Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk – Moisturizing

Have you ever thought of using a cleansing milk on your hair, yes i am right Dabur comes with a replacement shampoo, Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk – Replace your detergent laden shampoos today with the no sulphate Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk.
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For Dry and Rough Hair.
Stop using damaging shampoos, with Dabur Amla Hair Cleansing Milk pamper your hair everyday ad say good bye to detergent based shampoos.
Dabur Amla Hair Cleansing milk is a special Sulphate Free formula that is gentler on your hair than shampoos.  Dabur Amla Hair Cleansing Milk gently cleanse away grime and dirt from each hair strand. Making sure you have great hair all day everyday.
Cleanse like shampoo. Nourishes like milk.
Enriched with milk proteins, it smoothens the entire length of hair, making hair bounce with volume and full of life.
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It comes in a packet of 3 bottles consisting of Moisturizing, Volumizing and Strengthening.
Moisturizing – Dabur Amla Hair Cleansing milk
I found my moisturizing shampoo replacement, always thought apart of the face there should be something that moisturize my hair and now i look all gorgeous up. It smoothed, brought shine and really volumized my hair. It gives your hair silky, shiny, moisturizing and strong element to it. I use it everyday and its so light on my head as you know you cannot use regular shampoos daily but this you can.
Its a flavored white cream and very light which is perfect for the scalp and your hair. I love the smell which is long lasting and make my hair smooth and silky.
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Direction To Use :
Wet hair, lather and rinse. For gorgeous hair use with every bath. Never have a bad hair day again.

Dabur Amla

Dabur Amla with the trust of over 125 years has always given you the secret of beautiful hair as  Dabur Amla. Now Dabur Amla presents the first ever Dabur Amla Shampoo & Conditioner range.



Dabur has set an extremely high yardstick in its product and process development that continue to effectively meet stringent quality standards. Albeit it has eternally been the name that springs to mind when talking about hair care and health care, the Company has diversified into key consumer categories like skin care, oral care, home care and foods through brands like Dabur, Vatika, DermoViva, Fem, Hajmola, Sanifresh, Odonil which are household names in many parts of the world. As a regular fixture on the lists of the most trusted brands, Dabur Group is set apart from the rest due to an unending commitment to developing products basis the science of nature and is one of the major consumer goods companies with the largest herbal and natural product portfolio in the world.