Pizzaly, a new Italian pizzeria with a multicultural and high-tech concept opened its second branch in the Dubai Marina the first one being at JVC.  Since the opening it has been  receiving ravishing reviews on its authentic tasting Pizzas, Pizzaly brings a fusion of delicious crafted pizzas with the best sourced ingredients. 

Pizzaly is an Italian pizzeria with an international and high-tech twist. Stemming from a multicultural concept, the restaurant strives to be part of the unique and diverse society of Dubai, with a modern and high-tech approach bringing a fusion of flavors of pizzas made with the best sourced ingredients available online in just one click. 

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“Pizza is all about the ingredients and we want our customers to experience the best quality of taste their own way,” said Corrado Genovese, Co-Founder of Pizzaly.

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The pizzeria offers classic authentic Italian style pizzas with an international twist on German and Mexican style Pizzas in addition to an Emirati Pizza with the country’s local flavors. Appetizing Nutella and Custard and Fruit Pizzas are also on the dessert menu. Pizza lovers have also the option to let their creativity flow by designing their own pizza with the ingredients and toppings of their choice.  A healthy line of brown, vegan and gluten free dough bases are also available to cater to all nutritional needs. 

I was invited for the launch of their second branch in Dubai Marina, it saw a crowd of prominent food bloggers, members of the press and foodies gathered to taste fine crafted pizzas.

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Pizzaly Opening
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Grand Opening Pizzaly

The Neon pink interior was my first spotting of the place with pizzas depicted so precisely,sober white interiors with pizzas all around the place,the neon pink P on walls,the LCD shouting out loud of the pizzas all over,a beautifully crafted cozy place with the vibrant attire was enough to win me and shouting out loud to be the best place for pizza lovers.A beautifully placed reception with pizza boxes lied on,here i must say you get 2 options in pizza the small and the big ones with 4 and 6 slices,the round tables having pizzas as their theme with comfy high end chairs.A rather cushy environment to spent your evening at.

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The Interiors
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The Interiors

The outdoor seating as beautiful and relaxing with comfortable chairs, grass led outdoors, neon pink lights on tables, very spacious and best for a chill weather night out with friends and family.

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The Outdoor Seating
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The Outdoor Seating

As the crowd gathered, and i must say it was a huge gathering the show began with servings of cute little and adorable Strawberry Cupcakes on beautifully decorated pink tables. You feel like taking those cupcakes home for your kitchen decors. It taste so delicious with the rose whipped cream with sprinkles on it. Too good to relish.

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Strawberry Cup Cakes
2016-04-23 22_Fotor 17.jpg
Strawberry Cup Cakes

We were then served Pizzaly Pizza, their signature, made from beetroot paste, fresh mushrooms and topped with four different kinds of cheese including Mozzarella, Gorgonzala blue cheese, Parmesan and Emmental topped with extra Virgin olive oil. This is perhaps one of the best pizzas I have ever had.The pizza had a hint of pink because of the beetroot inspired from the neon pink interiors,so vibrant yet so delectable.The mushroom here plays the trick very well giving it the most luscious taste ever.This one is highly recommended and a must try out.

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Then were served Mont Blanc, a combination of Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Burrata, Mushrooms in Oil, White Truffle Olive Oil. So delicious yet so unique. The mushrooms were so well cooked and the olive oil used has got to do a lot in its taste. 

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Mont Blanc
2016-04-23 22_Fotor 19.jpg
Mont Blanc

The next serving was the Pizza from the International section, the Japan Pizza, Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Avocado, Fresh Salmon Sashimi, Lump fish Rice. For all fish lovers who loves it raw this is for you. The smoked salmon sashimi way was so very well played along with the pizza and the sliced avocados was perfect to go with it. 

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2016-04-23 22_Fotor 20.jpg

The next serving was again the Japan Pizza without the Smoked Salmon Sahimi way, and this one too tasted delicious yet different. The Lumpfish Rice plays here the main role and the avocados so well goes along with it.

2016-04-23 22_Fotor 23
Japan without Smoked Salmon
2016-04-23 22_Fotor 22
Japan without Smoked Salmon

The next one was Bufalina Pizza freshly prepared with fresh Buffalo cheese, juicy tomato paste, mozzarella topped with basil leaves and extra Virgin olive oil.This has really got some high end cravings and all the veggie lovers this is the right pizza for you,being a meat lover by heart and mind this has really stolen my show.

2016-04-23 22_Fotor 24.jpg
Buffalina Pizza
2016-04-23 22_Fotor 25.jpg
Buffalina Pizza

The Vegetarian Pizza, Fresh Mozzarella, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms. So delicious and so veggie lovers choice. No need for any non veg pizzas now as this is the ultimate cravings for it. The pizza is just just enough to steal away my non veg cravings away. A must try in any outlet of Pizzaly.

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The Vegetarian 
2016-04-23 22_Fotor 26.jpg
The Vegetarian

This place has got some serious cravings and you get the fresh dough straight from the kitchen,24 hours proofing,ingredients imported from Italy giving us the authentic taste,the dough so light and crispy from outer and soft and tender from inner.There is a valet parking and also ample of places to get your car parked and enjoy your pizzas. The place is basically meant for pizza lovers as i can see the rush but for the pizzas being served and  you too get an ambiance with pizzas all over your heart and mind. 

And as the UAE has one of the highest smartphone penetration in the MENA region, Pizzaly strives to be part of the unique technologically-friendly and diverse society of Dubai, with a modern and high-tech approach on ordering and delivering pizza.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
ADDRESS : Jannah Place Hotel, Marsa, Dubai Marina, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 11:30 AM to 12 Midnight open
PHONE NUMBER : 04 5579229
COST : AED 110 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

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