Lifestyle Fine Jewelry LLC, a leading trading company in the UAE specializing in fine
diamond jewelry and watches, successfully opened its 30th UAE branch at Ibn Battuta Mall. The new store is the first of its kind to offer the pioneering Coronet Shop-in-Shop concept boutique.
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Lifestyle Fine Jewelry
Lifestyle Fine Jewelry

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The inauguration ceremony was led by HE Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of
Foreign Trade and Industry of the UAE Ministry of Economy. Accompanying the opening of
the new store was a special exhibition of the 400-carat USD 2 million Coronet Diamond
Guitar, which holds the Guinness World Records title of being the world’s Most Valuable
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The Inauguration
The Guinness World Records certified the Coronet Diamond Guitar as the world’s Most
Valuable Guitar. Guitar is created by Aaron Shum and designed by Hong Kong renowned song composer Mark Lui the guitar is adorned with over 400 carats of diamonds (11,441 pieces of diamond) encrusted on 1.6kg of 18k white gold.
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The Most Valuable Guitar – 400 Carat Diamonds
About LIFEStyle Fine Jewelry
LIFEStyle Fine Jewelry LLC is a leading trading company in the UAE, specializing in fine
diamond jewelry and watches. The company, which is a member of the Aaron Shum Group,one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturers. With its business
expansion in the past years, Lifestyle Fine Jewelry has now become the largest Chinese-
owned jewelry chain store in the Middle East region.
About Aaron Shum Jewelry
Aaron Shum Jewelry is one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturers. Established in 1985 in Hong Kong, the company has now grown to being a widely acclaimed and awarded
manufacturer recognized globally for its exceptional jewelry designs and craftsmanship.
Aaron Shum Jewelry is known for the production of its unique designs, the company produces an extensive array of fine jewelry under leading brands like Coronet, Marquissimo, Pera d’Amore, Gemtique, Icestrella, La Posy, Inogems, Princess Rose, Flotilla and Miky Pearls, which possesses the signature elements to an Aaron Shum designed product originality,innovation along with an ideal balance of technical sophistication, international flare and fashion sense.
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Dr.Aaron Shum
About Coronet
With its worldwide patented design, each piece of Coronet is made from 7 high caliber
diamonds set WITH NO PRONGS holding the center diamond, along with precision of cut,
symmetry and polish, which attribute to the best fit proportion to conceiving a luminous
solitaire diamond effect yet at exceptionally competitive value. Thus, this patented Coronet technique stands out above any other similar products on the market.
To their pride and joy, Coronet had received the Hong Kong Top Brand Awards in 2011,
and it is the first and only jewelry product brand in the history of Hong Kong industry
winning this prestigious award. Besides, it had won the Hong Kong Famous Brand Award in 2012 and Hong Kong Star Brand Award in 2013 respectively. Throughout the past years,
Coronet has established a global reach of over 1000 POS
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100% Silk Scarf n Woven Necktie by CORONET SOLITAIRE.