Grand Cafe has brought the spirit of Beirut into the heart of Dubai with food,music,and surroundings that embody the Levant.They aim to provide superlative service to all,of their guests,offering an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience of the highest caliber.The aim is to become a leading light in Middle Eastern hospitality,and they consider Grand Cafe to be their flagship,their ambassador to welcome guests in the UAE.



The entrance leads to an elevator where you get to experience the finest dining option with some good food and hospitality.

The Entrance to the Restaurant

In bringing the traditional  cuisine of Lebanon to Dubai,they have undertaken a journey that doesn’t limit itself to food.A national cuisine is but one outgrowth of the complex cultural interactions that have shaped the Levant,the Middle East,and the Mediterranean at large,In choosing the decorative style of Grand Cafe’s interior,they turned to yet another far flung source the jewel in the crown of Islamic architecture that is Spain’s Alhambra.Combining Alhambra’s classical architectural details – colonnades,arabesques and horseshoe arches,sebka and palm shaped patterning – with the contemporary demands of a practical eating and entertainment venue,they have arrived at a light filled design that perfectly expresses the desire to bridge historical and geographical distance.

From Lebanon to Dubai – here it come Grand Cafe,Downtown Dubai.

The Inner Decor
The Outer Decor

I was invited to taste this gastronomic food with a twist of Lebanese cuisine in a modern trick.The place is located near the Address Hotel and when you reach over there an elevator leads you to the place,very cozy yet a luxurious theme just waiting for you to be served well.I preferred the out door seating under the light sun and the main road leading to Downtown Dubai on my side.We were welcomed so lovingly and elegantly i must say.Feel like a VIP when you enter the classy outlet.I bet you will love this place with live music on one place,artistic cutlers,shisha lounge and delectable foods on the other side.

The Artistic Interiors
The Beverage Counter
Live Music

The menu was a Black Leather book divided into sections of Breakfast,Soups,Salads,Side Dishes,Cold Mezze,Hot Mezze,Main Course,Beverage,Beverages and Dessert.the beautifully bond black book with so much of artistic added to it was enough to win me over.

The Menu

We were offered to chose our drink and we went for the Blue Electric and the Bully Mary from the cocktail section.

The Blue Electric was freshly done with pineapple,orange,lemon and blue curassow,so fresh yet so delectable.The freshly prepared cocktail was so vibrant,so appealing yet so very delicious.This was my hubby’s choice and i am glad he loved it so much.Served with a designable mason jar with a decorative lid on it.So blue and blue and more blue!!

The Bully Mary was perfectly done with strawberry,diet red bull,hint of crushed mint leaves,lime wedges,sugar syrup and ice.The first look of it was WOW from me.So delicious yet so fresh and soothing.Served in mason jars with decorative lids was my first hit of the show.A must try out at Grand Cafe.

Blue Electric n Bully Mary
Blue Electric n Bully Mary

The Spicy Wedges served from the side dishes section and perfectly done with potato sauteed with garlic,chilies and coriander and topped with a lemon wedge.The potato wedges were so very spicy yet also a hint of tanginess in it.Very delectable and very juicy flavor.Aperfect starter to start a meal with.

Spicy Wedges
Spicy Wedges

Then comes the Fattoush from the salad section and it was beautifully done with seasonal vegetables (cucumber,red bell peppers,tomato),mixed with watercress,baby lettuce,pomegranate,lemon wedges,parsley,sumac and dressed with lemon and topped with saj rolls (Arabic roll breads with herbs from the local land).So appealing to the eyes and yet so healthy dish to start of.


From the cold mezze section we were served Hummus,mashed with tahini,lemon juice and garlic,topped with olive oil,paprika,mint and toasted saj rolls,So beautifully presented in 3 potions with a triangular shaped form.The first appearance was good and delectable enough to become anyone’s shows topper.So fresh and so luscious.


Our next item was the Lahm Bil Ajeem,a traditional and authentic from Lebanon.It comes under the hot mezze section and is perfectly done with minced fresh meat and the base is a thin dough topped with mint leaves,beans and a lemon wedge,served with pomegranate sauce and tahina sauce.It was my first tr,and i must say the dough tenderness and the meats juiciness along with the pomegranate sauce just added so much character to the dish.Simply loved it!!!

