Chef Sammy De Marco (Sammy D)

Chef Sam DeMarco (aka Sammy D) has been on the restaurant scene for more than 30 years making a name for himself as a leader in modern and casual American cuisine. Sam became well-known as the “Chef to the Chefs” in the late 90’s at his inaugural restaurant venture – First– an East Village late-night hideaway where the culinary elite often kicked back after a long day. After making his mark on the Las Vegas strip over the past several years, this New York native is keeping one foot in Sin City and the other back on the East Coast as he prepares to make a splash at the Jersey Shore. His new restaurant concept – Sammy D’s, a retro coffee shop serving up unique twists on East Coast classics – opened in December 2011 at Harrah’s Resort.

Chef Sammy De Marco

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

With its striking wave-like design, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of Dubai’s most instantly recognizable structures. The surreal, fluid feel to the exterior of Jumeirah Beach Hotel is achieved with aluminum and blue plated glass, while the beach-inspired interior offers luxurious and modern comfort. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is truly a dream resort offering something special for the whole family. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a unique beach destination that seeks to redefine the holiday experience, offering a host of family activities. Jumeirah Beach Hotel is Dubai’s leading family resort destination, offering a full range of leisure and business hotel facilities.  With a choice of 598 rooms and suites, 19 private beach-side villas, 19 restaurants and bars, Sinbad’s Kids Club, Talise spa and health club, five swimming pools, seven tennis courts, a private beach and lots more.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

It was  pleasure meeting Chef Sammy D, what a personality, so passionate about food and my conversation with him was only Food, Food and Food. When asked about his future plans in Dubai, so swiftly answered ”I would love too”, as this is the place to bring some of my delicacies where people are so passionate about trying and tasting something new always.

He is showcasing his finest delicacies in Latitude restaurant Jumeirah Beach Hotel from 19 to 27 February 2016 to bring a retro edge to the hotels’ culinary offerings. With concentration upon Latitude restaurant’s ‘Authentically American’ Saturday brunch, Sammy D will bring a new edge to an already popular variety of fare.

With Chef Sammy D

I was invited by Zomato, a big thank you to them to taste some of the finest delicacies of Chef Sammy D at the sundeck of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The sundeck overlooked the beautiful blue sea amidst the magnificent Burj Al Arab. The chill weather and the shores of the sea along with the sun setting was impeccable to taste something so delicious and worth it. The place was beautifully decorated and it shouted out loud FOOD, FOOD and FOOD. The stations were placed distinctively with a side note on it,  the cutlers and sauces were placed very uniquely along sideways of every stations, the milk shake counter was perfect straight on the front, the dessert was placed on wooden staircase racks right on the middle. There were lovely music for the evening and it seems the whole place was splendid to taste some of his cuisines.

The Event at Sundeck

I look around for Chef Sammy D but was not able to spot him as i was a bit early so ordered some of those Hershey’s strawberry milk shakes, apart from that the sides were also placed as counters which can be enjoyed by the kids. The cotton candy station, the ice tea, milk shake counter and so more. The staff were so professional and were always at the look out for your next drink, very fast and very prompt.

Strawberry Milk Shake
On the Sides

To start with the food there were the best stations of the Chef proudly presenting some of its finest delicacies. The Philly Cheese Steak dumplings with Siracha and Ketchup was my hit along with beautifully placed Sloppy Duck Bao Bun ,Butter milk and Coleslaw. The perfect that it could be the dumplings was way out of the box and tastes so delicious with the Philly steaks on it.

Philly Steak Dumplings & Sloppy Duck Bao
Philly Steak Dumplings & Sloppy Duck Bao

The next station was of Honey Walnut Shrimps with Spring Onions and Sour Cream along with Crisp Asian Oyster served in Shell with Wakame Salad, Wasabi Mayonnaise and Pickled Ginger. So appealing to the eyes the shells were just WOW!! So gaudy in appearance and yet so delicious.

The Shrimps were so very juicy and beautifully placed in a round forks, So delectable yet so appetizing.

Honey Walnut Shrimps and Oysters

The 7 Smoked Turkey Cuban Pops was just amazing to look and taste at. So delicious and yet so remarkable. The perfect fillings of the layers, and don’t judge me i ended up tasting more that 3.

7 Smoked Turkey Cuban Pops
7 Smoked Turkey Cuban Pops

This was something different, so pungent in taste yet so beautifully playing along the Barbeque Sauce.The Dorito and Mac Cheese Bites. The cutlers placed on each dish was lovely and i simply love the ideas of the spoons so cute and elegant in itself.

Dorito Mac & Cheese Bites

The Taco Station was still on its progress when i arrived, but i could luckily get some of those snaps. The one with Gyro Braised Lamb with Fetta Cheese,Chopped Salad and Tzatziki was perfectly done and very delicious too.

The other Taco was Reuben Patrami Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and Thousand Island,very delectable and beautifully served.

Taco Station

Now this ones my favorite The Buffalo Wings, so delicious and so perfect. The juicy and tender wings along with the beautiful presentation just shouted out loud about the plate. So splendid and yet so delicious. The vibrant look was enough to win me over.

Buffalo Wings

Now this one was the Bad Boy’s, The Mini Lobster Rolls. So tasty and the mini burgers were just perfect and so generous with the lobster fillings. I could hardly resist one, so again ended up with more than 2 this time.


Look at the feasting on my plate, i am always generous when tasty food comes along my way. And lucky enough being a Food Blogger it has always given me immense joy and pleasure to taste the finest delicacies around. 

On My Plate

As i always say, i cannot say not to Desserts, and here it was like a beautiful garden with flowers blooming around spreading its aroma and nectar. The New York Cheese Cake and Cardamon Orange Jellies, The Puddings, The Sugary Doughnuts, The Cupcakes , The Lollipops and Candies placed were so very delicious and truly enduring. So i could get a lot of shots as Desserts are always the best thing for me.

Mississippi Mud Cake

It was lovely evening amidst the overlooking Sea and the beautiful weather with some passionate food lovers. A big round of applause to the entire team of Jumeirah Beach Hotel for organizing such a great event where food gets very well mingle with some good music and the perfect ambiance. The staff and the management were present to help us in every way possible along with the working staff who was so fast and prompt in their service. And thank you for the lovely tokens of returns, really appreciate it!! 

Lovely Music
The Lovely Returns

So do not miss this opportunity of meeting the star Chef Sammy D and also tasting some of his finest delicacies at Latitude Restaurant from 19th to 27th February between 12:00 to 16:oo. Guest can taste the renowned Lobster Rolls Burgers, delightful Buffalo Lollipops Chicken Wings, flavorful American Meat Balls and Dorito Mac and Cheese.Scrumptious desserts will also be included such as the legendary apple pie dumplings, Mississippi Mud Cakes and other American specialties.

For more information visit :

Latitude Restaurant

Timings: 12:00 to 16:00
Call +971 4 432 3232 to book.

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