Just the straight away point is that this place serves the best Briyani in town!! So flavorsome, so aromatic and so delicious, yet a big WOW to a huge round of applause for giving us a such a pocket friendly yet so delectable dine in. A worth try out place, i was not aware of this place at all but as we were strolling alongside the Creek, saw it and went to try out as i am always in search of Mughlai foods in town. As asked about the specialty they told about the Briyani and i can see a lot of the foodies were ordering it and they had a huge delivery for it too. So lets look at it and see the magic of the place.

Karachi Haleem n Briyani

A Filipino lady Shaila, with my most surprising factor she can speak so well Hindi, i was confused as she was really from Philippines or Nepal. When asked she said herself to be Filipino and said i know ”thoda thoda hindi”. Its good always to have people speaking a language of the cuisine they serve it. Its helpful for the people visiting and for the restaurant as well.

The place is small and cozy, the good part is there is hall for family upstairs so you get a beautiful view of the Dhow Cruise and the Creek. The ceilings done with beautiful lights attached to it, the comfy lathered red sofa, a spacious space on the upstairs. The place doesn’t win you over but the food definitely does and will. 

The Ambiance

We were given complimentary Salad and Raita, and i must say the raita was a worth try. A hint of mint crushed to it and during the hot scorching summers this is going to be the most hit. The salads were freshly cut , carrots, cabbage, cucumber and onions on our plates to start the meal with.

Salads n Raita

As i walked a way long for this place i ordered a chill Sweet Lassi for my thirst, the lassi was so refreshing and soothing that i ended up ordering one more glass of it. Very sweet yet very bracing indeed!!.

Sweet Lassi

We ordered for Tandoori Rotis, the fluffy rotis were warm and soft, straight from the tandoor as the freshness can be felt on each bite.As it was so big in size me and my hubby could grab only 1 of those.

Tandoori Rotis

We went for the Saturday special Chicken Green Kerrahi, chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh cream, yogurt and green chilies. So rich gravy and so very delicious. The chicken was perfectly blended with all the spices used till the bones of it, the color green added a lot of texture to the dish. It went so very well with the Tandoori Rotis served. Beautifully served in a silver aluminium dish, so elegant yet so delicious.

Chicken Kerrahi

We went for the Mutton Briyani,how can you miss those briyanis served here in Karachi Haleem, so delicious yet so gorgeous. Its cooked with the place special spices on board with the soft and tender mutton. So delicious in taste, the colors are so vibrant from yellow to red and the spices are so perfectly blended with the Basmati rice and mutton, a big hit from my side. A must try out Briyani over here. I would definitely go back to taste the Chicken, Egg, Veggie Briyani over there.

Mutton Briyani
Mutton Briyani

A s we were just about to pay the bill, my hubby thought of sipping a cup of Tea as we have to go back into the traffic for long. And i must say a good option it was as it took us 2 hours to reach home.The tea was always for the refreshment factor and it served well and fulfilled its part well. A good tea place too i found it today!!


My experience was simply amazing, i will definitely go back to try some of the other delicacies and the Briyanis over there. A must try out place and with its pocket friendly element just added to my favorite place for a dine out. Karachi Haleem and Briyani has got 3 outlets in Dubai, Baniyas, Naif and Khalid Bin Al Waleed. So just plan out for some delicious Briyanis over this weekend. You get a parking in front of the Dhow Cruise area or there is a big RTA parking just at the back of Carlton Hotel if you are visiting the Baniyas outlet.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
CUISINES : Pakistani, Indian, Chinese
ADDRESS : Beside Dubai Islamic Bank, Near Radisson Blu Hotel,Baniyas Road, Baniyas, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 11 AM to 12 Midnight
PHONE NUMBER : 04 2953838
COST : AED 60 for two people (approx.) Cash only


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