Across the natural world of North East India there are innumerable varieties of Orchids. Across the world there are approximately 25000 to 35000 varieties of orchids. A dream Orchid and Bio Diversity park has finally arrived. Orchids are the greatest pride of North East India’s landscape and bio diversity. Orchids are the symbol of our natural heritage and our pristine natural health. Assam’s own state flower is Kapou (Rhynchostylisretusa) is a popular Orchid. 


Kaziranga National Orchid and Bio Diversity park a noble initiative by Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) led by Akhil Gogoi Chairman of the Orchid Park consists of a Green House, Photo Gallery, Medicinal Herbal Plant Graden, Product Outlet Corner, Fruit Garden, Flower Garden, Rock Garden, Rice Museum, Fish Pond, A Nature Walk and A place for Folk Cultural Practices.

An Orchid and Bio Diversity park has been wstablished from the month of October 2015, 1 2 km ditance from Kohora Chariali (near Central Range Kaziranga) spanning a wide range of 18 bighas (5.95 acres) of land at Durgapur Village.



Green Room :

The park has housed 600 more varieties of wild orchids from different location of North East India. Many of them are rare and would be found locally. They have placed a Green House along with some selected hybrid varieties. The park has the smallest variety of Orchid found in India.





Photo Gallery :

The Photo Gallery consists of the images of the in house Orchid planted in the park along with their names and description. We get a detail understanding of the various Orchids preserved and nurtured over here.




Rice Museum :

There are 200 variety of Rice collected by the team, very soon the farmers will get encouraged and inspired to cultivate in their farms. 



The Medicinal Herbal Outlet :

The outlet comprised of many local medicines prepared naturally from plants and flowers. Various drinks and pickles are also available in the outlets which are prepared fresh and natural.



Fish Pond :

There are selected indigenous species preserved them in two ponds in this park. A boating facility for leisure and entertainment is also available and you get to try out the local boats with paddle with your hands on.




Nature Walk :

The walk through the splendid natural pathways within the park is the cherished moment. The nature’s beauty and silence can be sit back and enjoyed.



Rock Garden :

Beautifully crafted and some natural rocks gives your trip a hit by getting the perfect shots on this hills. The beauty of the rocks highlights every ones trip to the park.



A place for Folk Cultural Practices :

The park also houses a center to promote native cultures in Assam. These art forms are regularly shown to arriving tourist in the evening. 




Apart from these the park has got North East India’s ethnic food stall, a flower garden with beautiful species in it.IMG_6240.JPG



A traditional cloth weaving area  where the local people hand weave their own clothes.



The old and traditional Dheki, threshing, to separate rice grains from their outer husks, while leaving the bran layer, thus producing brown rice is also kept so that the heritage doesn’t get lost with the invent of modern technologies.


The time spent among the beautifully planted Orchids just waiting to bloom during the month of April, the beautiful landscape, the productive information, the traditional folk dances and the nature walk was a day worth spent. One should definitely go and get a glimpse of this beautiful yet naturally preserved heritage.

For more information 

Contact : Akhil Gogoi, Chairman & Ratan Daw, Member Secretary, Kaziranga National Orchid and Bio Diversity Park, Durgapur, Kohora, Kaziranga, Golaghat

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Phone : +917399030923, +917399030921