The world’s largest hand-loomed carpet, the fastest roller coaster, the highest high tea, the tower with the greatest lean, the largest cluster of cultural buildings of the 21st century – UAE capital Abu Dhabi isn’t afraid to challenge world records. Welcome to an exciting city where nothing stands still except perhaps the herons in its mangroves.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was a dream in the heart of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan “May God rest his Soul”, where he established its general vision, set its foundation stone, and crowned thereby a journey full of fulfilled dreams and great achievements. The Mosque is an expression of a visionary leader who believed that nothing is impossible and conceived that the most gracious achievements start from the heart.

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As a testament to the vision of its founder, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque sits majestically at the entrance to Abu Dhabi City Island, distinctly visible from the three main bridges connecting the island to the main land, the Maqta, Mussafah and the Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The strategic geographical location of the Mosque is a symbolic expression of the emotional connection the Mosque has in the hearts of all UAE citizens particularly because the burial place of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, first President of the UAE, is located beside the mosque.

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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is well recognized by its pure color, as it is clad with SIVEC marble from Macedonia.  Every artistic design element was carefully considered and fits into the overall vision of the Mosque.

Combining Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid styles, the design of the minarets fuse the wide and diverse Islamic world into one summation of art and beauty. Developing the art of ornamentation thorough using multi-colored marble to create unprecedented artistic forums with the help of natural colors in addition to the development of sophisticated techniques associated with the decoration of crowned columns.  The crowns are not located on the top of the columns but at the bottom.  This extraordinary technique is innovative to Islamic architecture.

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Giving priority to the art of using colors to create original artistic forms.  The colors of the walls, columns and the carpet are harmonized together transforming the entire Mosque into an artistic masterpiece and a symphony of colors and shades. Using modern techniques of artistic glass work; mosaic, carved and sand blasted glass displaying traditional Islamic designs of symmetry and repetition.

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Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace  is a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Built as a landmark showcasing Arabian culture, Emirates Palace offers luxury hospitality. Situated on 1.3 km of private beach and surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens and lawns, with 114 domes that are 80 meters high, Emirates Palace comprises 394 rooms and suites.

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Traditional decor is used inside mostly in silver, gold, marble and glass mosaics. The chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystal. There are 114 domes (including the Grand Atrium which is higher than the dome of St.Peter’s Basilica in Rome), 200 fountains, the luxurious and technologically advanced Conference Center, The marvelous Blue Salon and so on. The colors of the building reflect the different shades of the Arabian Desert. The simplest suite is called Palace Suite.

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Abu Dhabi Corniche

A leisurely stroll along the Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the best things to do when you travel to Abu Dhabi. This seaside boardwalk is 4 miles long. The walkways are paved and dotted with benches, gardens and amazing views of the Arabian Gulf.


It is a great spot for an evening walk (when its a bit cooler). The corniche is well lit and quite safe. You can easily walk from many of the Corniche hotels to Marina Mall and Heritage Village by following the Corniche pathways.It forms a sweeping curve on the western side of the main Abu Dhabi island and is replete with cycle paths, fountains and park areas. Between 2002 and 2003, land was reclaimed from the sea and the Corniche was extended

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Ferrari World

Situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, this amusement park is the largest and the only Ferrari branded indoor theme park in the world.It offers a truly amazing experience for every family member with thrilling rides, exciting attractions, themed stores and restaurants, all inspired by the rich Ferrari brand and its Italian heritage. The park boasts more than 20 unique rides and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests from speed thrill rides to the truly advanced simulators and family-friendly attractions in addition to a wide variety of Italian restaurants, unique shopping experiences and dedicated entertainment.Opened to the public in November 2010, this theme park has enormous thrilling rides and also includes the world’s fastest roller coaster ride which runs at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour.


For those looking to engage with Gulf culture, Abu Dhabi offers opportunities to understand the UAE’s history through museums, exhibitions and tours. But thankfully Emirati heritage isn’t boxed and mothballed; it’s also experienced through strolls around the dhow harbor, haggling in markets and absorbing the atmosphere at sheesha cafes.