Cafe Blanc embodies the Lebanese taste of tradition and delivers the tradition in a contemporary fashion.The Lebanese traditional dishes to heartwarming oriental customs and give a creative lift.

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The ambiance loudly speaks of the hues of the sand tinted concrete floors and the hints of vivid Mediterranean turquoise like a bright end of a beach day. The intricate ceiling design and partitions, through clever lighting, give a romantic oriental atmosphere to the space with the custom made furniture adding so much to the place.

It had the advantage of 3 types of seating areas –

Indoor in the comfort of air-conditioning minus harsh natural light

Patio area (air-conditioned with fine natural light) and

Outdoor under the sun, breathing in fresh air or some flavored sheesha (a perfect evening/winter setup). 

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The Ambiance

The tableware seems like handcrafted with the beautiful cutlers used for serving and i love the shape of the spoons, i have to get these for my home.


Cafe Blanc invited me to celebrate my Birthday with them and i must say an evening well spent and Thank you, the entire team for making my birthday so special and memorable.

We were served Desert Rose and Minted lemonade

Desert Rose was rose and peach syrup with cranberry juice. So beautifully [resented and love the bright red color to it. It was refreshing yet delicious.

Minted Lemonade which was a traditional lemonade with a sensational minty twist to it. The green color was so appealing yet so delectable.

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Desert Rose & Minted Lemonade
2016-03-27 08_Fotor
Desert Rose & Minted Lemonade

A platter of Pickles and paste was served to start of our meal with, along with some Lebanese Bread.

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Pickles & Paste
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Lebanese Bread

From the Cold Mezze Section we were served

  • Fattouch (Served with fried bread and with pomegranate),
  • Warak Enab (Stuffed vine leaves with rice, nuts, onions and cooked in lemon sauce),
  • Hommos ( The Traditional hommos)
  • Quinoa Bel Laban (A fresh mix of Quinoa with cucumber, dried raisins, fresj herbs, almond, walnut and pine nuts with a fresh herb and a yogurt sauce garnished with pomegranate)

The Cold Mezze was beautifully served in bowls on a wooden plate, the more appealing it look the more delicious and tasty it was.

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The Cold Mezze

From the Hot Mezze we were served

  • Falafel mezze (Fried traditional falafel served with turnip pickles and tarator dip)
  • Ras Asfour (Diced marinated beef and sauteed onions)
  • Batata Harra Bil Kouzbara ( Diced potato fried with garlic, red pepper and coriander)

You must definitely try out the Ras Asfour, my personal hit along with the falafels. Love the food served and in love with Lebanese Cuisine for ever. 

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The Hot Mezze

We were served a Light Salad (Tenderly cooked carrots, zucchini, green beans, potato and cauliflower topped with fresh mint, served with house made lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing).

A healthy yet a delicious salad, the tangyness can be felt on every bite which had made it more pungent with a good taste.

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Light Salad

For the main course we were served Fajita Shwarma and Mixed Platter.

Fajita Shwarma, sizzling beef shwarma mix, served with dips of hommos, pepper paste, tarator, pickles, biwaz and Lebanese bread. The beef had a very pungent yet delicious taste, the meat was so tender and juicy that it was simply WOW when I tasted.

2016-03-27 08_Fotor 78
Fajita Shwarma

The Mixed Platter was 1 Meat, 1 Taouk, 1 Kafta skewers served with potato wedges, garlic paste and hommos dip. The meat was tremendously tasty and juicy. I simply loved the meat it gave a very divine taste to me. I will surely recommend to taste this dish to everyone.

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Mixed Platter
2016-03-27 08_Fotor 678.jpg
The Spread

A beautiful desert Byzance, the finest oriental cheesecake topped off with rose loukoum was prepared for my birthday treat. A big Thank you to Cafe Blanc. The cheese was heaven in my mouth and the taste still lingers.

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My Birthday Treat

We were served Cafe Blanc which is Lebanon’s favorite drink, a blend of hot water and orange blossom water that delivers the perfect finish to every meal. I could not resist with one so had to order 2 cups of this white coffee, so refreshing yet so unique.

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Cafe Blanc

Warmth and generous hospitality lie at the heart of Lebanese traditions and at Cafe Blanc the staff takes these traditions to an exceptional level, blending professional training with a natural desire to deliver the best in customer service.

Highly Recommended for all lovers of Food.

Highlights :Dine-In Available,Outdoor Seating,Sheesha Available,Burj Khalifa View

Cuisine: Lebanese

Price : 100 aed for 2 people (Cash & Card accepted)

Location : Lower Ground Level, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Reservation : 04 4340828



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