”Galito’s is the best tasting flame grilled chicken in the world, with massive flavor right through. Our traditional marinade is made from all natural ingredients infused with select herbs and spices. Slowly marinated for at least 24 hours, flame grilled to perfection and served to order, making it the healthiest, tastiest flame grilled chicken in town.”.Galito’s.


The Galito’s story began in the Mpumalanga City of Nelspruit,(South Africa)for a good seven years till it took flight and opened several branches across Africa, Canada and recently the Middle East. Galito’s recently signed a Master Franchise Licence with Tablez Food Company, the food and beverage arm of multi billion dollar Lulu International in the United Arab Emirates, to develop the Galito’s brand across the Middle East, India and Sri Lanka.


Galito’s has got 4 outlets in Abu dhabi,1 in Ras Al Khaimah and my recent invite was for the first time ever launching in Dubai.The place provides Authentic Flame Grilled Succulent Chicken, Affordable, quality meals, Unique spicy Galito’s flavor, Vibrant and friendly shop atmosphere and Exciting menu variety.

The restaurant itself looks very funky and inviting. The walls feature interesting artifacts from the brand’s South African heritage,the choice of the spice level in food,beautifully written short history on the brick wall,the comfy leather sofas as well as quirky little Galito anecdotes to cleverly summarize the brand values and offerings.


The vibrant color menu was enough to win me over win napkins depicting Galito’s message was way out of the league.

The Chef Mr.Rakesh what a talent he is!!So creative yet so innovative,he believes in serving the best in quality,so chooses the right ingredients with the perfect piece of chicken to it.He creates his own concept with the help of the Galitonians and most of the dishes gets a twist and new look in a healthy and delectable way.I am proud to announce that he hails from my place Assam,India and his journey of becoming a successful Chef is so inspiring and motivating.A big thumbs up to you and the team for bringing up a brilliant concept.

The Chef Mr.Rakesh

The Galito’s has got some delectable sauce and being South African it has got Peri Peri along with.The bottles were funky and so attractive that one couldn’t miss them to taste.

The Peri Peri Sauces

At Galito’s you can choose your tolerance for Peri Peri heat from lemon herb,mild,hot to extra hot.The Chef made sure that i could taste every bit of it.I must say those hot ones are real bad boys.

Choose your spice

I was first given a signature drink Laranja – savor the zing of citrus,contrasting the mellow taste of strawberry and orange.Perfectly blend of these two fruits and a hint of strawberry syrup with crushed ice to it. .So vibrant and so fresh.


From the Peri Munchies section of the menu i was served Chick-E-Naise,the star dish of the menu,Galito’s cheesy wicked combination in a garlic toast.We often have dipped our garlic breads on Mayonnaise but in Galito’s they have thought it out of the box the chicken and mayonnaise are being cooked and tossed on a traditional Galito garlic bread with cheese and herbs.A rather heavy way to start your meal but a exclusive and good try out.


 If you want a lighter starter than the Bean Salad from the Soups n Salads section is a good selection,my personal choice.This is a trio of beans that has been tossed together with french-beans, onion and a very special hot-and-sweet peri peri dressing.  is light, tangy and deliciously good!Its a local South African dish getting a peri peri twist to it.

Bean Salad
Bean Salad

The Galito’s Peri Peri Chicken is the star dish of the place,each chicken is carefully marinated for 24 hrs with natural ingredients.The Chef played along with my taste bud and served one half chicken in mild spicy and the other in hot spicy.

Galito’s Peri Peri Chicken

The chicken were very moist and the flavors were induced till the bone,very juicy and tender. The hot and tangy flavors played well on every bite of it.The mild and the hot ones were well differentiated with the amount of spices level used.

The Garlic Mayo dipping completed the whole dish!!

Galito’s Peri Peri Chicken in Mild Hot
Galito’s Peri Peri Chicken in Hot

My favorite of all,the Chicken and Prawn Combotada, a big bang for a buck served with 2 sides.The Chef preferred with a bowl of Spinach and French Fries.

One skewer is lined with prawns, the other boneless chicken. Each piece is sandwiched between grilled capsicum, and marinated with Galito’s signature marinades. Like the plate of chicken, both the skewers were loaded with the lemon herb,mild,hot and extra hot flavors of Peri Peri, and were beautifully moist yet charred on the outside. The use of fresh, natural ingredients definitely makes for a better bust of flavors.I was lucky enough to try out all the flavors at one shot,a worth try indeed!!

The Spinach served was perfectly boiled with potato and gave a very delectable taste to it.

The French Fries were fried with local herbs and spices and gave a very natural yet luscious taste to it.

Chicken n Prawn Combotada

Last but not the least the dessert were served,the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice cream.This pudding is dense, yet moist, loaded with dates, there is a whole puddle of caramel sauce that goes with it! A cool scoop of vanilla ice-cream is served on the side for respite from all this richness.

I will definitely go back to try out this dessert again!!

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

At Galito’s they’re on a mission to “Rule the Roost”. Against all odds, they win over our customers one by one by giving them an honest down-to-earth meal they can trust.The chickens are flame grilled, and marinated with only natural ingredients, so our customers know they’ve made the “smart choice”!

They have opened their first outlet in Dubai and have plans to cover most of the areas in town,can’t wait to see the flowing chain all over the place with some delectables dishes on.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available,WiFi,Outdoor Seating
ADDRESS :Ground level, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai
COST :  AED 130 for two people (approx.) Cash only


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