At Farzi Cafe is “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Farzi Cafe – the modern Indian bistro, is best described as a gourmet experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance.It is a quirky, yet chic, Indian cafe concept, where guests experience the finest of infusing a generous dose of Indian flavors, where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion to bring Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”

2016-04-27 01_Fotor.jpg
Farzi Cafe

Regarded as ‘the Prince of Indian cuisine’, Zorawar Kalra, spearheaded by Mr. Kalra and mentored by his illustrious father & Czar of Indian Cuisine – Jiggs Kalra which gave  Masala Library, Masalabar,Pa Pa Ya to its heights has now introduced a new signature gourmet cafe to take you of to a different level where food mingles with illusion.

Located in the City Walk (Phase 2) off Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, the interiors has got some finest modern futuristic fineness. The bright lamps beside the hanging lamps was a real enchanter, the plants got an fusion forms and hanging up real good up there, it was an aura of modern gastronomy where Indian food gets all its illusionised touch.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 1.jpg
The Ambiance

Farzi Cafe explores molecular gastronomy at its peak, retaining the essence of the cuisine and each dish served from the military truck, telephone booth, chick wooden chest, to marble slabs creating an unparalleled culinary experience. Flowing smoke, pebble like smooth spheres, table theatrics, artistic menu and culinary illusion are a few aspects which describe the Farzi Cafe experience.

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The Artistic Menu

Now here is the Farzified experienced of mine at Farzi Cafe

Being a Chaat lover by heart and head, The Raj Kachori with crispy shells, tangy pumpkin and sweetened yogurt with crisp okra salad and chutney gets Farzified.  The puff was stuffed with the sweetest of yogurt and it was only sweet joy of happiness in my mouth and i wonder how did they get the mixture into it, totally Farzi Style!!

2016-04-27 00_Fotor 11.jpg
Raj Kachori
2016-04-27 00_Fotor 12.jpg
Raj Kachori

Cheese Chilly Kulcha i would rather say Kulchas got farzified too over here, presented like a Pizza style with cheese and vegetables and topped with bloody red ketchup. So delicious and so artistic. My husband is in big trouble now has i made him promise to get me those cutlers!! You better hurry i cannot wait to get my dishes served on it.

2016-04-27 00_Fotor 14.jpg
Cheese Chilly Kulcha

I cannot imagine Chaai which we call in India for Tea can me more tastier and merrier to look at. The Chai Soda, kadak chai concoction with flavorful tea spices, sumac berries at the bottom and topped with soda, so gorgeous yet so delicious!!

2016-04-27 00_Fotor 15.jpg
Chaai Soda

Ananas Orbits, A Virgin Pina Colada muddled with the freshness of tender coconut and pineapple, done with coconut flavored fume is served in these stylish cat’s tail glasses. The ‘tail’ acts as a straw, which has been filled with Pina Colada Caviar, This acts like a bubble tea with style!!

2016-04-27 00_Fotor 18.jpg
Ananas Orbits

Vimnojjieo, this sweet and sour drink not only looks good but taste fabulous too, Its a Vimto Syrup blended with sprite, lemon and mint with crushed ice.

2016-04-27 00_Fotor 19.jpg

Tempura Fried Prawns elevated to fine-dining status with a flavorful foam, tossed with chilli mayonnaise and topped with tobiko, so playful yet so very gorgeous for the eyes and delicious for the belly.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 20.jpg
Tempura Pried Prawns

”Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Di” Masala Coke gets Farzified specially for me, thank you for introducing me to this , with all the chaat spices and soda with the playful foam, this is my drink of the day.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 22.jpg

Deviled Quail Eggs, Eggs out of a bottle, only Farzi Style!! Fried Quail Eggs comes on a bed of Chicken keema and labneh sprayed on it and garnished with cute lil pine nuts, so classy and so very delicious.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 25.jpg
Deviled Quail Eggs

Amarbi slider, soft home made black buns, how gorgeous they look!! Layered with Chilli Prawns and garnished with pine nuts, i felt like taking it home and place at as my decors in my kitchen. How poshy they and luminous they look sitting on the wood chic chest.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 26.jpg
Amarbi Slider

This could not get more better, Curry Leaf Margarita, sweet and sour curry leaves with a hint of a little spice, the glass is half as i drank it and then clicked it, couldn’t resist at all.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 27.jpg
Curry Leaf Margarita

Mutton Shawarma Briyani,  a good Farzi fight over here, mutton placed in skewers like shawarma style on a bed of flavored briyani with labneh spread, how cool that can be. Presented on a wooden musical from ancient times. The lamb tasted delicious as it was cooked for whole 8 hours, flavors were pouring all over it.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 28.jpg
Mutton Shawarma Briyani

Cayenne Prawns, juicy and tender prawns tossed with pepper, onions and curry leaves on a beautiful bright bed of lemon fried rice garnished with prawn wafers. So very light yet so extremely delicious.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 30.jpg
Cayenne Prawns

Khou Suey, With black rice puffs, nut crackers and vermicelli fried this Burmese gets Farzified.  The curry is beautifully done with Coconut Milk with Summer Vegetables, so coconuty and so very gorgeous for the eyes. Served with a bowl of Steamed Rice.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 40.jpg
Khou Suey

As it says LIFE IS UNCERTAIN EAT YOUR DESSERT FIRST, so it should have been here for me, all Farzified Indian sweets gets a totally illusion form out of it. 

Rasmalai Tres Leches, This is traditional rasmalai revamped and served sandwiched with layers of very delicious carrot cream. It was topped with a sugar crystal rose petal net and laid on a bed of delightful saffron milk with almonds and pistachios. Lucky enough my Hubby is does not have a sweet tooth so i got it all by myself.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 50.jpg
Rasmalai Tres Leches

Jelebi Caviar, so jelebi done in a caviar form, isnt that amazing !! totally fusionised with the batter to give a caviar look laid on a bed of sweetened milk and a playful flavored foam, it taste real good with the foam, believe me.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 60.jpg
Jelebi Caviar

The experience was amazing , and our host Cherian was someone who knew the menu top to bottom, Mr, Shivankit, never met such a passionate foodie before, only he can go on and on talking about food. Thank you for this amazing dinner with the unique experience i had with Farzi cafe. Total worth it. I just could not go away without a click of the old ancient way of giving bills to people, totally in , love with it.

2016-04-27 01_Fotor 90.jpg
These is how you get your Bills!!

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Seating Available

CUISINES : International, Indian

ADDRESS : City Walk, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai

OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 10:45 PM

PHONE NUMBER : 04 3942556 , 0526892036 Table reservation required

COST : AED 200 for two people (approx.) Cash and Debit Cards accepted


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