Life happens in the kitchen. That’s our belief and we’re sticking to it. We love what we do and we won’t rest until you feel like you’re a part of our family. We Believe that Life really does happen in the kitchen. Our Chef’s have good expert in making all kinds of Sea Foods  so that customer is very happy with dishes tastes.”Fort Kochi”.

Fort Kochi is a restaurant that specializes in sea food cuisine and sea food dishes, such as fish and shellfish. Restaurant also offer additional non-seafood items, such as chicken dishes.Fort Kochi Restaurant in Dubai is famous for establishing an international reputation for the very freshest fish and shellfish, often landed on our doorstep.


I won a voucher of 500 AED at Fort Kochi,at first i was very skeptical whether to visit it or not,then my hubby persuaded me on trying some of the Kerela style fish out there.And i must say a good try indeed.

The ambiance of the place was shouting out fishes loud,with grilled depicted pics on walls,love the concept of banners writing of No Artificial Colors,No Ajinamoto and No Preservatives on walls along with the other food photos,display of your favorite Sea Beam,Sherry,White Pomphret,Black Pomphret,Red Snapper on glass rack display,just choose and give them for Ice & Spice special shwarma section to indulge the taste buds in you.Overall a cozy hall with comfy leather sofas and  fishes all around,a perfect way to eat your fish out.


I always in search of a good menu,and this place menu though a single form has got a delectable way for craving our taste buds on.A yellow bright in color with the most selected dishes from south,the south style giving us the tradition in a far away land.

The Menu

We settled in a comfy place and was served the Salads consisting of freshly cut carrots,white onions and cucumbers.A good way to start your meal when you are damn hungry on a Saturday evening.


We asked the advice of the manager to bring us the best dishes and in no time he suggested us to try out the Prawn Cocktail,battered wild prawns,deep fried and tossed with a special spicy sauce.Served in a cocktail glass with cuts of cabbage as the base and the prawns seating high on it,garnished with a piece of lemon and chilly.A very shrewd taste of spiceness and tanginess in it.A good try in fact!!!

Prawn Cocktail
Prawn Cocktail

We ordered a Lemon n Mint Juice and the freshly minced mint can be seen and felt on every gulp of it,a bit suggary though but a good option with the elaborate order of fish in line.

Lemon n Mint Juice

We went for the display of fishes,we chose the Kheema Chilly Roast and the Sea Beam as the Fish Tawa Fry with a Green Sauce on it.

The Kheema Chilly Roast is Squids,Prawns and Crabs mixed roasted in a classic mix of Kerela spices and red chillies,topped with fried curry leaves.Very spicy and so luscious in taste.The generous amount of the pieces of fish can be enjoyed in this particular dish,the spicy lovers out there this is for you.

Kheema Chilly Roast
Kheema Chilly Roast

Our next try was the Sea Beam in Tawa Fry,perfectly done with a Green Sauce of fresh green chillies,fresh coriander and mint with lemon juice and spices.served with onions,cucumber and lemon cuts and garnished with fried curry leaves.Very mild spice in taste,wholly fried so well,due to the size of the fish the spices were so perfectly blend with the whole fish.A good option for a main course as its always good for sharing for two.

Sea Beam in a Green Sauce
Sea Beam in Green Sauce

We ordered small Thattu Dosa with a Gravy to go well with the fishes we have ordered as we thought of only keeping it grilled and fried this time.No curries and no rice was our main orders so that its only fish that we get o enjoy.The Dosas was a bit heavier then i thought so could only try 1 of them but the gravy with coconut as the base was quiet well and going good with the fish we ordered and tried.

Thattu n Gravy

My hubby is a lover of Kababs and when he saw the Hariyali Kabab on the menu he couldn’t resist it a place an order for two.The skewered fish cubes are marinated in rich cashew paste,green chillies,fresh mint and spices,The fish used was Cream Dorry and the perfect blend of the spices with the fish was so well done.Placed in skewers and topped with freshly cut onions,cucumbers and cabbage cuts.

The Hariyali Kababs can only be seen in Veggies but with the fish was a very different concept altogether.

Hariyali Kabab
Hariyali Kabab

As i always have space for dessert and this time it was my favorite fruit Chiku Pudding i couldn’t say no to it.The Chiku minced on the base and the pudding on top was though not my hit but a good option to try whenever you visit Fort Kochi.The freshly minced Chiku plays the trick and takes away the whole credit of the dessert.

Chiku Pudding

For all the food fanatics out there, traveling is  essential, if you want to taste everything the world has to offer. That is why we have rounded up the most resounding symphonies of flavor, the most colorful dishes and the tastiest bites. We Provide hygienic food Quality and fresh sea  fish’s  daily That provide Customer’s Satisfactions and Best Prices. We provide Wide range of various dishes related to sea food.Head  Master chef and his team create simple seafood dishes with classic flavors using Rick’s recipes.”Fort Kochi”.

A big thank you to the team for giving me this voucher and letting me try out some of your delectable fishes in town!!

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
ADDRESS : Next to Sunrise Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

CUISINES : Indian, South Indian, Seafood

OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 1 AM
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4376025 Table reservation recommended
COST : AED 80 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted


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