”Laying Eggs, Please Wait”!! is what Raju Omlet signs says you all about. Embark on a journey of eggliciously delicious eggs plates on board with real good ones though. Starting of with their second brand at Sheikh Zayed road the first one being in Al Karama. The interiors funky decors with comics done on wall, so its not only food the ambiance too you have to look at. The old brass pickle jars on shelves, my grand mom use to have those little thing, an artsy Mumbai cafe with accurate details to every little decors. Love the green horn which gives you a nostalgic sound, the walls all knowledged up with eegcyclpedia, so be ready to get some real education on EGGS !!!.The ambiance shouts out loud of the quirkier eggsperience.

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The legend of Raju Omlet started with Rajesh Rana who came to Baroda, India and started a small handcart in 1982 selling only egg items on the menu. The menu hasn’t changed much in all these years either eggs in varied forms scrambled, boiled, shredded or half boiled. Dipped in Amul butter, simmering in masala, served with toasted, coated in butter pav, these dishes taste heavenly. Be it the spicy Chilli Omlet or the robust Masala half fry, every dish is lip-smacking and very reasonably priced. This egglicious restaurant  in India so opens its doors in Dubai, quickly gained popularity not only for the eggs but also for the freshly prepared yummy feast.

2016-04-30  7

We had a Zomato meet up at this Eggsomwe place with some real good foodies on, it was a brunch full with exciting people, good food, funky ambiance and lots of lots of Eggs on.

Our menu was divided into sections which included Omlets, Gravies & Curries, Rolls and Beverages.

13148377_1 jkl.jpg
The Menu

The Omlets were Power Omlet and Cheese Masala Omlet, as the name depicts the power omlet was a real hero in it, omlet with spinach a rather rare combination and risk worth taken, tasted so delicious. But i am die hard fan of Cheese so Cheese Masala Omlet was my favorite, the cheesy generous filling with the spices used so perfectly blends in a heavenly round shape happiness of an Omlet.

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These are best served with the soft Amul Butter spread Buns which we call Pau, so tender and deliciously buttery. The Parathas infact had the desi taste to it, being a Delhiites  i miss those road side small cart selling the delicious Parathas, but thanks to Raju Omlet for bringing me those back.

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The Gravy & Curry section served with Buns and Parathas too had an awesomely mouth watering feast, starting off with Chatpata Boiled Tikka, it was laid on a very delicious tomato based tangy gravy with boiled eggs on it, best goes with the Parathas and a real feasting though.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor nmk.jpg
Chatpata Boiled Tikka

Egg Lazeez, as the name says Lazeez i.e delicious and yes it was, my mouth still lingers the taste of it, so creamy and buttery with the perfect gravy blend with boiled eggs. A mus try on dish.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor kljm.jpg
Egg Lazeez

Veg Masala Panner Bhurji, laid on a bed of tomato based gravy, the paneer mingles and plays along well. A good choice with bun, i would rather say its more of a like Pau Bhaji in a bit gravy style.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor bnm.jpg
Veg Masala Paneer Bhurji

The Roll section had a real feasting on, wrapped with the best Paratha and the filling so generous yet so delicious.

Egg and Cheese Roll, were my favorite, the cheesy feeling was unresistable and the egg played beautifully along with it.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor fgh.jpg
Egg & Cheese Roll

Pahadi Chicken Roll, the chicken were smoked tikkas which gave a delectable flavor to it along with the cheese was way too greenish due to the hint of mint on it.

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Aloo Cheese Roll, for the Veggie lovers, so perfectly  smashed potatoes with generous filling of cheese on it, deliciously worth it.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor hjk.jpg
Aloo Cheese Roll

The Spicy Cheese Potato Rolls, the same as the above with a little spice on it for all the spicy lovers out there.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor vbnm.jpg
Spicy Potato Cheese Roll

We were served Cheese Masala Pau, out of the blue specially for us. The delicious pau gets a cheesy flavor to it, as a cheese lover it made my day.

2016-04-30 16_Fotor jui.jpg
Cheese Masala Pau

The freshly squeezed Orange juice served on tea glasses was a cute little gesture from the Cafe.

13147940_10154203889224337_1412719513_o_Fotor vbg.jpg
Orange Juice

This place serves the best Cutting Chai ever in Dubai, brings me memories of my college days with friends, gossiping around with a chai on one hand and a pau on the other, Thank you Raju Omlet for giving me to live that moment again, serving the desi style. You have to try those Tea and i bet you wont regret it.

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The experience was way too egglicious and our Zomato Meetup was a huge success with lots to talk about foods from all around the world. If you are a die hard fan of Eggs like me then this place you have to step on, with the most delectably and creatively prepared eggs with a twist serves you your favorite dishes along with it. The ambiance is way too friendly to welcome you and taking you back to your college days back in India. A must visit place in Dubai with hands on egg dishes that you cannot miss.

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Zomato Meetup
HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Seating  Available
CUISINES : Indian, Fast Food
RECOMMENDED DISHES : Gravy Omelette, Crush Bhurji, Cutting Chai
ADDRESS : Near Noor Islamic Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz, Dubai

PHONE NUMBER : 04 388335

COST : AED 50 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted


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