If you are looking out for some of the delicious Asian Appetizers and a good food then this is it, Red Dragon serves the delectable Soy infused Mock Duck and Chicken, Exactly SOY with FLAVOR. It serves authentic food from streets of China Thailand and Japan, All of the ingredients are carefully sourced from its own region and prepared in traditional manner to bring out the real flavor of the dish.

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The Interiors shouted out loud the Asian culture infused with the color red,vibrant and classy. The Red Dragon in China symbolizes the ability to see things in a new light as they really are, beyond all illusions. So the theme has a great relevance to the food they have it in here. Situated in Howard Johnson Hotel Bur Dubai these place has got the best Appetizers with some real refreshing coolers.

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I was pretty excited when i received an invitation from JivewithDeepti, an award winner Asian Blogger residing in UAE, a totally down to earth in person and a passionate foodie by heart. How could i say NO to her and to try an Asian cuisine i was all set for it.

We were warmly welcomed by the entire staff on duty and i was able to find myself with some of the best Bloggers in town, felt a sweet happiness inside me. To start with we were served Italian Kiss and Summer Queen for drinks, as i got the Italian Kiss and there is always the saying ”The Grass is Green on the Other Side”, definitely it was i loved the Summer Queen with a hint of black salt and sprite and the green color was all hued upon.

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The Salad Section was Papaya Salad and Kimchi Salad.

The Papaya Salad was my hit, glass noodled cut papayas with peanuts and chilli, a slight pungent but soothing to the mouth.

The Kimchi Salad, pickled chinese cabbage with chilly and vegetable shrimps.

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Asian Cuisine is always half way started if it does not have a soup, so Veg Manchow Soup are placed on our tables, a mild spicy topped with fried noodles, if you are a spice lover you can add the Red Dragon Chilli Paste to it.

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Veg Manchow Soup

Our Appetizer were in section of Soya Special, Starter Veg and Starter Non Veg and to begin with the Soya Special we were served Mock Chicken in Chilly Black Bean Sauce and Mock Duck Salt and Pepper.

The Mock Chicken in Chilly Black Bean Sauce, infused with the best flavor so playfully and tactfully, a risk worth taken and i couldn’t make out the difference whether it was actual Soya or chicken. The Black Bean sauce plays the trick and  mingles along with the dish.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor nm.jpg
Mock Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

The Mock Duck in Salt & Pepper were heavenly delicious, duck would not have taste better than this, the perfect flavor infused so wisely and so deliciously that words are failed to describe. A little hint of spice of pepper so very well played along with the flavored Soya chunks. A dish worth a try.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor sd.jpg
Mock Duck Salt & Pepper

The Veg Starter totally blew me away with Crispy Spinach Thread Paneer and Veg Dim Sum.

The Crispy Spinach Thread Paneer, slices of paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in a special yet delicious sauce and covered with spinach which are fried till crispy, we get a crispiness from outside but juicy and tenderness from within.

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Crispy Thread Spinach Paneer

The Veg Dimsums were equally flavorful and delicious,but as a die hard non vegetarian i am definitely sure the Non Veg Dimsums would taste heaven.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor ty.jpg
Veg Dimsum

The Teriyaki Chicken and The Fish Mongolian played very well and scored a hattric along with the other Appetizer served.

The Teriyaki Chicken, soy based sauce with a hint of sweetness,i loved Teriyaki in any forms actually i am in love with the concept that the sauce is sweet and sour and served a bit wet.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor fgh.jpg
Teriyaki Chicken

The Fish Mongolian, its fish dipped in Mongolian soil which is again another the best in Asian cuisine with a hint of soy, sesame, sweet and sour and preferably its almost reddish or red. The fish pieces was perfectly mingled with the sauce and gave a juicy and tender texture to it.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor qwe.jpg
Fish Mongolian

As i was so full with all the delicious starters  and really wanted my mouth to linger with all its flavors and taste, very casually got upto the main course buffet section.

The options was good and they had combined Thai, Chinese and Japanese so we get a taste of the whole Asian Cuisine on one plate.

The Veg Main Course had Buddha’s Delight and Veg Thai Green Curry. The Buddha Delight was  variety of vegetables stir fried and prepared in a gravy but light style with their special sauce, i simply love the different texture each ingredient brings to it.

2016-05-07 23_Fotor rty.jpg
Buddha’s Delight

Veg Thai Green Curry was my fav as a Thai Food lover and the coconut based gravy infused with Thai herbs with varieties of vegetables used was so perfect with the rice served.

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Veg Thai Green Curry

The Non Veg main course had Hunan Chicken, sliced chicken tossed with exotic vegetables with brown sauce. A good choice with ice or noodles.

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Hunan Chicken
2016-05-07 23_Fotor www.jpg
Snafu Chicken

The Veg Pad Thai Noodle, an authentic street food of rice noodles with bean sprout and tamarind pulp.

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Veg Pad Thai Noodle

As i always have space for dessert and this place was serving my favorite Crispy Honey Noodles with ice Cream and Adzuki Beans with Ice Cream.

Crunchy Honey Dipped Noodles with Ice Cream, delicious as it sounds and one of the best, this goes to my list of favorite dessert places.

The slow cooked red bean in syrup served with ice cream was rather more appealing to the eyes as my hit was the first one.

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As long as their is Asian Cuisine in the World,i am okay with it!! The saying tells everything. A good place to crave for some delicious Pan Asian Cuisine on.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Wheelchair Accessible,Seating Available,Valet Parking Available
CUISINES : Chinese, Japanese, Thai
ADDRESS : Mezzanine Floor, Howard Johnson Hotel, Khalid Bin Al Waleed, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
COST : AED 200 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

PHONE NUMBER : 04 3938538

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