Achieve an iridescent glow on your lips. This lipstick delivers a sheer finish. Its nourishing formula leaves your lips smooth and radiant for long hours. Its precise design enables you to create a well-defined lip appearance.

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Sephora Rouge Lisptick


  • High shine version of Sephora Rouge Lipstick
  • Formulated with 3D shimmer particles for extreme shine
  • Contains shea butter for added radiance

The packaging:

This product comes in a glossy black tube with Sephora written at the spherical bottom. The tube has absolutely nothing written on the outside no shade name or number. At the bottom there’s a color swatch which looks gorgeous. On opening the lipstick, the inside tube has a sticker with the shade number and a few more details.

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The formula is so incredible because they are so moisturizing and hydrating and at the same time, provide a good color pay off. They are so glossy and hydrating and stays for long in Dubai weather.I don’t know how about the other places but it really goes good over here. There is a lot of shimmer in the lipstick and  is so glossy that it tomes down the appearance of the shimmer and it blends in very well overall. My shade is No. 46 and best goes day and night whether wearing to an office seminar or a night out with friends, I love the creamy factor to the lips and its real thickening and moisturizing, but i feel its good on a wintery day or night. A definite try and it will go for 4 to 5 months so its on budget too.



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Sephora Rouge Lipstick Passion

How To Use:

  • Start with smooth lips.
  • For a perfect lip shape, outline your lips with a liner similar to your lip color.
  • Starting at the center of your upper lip, apply lipstick outwards from one corner and follow to the other corner. Repeat the process on the lower lip.


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