coating layer to it.

2016-05-22 23_Fotor sa
Mongolian Beef

Malabar Prawn Curry, a hint from the Malabarian land of fish with curry leaves and the spices from the south. Giving away the flavor and the aroma from the fish land of India (MALABARS), a definite try and the prawns all infused with the finest of ingredients used by the Chef.

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Malabar Prawn Curry

Look at the Venison – laal maas, this one was the most fusionized Indian dish (LAAL MAAS) twisted with the Vension Cuts. The Venison gets all Indianized touch to it and the Laal Maas recipe reminded of mine Granny’s Sunday specials. The Venison cuts all juicy and tender, infused with the spices used making it a more modernized Indian dish.

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Venison –  LAAL MAAS

Lamb Nihari, as a Nihari lover i really felt this one was my kind of dish. Very juicy and and tender meat pieces perfectly done with the Nihari infused spices and best goes with the Bread cuts they have served.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor www
Lamb Nihari

The Beef Short Ribs, the first sight of it was WOW from me, so perfectly presented with balls of mashed potatoes on topped and on the  base was the Short Ribs on a gravy based. I simply loved how the mash potatoes was playing along the Gravy and the Ribs.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor gf
Beef Short Ribs

Roast Lamb Chops topped with Vegetables seasoned with Potatoes and a sauce laid at te bottom, the chops were one of its kind, juicy and tender and the perfect grilled with infused light an d mild spices used.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor bnbnbn.jpg
Roast Lamb Chops

I loved the Tandoori Prawns, the bigger the prawns the more feasting it is. Very perfectly infused with the tandoori spices, can feel the flavor from it. Topped with a bed of Vegetables and a gravy based sauce topped on.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor dede
Tandoori Prawn

Choice of Biryani with Raita was with a lot of varieties but i tried my hands on the Mutton Briyani, Beef Briyani and Prawn Briyani. The Mutton Briyani was all laid up with the mild spices and the rice played and mingled perfectly along with all the spices used. Covered with a coat of Papad, dum and broken when served.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor 4545.jpg
Mutton Briyani
2016-05-23 00_Fotor fffff
A Gravy Based Dum Beef Briyani, was a little skeptical about the gravy as i am not a fan of Briyani eating out with a gravy, but to my surprise it was delicious and the gravy was the star studded element to the Briyani. So perfectly infused with the Rice and the Beef pieces that i ended with a whole full.

Look at the delicious Prawn from my Prawn Briyani plate!!

2016-05-23 00_Fotor dededede
Beef Briyani

As i have a sweet tooth and this place has served the delicious Desserts on, whether i was full or not din;t care, Just Digged in.

The Tresind Mithai Platter, sweet little bites of happiness, the best mithais (SWEETS) from India was placed with the most rare GOLD FOIL attached to it.

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A Matka server serving the Sorbet of Flavored Kulfi infused with Saffron, one of its kind and the hit of the show. It totally blew me away and still lingers in my mouth,this was the best part of the evening and i got energized and refreshed. A must try out dessert at Tresind.

2016-05-23 00_Fotor FGFGFG
2016-05-23 00_Fotor VBVBVB

A big thank you to the entire team for giving me a house made spice rock, now its Tresind in my home, don’t judge me, i can at least try right!!

An invite to their upcoming Restaurant Carnival, one of its kind!!

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Tresind marries a progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine. Explore a new take on presentation, flavor and textures of old favorites, in an ambiance that invites and sets the mood, whether a romantic dinner for two or a night on the town, dressed to impress.

The Ramadan special dishes at Tresind’s concept of taking traditional flavors and presenting them in a modern manner. To mark a different experience this year, foodies can gorge on a selection of traditional dishes like

HIGHLIGHTS : Full Bar Available,Luxury Dining,Wifi ,Valet Parking Available,Private Dining Area Available


KNOWN FOR : Modernistic Indian cuisine that experiments with molecular gastronomy – the ultimate blend of food culture, experience and design

ADDRESS : Level 2, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4489523 Table reservation recommended
OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Happy Hours: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Everyday) | Ladies Night: 8 PM to 11 PM (Wednesday)
COST : AED 500 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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