If you are looking for a gourmet healthy food for every day, yes i said ”EVERY DAY”, then no worries now because Dubai got its own specialized dishes from the freshest and the finest ingredients from the local market.The more you know about the food you eat, the easier it is to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Two guys living in Abu Dhabi and as their life became more hectic and struggle to work out to burn that burger, suddenly one day on their couch decided to open an outlet so that foodies could enjoy the food fresh, healthy and at the same time delicious too. So they came up with this idea out of the box and that’s the soul of SOULFULL.


Once you enter Soulfull in Emirates Financial Towers the first spotting is their logo The Artichoke,  is one of the World’s Healthiest foods guide top healthy choices. This amazing vegetable offers lots of flavor and nutritional value. The place is all decked up with the color Green and White, which clearly gave you a picture of the healthiest food they are going to serve you with hands on experts from the kitchen. So here’s soulfull from me to you!!

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I was invited to taste their delicious gourmet healthy foods and i must say it was worth a visit. Mr.Rajeesh the restaurant in charge and our host was such a passionate foodie by heart and soul. He had the menu married to him and was an expert in what he was serving.

The menu is divided into sections of Soups & Starters, Soulfull Salads, Sandwiches & Wraps, Grills & Mains, Fruit Salads & Treats etc. We got to try their signature from mostly each section.

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The Menu

We were served Mango Ginger Limonata, a drink prepared from mango, ginger, mint and lemon juice. The greenish flavored mint drink played beautifully along with the mango giving it a healthy appealing to the eyes and a delicious and refreshing taste to the soul.

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The Lentil Soup prepared home made with the freshest lentils from the local market was one of its kind and i must say the best i have ever tasted served with a piece of crispy bread and lemon. The lemon extract to it was the tricky point and added so much flavor to it.

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The soup of the day was Sweet Corn Chicken Soup, as i am not a fan of soups with sweet corn but this made me fall in love with it, perfectly blended corn giving a very thick and creamy texture and the chicken pieces playfully got mingled with the creamy based corm soup, a must try at Soulfull.

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Sweet Corn Soup

Have you ever taste Baked Pumpkin Falafel, then soulfull gives it to you in their most unique and creative way.  The same favorite Pumpkin Falafel but baked which gave it a more delicious yet unique taste to it,it was crispy from outside but soft and tender inside. The Tahina Sauce served perfectly goes with the Falafel served. Beautifully presented on a stone plate which is again an unique concept from the Soulfull team to serve dishes in Stone Plates.

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The Salmon Nicoise Salad was the hit of the evening, sesame grilled Salmon fillet on seasoned greens vegetables with Potato, Boiled egg, Olives, Flax Seeds, Cherry Tomatoes, White and Black Beans with Honey Mustard dressing. One of its kind the salmon fillets was so soft and tender and beautifully mingled along the veggies used and the honey mustard dressing added so much character to the dish. The colorful, flavorful and the delicious try is a definite try at Soulfull.

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Steak Sandwich, grilled prime veil strips, with generous amount of Mozzarella, Bell Pepper with Honey Mustard on Whole Wheat Ciabatta. The juicy veil strips perfectly blended with the cheesy flavor and aroma. It was simply heaven in my mouth, served with a bowl of Salad, Lemon Mustard Dressing and a baked potato. The best part is you get the other complimentary with every dish you order.

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Steak Sandwich
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Steak Sandwich

Frikke with Shrimps, it was prepared with Shrimps, Broad Beans and Sweet Peas.I love how the shrimps playfully mingled with the beans, served with Pesto Sauce which gave a flavorful aroma.A perfect way for a healthy salad for all Shrimps lover.

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Frikke with Shripms

Everybody has tasted Rice Briyani, and its always supposed to be, but at Soulfull you have to try the Quinoa Briyani as much as our regular Briyani. Prepared with Cashew Nuts, Red Pepper, Broccoli, Raisin, Edamame, Baby Carrots, Baby Corn, Snow Peas, Sweet Peas, Baby Marrow and Saffron. The perfect aroma and the perfect Briyani spices used and beautifully mingled with all the other veggies used. The gaudy look was enough to win me over.

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Soulfull Mix Grill, There was a stick of 3 layers of Chicken Grilled Murgh Mala, Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Tikka served with Quinoa and Peperonata. The Chicken pieces were so wholly mingled with the spices, very soft and very juicy. The Beef Tenderloin was soft, tender and juicy and the perfect grilled with the spices used. Love the Peperonata with a hint of sweetness and sourness to it.

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The Energy Bites freshly prepared, it was heavenly and delicious Dark Chocolate with Dates and Honey, Matcha Protein, Green Tea Protein Powder, Coconut, Honey and Peanut Butter and Cranberry Pistachio, fresh Cranberries, Pistachio, Oats and Honey.

The delicious bites of heavenly happiness was inside my mouth. A definite try at Soulfull.

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Energy Bites
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Energy Bites

The juice here are all freshly prepared and kept only for an hour, so you can imagine how healthy and good their food is. Strawberry Banana Smoothie, prepared with strawberry, banana and low fat milk. Very thick and very refreshing and served in Bottles labelled Soulfull, so fresh and so very delicious.

Mango Peach Smoothie, prepared with Mango, Peach and Low Fat Milk. Again a freshly prepared juice with the freshest ingredients on board.

HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Wheelchair Accessible,Seating Available,Kid Friendly,Wifi

CUISINES : Healthy Food

KNOWN FORFresh, healthy and creative food
COLLECTIONS : Featured in Healthy EatingCollection
ADDRESS : Emirates Financial Towers, P1,DIFC, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 8 AM to 12 Midnight open
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4535490 Table reservation recommended
COST : AED 150 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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