Momos Magic  offers a taste of Himalayan food, the Himalayan dimsum. It is prepared fresh daily and steam in front of you. Momos are dumplings made with a spoonful of stuffing wrapped in special dough. Momos are usually steamed, though they are sometimes deep-fried or pan-fried. The filling of meat or vegetables becomes succulent as it produces an intensively flavored broth sealed inside the wrappers.


Momos Magic open its doors at Al Ghurair Center for the momo lovers next to you, it got a new look with a blackish glistening style and wooden finish,now its more an international momo stall for all the expat foodies in town. The taste, the quality and the service all same with the highest standard with a little makeover to give that gorgeous and the delicious look. Go grab those little bites of happiness with the freshest quality and the delectable taste.

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I was lucky enough to get an invite from Mr. Sachin, a passionate foodie and believes that quality is only the essence of a good food. I got to taste almost all of their delicious momos and now i can proudly say, Dubai got its momo place after ages.

Chicken Momos – minced chicken breast, shallots, coriander and magic masala. The outer cover was soft and and the generous filling of the chicken perfectly mingled with the ingredients used, a delicious taste yet a juicy element to it.

DSC00663_Fotor 55
Chicken Momo

Chilli Chicken Momo – minced chicken breast, green pepper, onion, celery, garlic and ginger. This is for the spicy lovers, a hot, juicy, lots of spices momo with lots of filing of the chicken used. The perfect that it could be, delicious, juicy and tender. A definite try.

DSC00654_Fotor 8.jpg
Chilli Chicken Momo

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Arabic Chicken Momo – minced chicken breast, onion, spring onion and coriander. A mild spices, perfectly liked who dint like it spicy. Generous feeling of chicken, very juicy and very tasty. The best part is you can distinguish all the momos as each one has got a different shape.

DSC00666_Fotor 56
Arabic Chicken Momo

Vegetable Momo – freshly prepared with cabbage, shallots, green chilli, coriander, sesame and magic masala, The veggies used are fresh, best of quality and perfectly mingled with the spices used house made.

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Mushroom Cheese Corn – mushroom, cheese, corn and magic masala. The mushroom and the corm gave a very flavorful and delectable taste to it. I am in love with this uniquely delicious momo. A worth try at Momos Magic.

DSC00673_Fotor fd
Mushroom Cheese Corn

Paneer Momo – paneer, onion, spring onion, coriander and magic masala. Being a Paneer lover (Cottage Cheese), this one was a hit. The paneer was minced perfectly and playfully blended with all the ingredients.

DSC00676_Fotor bnbnb.jpg
Paneer Momo

Prawn & Spring Onions – prawns, spring onion, garlic and ginger. Chopped prawns with mingles very well along with all the other ingredients. The prawns gave a delightful flavor along with the spring onions.

DSC00653_Fotor dddd
Prawn & Spring Onion Momo
DSC00647_Fotor 6
Prawn & Spring Onion Momo

The house made sauce from Momos Magic are delicious. The Chilli, Sesame Tomato and The Sweet Sauce, all are delicious, fresh and perfect with any momo you try on.

DSC00687_Fotor sssss.jpg
Chilli, Sesame Tomato & Sweet Sauce

Look at my delicious tray filled with momos with different shapes and taste heavenly for each one of those.

DSC00643_Fotor mmmm.jpg

The best part is you get to choose your veggies with every momo you order, say it cabbage, peas, onions,corns, coriander,parsley, green chillies etc. So it s not only momos but a bed of vegetables you get to enjoy with it.


Wai Wai Chaat, The Crunchy way. Crunchy and Spicy plate of crumbled noodles mixed with onions, tomatoes, chillis, boiled potatoes, sprouted chick peas and coriander. Loved the crunchiness on every bite, spicy, flavorful and perfectly mingled with all the veggies used. A good option for an evening snack out.

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 Wai Wai Chaat, The Soupy way. Soupy noodles mixed with onions, tomatoes, chillis, boiled potatoes, sprouted chick peas and coriander. Loved the flavor,hot and warm on every bite, spicy, flavorful and perfectly mingled with all the veggies used. A good option for an evening snack out.
DSC00682_Fotor xx
Wai Wai Chaat Soupy
Wai Wai Chaat Soupy

Lemongrass Soup, lemongrass, vegetable oil, galangal and coriander. I love the flavor of the lemongrass and its always been my favorite, and this one was real good. Love the filling of the vegetable used,playfully mingled with the lemongrass giving a delectable taste and a perfect aroma to it. My hubby’s favorite though.

Lemongrass Soup

If you miss these then you miss everything. Go grab those little piece of happiness from Oasis Center Food Court, Lamcy Plaza Food Court, International City, The Market at DIP and now Al Ghurair Center.

HIGHLIGHTS : Home Delivery,Wheelchair Accessible,Kid Friendly
CUISINES : Fast Food, Street Food
ADDRESS : Food Court, 2nd Floor, Al Ghurair Center, Al Rigga, Dubai


PHONE NUMBER : 05 54507130
COST : AED 40 for two people (approx.) Cash only

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