”Salamalaikum” is what you first hear once you enter Logma, the Khaleeji cuisine with a modern twist, its a risk worth taken which had made it accessible to every expats here in UAE. I always wonder how the Emirati house made cuisine will like, hope i could make local friends to taste their actual delicacies, but here Logma my new friend to which always welcome to bite into the Emirate’s delicious culinary treasures in a friendly and authentic ambiance that mirrors Dubai’s flair for combining the traditional with the contemporary.

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Logma is located in Boxpark, Breathing new life into the city Boxpark is a funky retail district along Dubai’s Al Wasl Road. The urban offering has quirky dining options and an eclectic mix of high-street fashion labels and entertainment brands, as well as some pretty interesting sustainable art.

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The air is filled with heritage and my first spotting was the staff wearing a modern outfit with Kaffiyeh (local turban). the atmosphere shouted out loud of the Emirati tradition of beautifully lid lanterns hanging from the ceilings, with wooden beams on the floor and ceiling, typical Emirati doors, palm leaf patterns and the colorful chess boxes place mats. . Their signature colorful camel has been incorporated on the decors from the chairs to the walls, and it gave a feeling of being in a local’s house. So traditional yet in a very modern way.

I knew i was going to taste some of the finest Emirati delicacies with real hands on of the risk taker Chef !!

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The Ambiance

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I was invited to celebrate their 1st anniversary by Mr.Mazen, a passionate foodie by heart and soul. Our host was Mike, i guess he has just married out the menu of the place, and totally worth it to go with his advice.

We ordered Passion of Arabia and Atlantis from the cold beverage section and it was worth a try.

Served in milk bottles the Passion of Arabia was Passion Fruit and Pineapple on it, so refreshing yet so delicious, my favorite hit of the evening.

Atlantis had lychee, Passion Fruit, Fresh Mint and Lime, very vibrant to look at and very appealing to the eyes.

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Passion of Arabia & Atlantis

As i mentioned Mike really wanted us to taste their best and the signature ones so he explained us about the dishes preparation and their serving.

From the Starter Section he gave us Logma Fries and Samboosa Cheese.

I must say Logma Fries are the best in town !!They are fries seasoned with Khaleeji spices and mixed with crisp herbs, so crispier yet so delicious. The topped herbs have given a flavorful aroma which made it even more unresistant.

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Samboosa Cheese, cream cheese mixed with Chips Oman. Its the modern version of the Samosa we have back in India in a very cheesy way  and the Omani Chips added a lot of favor to it, with a hint of spice is the one you will love to order with a cup of Kadak tea.

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My husband is not very fond of Salads but this Quinoa Salad made him fall in love with salad, thanks to Logma now i can have salad with him, Quinoa Salad is mixed baby greens, Quinoa, Parsley, Mint, Basil, Coriander leaves, Rocco, Dates, Onions, Marmalade and Pistachio with Lemon Herb dressing served at Logma. The dates sweetness added so much to the salad and the fresh melon aroma made my day.

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As our drinks were finishing and i was looking over the menu, Mike surprised me by bringing the one i just wanted to order. The Palm Island, Fresh Pomegranate, Fresh Mint, Lime and Pomegranate Juice, so refreshing yet so very gorgeous, definitely and Instagram pic. The Vanilla Shake was tasty and of rich quality, very thick yet very delicious.

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Palm Island & Vanilla Shake

As highly recommended by Mike to taste the burgers which are prepared by traditional Khameer breads, totally house made, The Logma Burgers were grilled ground beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion and logma sauce and i must say the logma sauce you have to try when you this awesome place. The grilled ground beef patty was way too delicious and perfectly done. Highly recommended !!

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Our next try was the Machbous Chicken, traditional marinated chicken with Khaleeji spices. cooked with yellow rice, topped with raisins and cashew nuts, served with raita sauce and pickle. The small pieces of chicken were perfectly done with the spices and cooked along with the rice which made it even more flavorful, best goes with the raita, a perfect blend.

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As i always have space for Dessert, and this place serves some real good cravings !!

Chebab Katayef, crisp chebab pancakes stuffed with mascarpone cheese and dates, drizzled with saffron cardamon syrup and served with vanilla ice cream. A hot and cold dessert, yet a perfect blend with the cheese and the dates.

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The next one is my favorite the Rahash Fondant, dark chocolate fondant topped with rahash, totally traditional yet in a modern way. The fondants hot and warm and served with a vanilla ice cream just makes it more perfect and the rahash ( sweet milky tahini-based halwa which is an addictive form of Middle Eastern nutty fudge) added so much to the dessert. A risk worth taken !!

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The Saudi Coffee is made from coffee beans roasted very lightly or heavily, with cardamom and saffron. Traditionally, it is roasted on the premises ground, brewed and served in front of guests. It is often served with dates, dried fruit,candied fruit or nuts.  It is served from a special coffee pot called dallah and the coffee cups are small with no handle called fenjan.

This place has got some real good Saudi Coffees straight from the expert hands of the Chef, a worth try.

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Our very own Kadak tea gets fusionized in Logma, Arabic Kadak tea with cardamon and saffron just added so much flavor to the tea, a refreshing way to end your delicious meal.

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Arabic Kadak Tea

After you are done, you have to rate their hospitality on their iPad which is the coolest way as your experience is shared on the spot. Love the camel raters, lovely design and a great innovative thinking on that.

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Rate our Service Here

What a traditional end to a delicious meal on board, way to impressive. Logma has made me fall in love with the Emirati cuisine by making is more easily accessible to everyone. The food, the preserved heritage, the atmosphere and the ambiance, the awesome service and professionalism has taken me with it. This is the place i would definitely love to visit again and again specially during winters to enjoy my evening at BoxPark. A must visit.

HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Seating Available,Kid Friendly,Outdoor Seating,Wifi
CUISINES : Emirati
KNOWN FOR : An innovative representation of traditional Emirati cuisine in a contemporary set-up
ADDRESS : BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 8 AM to 12:30 AM
PHONE NUMBER : 80056462 Table reservation recommended
COST  : AED 150 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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