The perfect shopper’s paradise, Jumeirah is one of the premiere retail and entertainment destinations in Dubai. Located across the Jumeirah Beach Hotel; Burj Al Arab and the Wild Wadi, The Mall adds to the brilliance of the already upbeat nature of Jumeirah. The Mall is the newest gem in Jumeirah, where you can have a great time with family, friends and kids alike. Be prepared to be floored by the Mall astonishing you in every way possible, This Boutique Mall attends to every need and want, a consumer harbors. Shopping Malls in Dubai are considered as the rule to outdoor activities, and The Mall is much more than just another one of them. It is Refreshingly Different! The Mall is about Family fun, a spot where everyone can have a great time and keeping in mind they bring retail in the form of Clothing and Accessories along with a plethora of great flavors to tingle your taste buds and to top it all off, a center for Arts and Culture.

The Mall
The Mall

The PR and Marketing Communication company Orient Planet invited me for the launching and opening of The Mall.

Orient Planet is one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancies. Orient Planet’s expertise in creative communications coupled with contemporary thinking provides unparalleled marketing communications services to its clients across numerous sectors.Orient Planet is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Orient Planet is one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancies.Orient Planet specializes in providing powerful and distinctive business communications drawing on the best talent and quality resources to assist local, regional and international companies in enhancing their corporate reputation and brand equity. It is this outlook that has helped Orient Planet to deliver hard-hitting successes that have earned us recognition as a premier Public Relations services provider.


The Press release was a huge success with the launching at around 12 am, the inauguration was attended by the company’s senior management including Alex Andarakis, Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Obaid Saeed Bin Meshar, Chairman Moov Contracting LLC, Mr. Meadhad Rashed Meadhad Al Mehairi, Owner The Mall and Ms. Nancy Nese Ozbek,General Manager The Mall.

Press Release

It was a beautifully decorated event by Enchanting Events Parties & Entertainment in black and white balloons, the flowers placed with intricate details with the theme, most places of the malls were curtained black and white which gave itself a gorgeous yet elegant look.

The Mall

After the launching and the inauguration we were led by the Orient Planet team to visit some of the restaurants and cafes for a better understanding of their brands and specialties.

To start with Attibassi Coffee, Italiano brand is an original Cafe brand from Italy, and its colors and classic logo recall into end customers from all over the world, the best of pure Italian elegance and traditionThe breakfast was served here and i must say this place has got some real taste of coffee along with the sandwiches, the cakes , the bites etc.

Attibassi Coffee
Attibassi Coffee
The Breakfast at Attibassi Coffee

Our next head was to The Hutch Gourmet Bakery, its a French Cuisine specialized in Poultry in different forms. They have got a huge section of poultries done in grills, fried and so on, the ambiance speaks out French so loud with the dazzling lights hanging, the comfy seatings, a Juice Station separately placed with two outer seating , one inside The Mall and the outer overlooking the magnificent Burj Al Arab.The first in Dubai this place in my opinion will have some tasty poultry for all non veggies out there. We were served Rosemary drink on visit.

The Hutch
The Hutch

Our next visit Ayam Elezz Cafe, a Lebanese cuisine with an experience that takes you back to the golden age of Lebanon. The moment you enter the place its a straight WOW, the beautiful colored decors, the blend of the old tradition with a modern twist, the old memoirs placed in flashy racks, takes back to your grandma’s house. The Managing Partner explained us the specialty of the place and the food, the whole concept is imported from Lebanon even the slightest decors. The old vintage drawer to the typewriter, the old TV to phones on board. You will fall in love with this place in the very first look. We were served sweets as a tradition to the opening of the mall with some fresh fruits and a fresh juice to drink.

Spreads at Ayam Eleez Cafe
Ayam Eleez Cafe
Ayam Eleez Cafe

My next visit was to Sahara Grill, which offers an intriguing combination of time-honored methods of food preparation and fresh ingredients with surprising recipes to create exquisite mouthwatering dishes of sheer grilled delight, often with a contemporary twist. Branched in UK and now in Dubai at The Mall. Had an honor to talk with the owner of the place,very passionate foodie and really excited to bring something new in the concept og grill to the Dubai Foodies. I am sure this place will have the best ribs, steaks with lots of spices in it.

Sahara Grill

It was an amazing experience amidst the beautiful mall facing Jumeirah Beach Hotel, The Mall is all about natural light, with the Art Deco designs of the roof help keep the structure well lit and airy. Thank you Orient Planet for this amazing opportunity, had come across some really great personalities including Chefs, restaurant owners, bloggers, media persons.

The Team ” We created the Mall to give you a relaxed and enjoyable time out of home, so visit us and let The Mall floor you.”

AT the Press Launch 

For more details visit The Mall website 

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