Lahn Bil Ajeem
Lahm Bil Ajeem

We were served Arabic Bread fresh from the kitchen of Grand Cafe to go well with the dishes being served.It was a complete delectable meal with the breads.The fluffy breads with crispiness and the soft and tenderness shouted out loud about the place quality and the ingredients being served fresh and hot.

Arabic Bread

Now comes the main course and it was a Mix Grill,this item is not yet added to the menu so i got to taste something out of the box.It was a mixture of chicken,lambs,arabic bread and vegetables.An exhaustive yet a delectable platter of meat was on my table with some really fresh flavors and aromas.

It had a thin  Arabic bread with chilli paste inside and topped with sesame,very spicy yet very luscious.A different concept and taste just enough to say WOW to the platter.

A thin Arabic Bread with chilli inside but this time topped with parsley,very fresh and the flavor of the parsley so added to the character of the bread.

There was 2 skewers of Lamb Kofta, fresh and delicious.The kofta meat was very juicy and appealing to the eyes infact.The taste can tell the lambs freshness and the chef’s skills on it.

There was 1 skewer of Shakef (lamb cubes),very tender yet very delectable.The meat was so soft and juicy on every bite that i would definitely go back to try one of these again.

The skewers are topped in a thin Arabic bread,very fresh and very delectable.

The platter had some delectable grilled vegetables on it with onions,tomatoes,lemon wedges on topped and parsley for garnishing.

The complete mix grill was finished with a garlic sauce to dipped the delectable skewers on.

Mix Grill


Mix Grill

We were then served Moroccan Tea (Maghrebi mint tea  Moroccan, Tuareg, Algerian,Tunisian, or Libyan mint tea, is a green tea prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar).It is poured into glasses from high above to swirl loose tea leaves to the bottom of the glass, whilst gently aerating the tea to improve its flavor.So fresh and so soothing.Served in traditional tea pots and glasses from Morocco giving us the feeling of its culture so beautifully mingled with the modern era.

Moroccan Tea
Moroccan Tea

Now comes my favorite part desserts.As i always mention in my blogs,”I always have space for dessert”.And to my knowledge this place have soome really traditional dessert on its way.So lets dig in!!

The first dessert was the Halawel El Jebn, means ‘sweetness of cheese’. Just as the name implies, it is a dessert based on cheese. A dough is made of cheese, typically kashkaval cheese,halloumi cheese akawi cheese  and semolina. The cheese dough is rolled out and filled with a thick cream. It is then rolled like a cigar, cut into small pieces, drizzled with a fragrant simple syrup and chopped pistachio and pomegranates crushed..So delectable and so fresh from the ovens.A worth try out dessert.

Halawel El Jebn
Halawel El Jebn

My next dessert was the shows steal Knefe Pistachio, is a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup,beautifully topped with pomegranates,pistachio and drizzled with rose water.It has the flavor of the pistachios and the aroma of rose water.The cheese pastry is done with akawi and halloumi cheese.Sprinkled with crushed pistachios and served with fresh cream and sugar syrup.A worth try and the mingling of the additive was so amazing and a good thumbs up to the chef.

Knefe Pistachio
Knefe Pistachio

Last but not the least as it says,the last dessert was the Chocolate Fondant,the butter and chocolate are melted together, while the eggs are either whisked with the sugar to form a thick paste and separated so the egg whites can be whipped into an egg foam to provide more lift (and thus a lighter cake) when the mixture is baked.Rather than presenting only the cake itself in a ramekin or on a plate, the baker has chosen to make it more appealing.Nuts drizzling , caramel syrup sprayed,served with fresh cream and dusting of powdered sugar  added to enhance flavor.Yet the most luscious fondant cake in town is here,go grab some of these chocolaty flavor bad boys!!

Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Fondant

Besides traditional Lebanese courtesy,they also offer guests free WiFi and a valet service to make your stay as comfortable as possible, whether you are visiting them for casual dining with friends and loved ones, or for meetings with colleagues. They are also happy to accommodate all manner of private functions, from birthdays to anniversaries, to corporate events and celebrations.

A highly recommended place with some luscious yet fresh dishes on you plates,just crave for your taste buds on it.I bet you wont regret it!!

HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Wheelchair Accessible,Seating Availabl,Live Music,Valet Parking Available,Private Dining Area Available,Outdoor Seating,Sheesha,Wifi Available
ADDRESS : Opposite The Address Dubai Mall, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard,Downtown Dubai, Dubai
CUISINES : Cafe, Lebanese
COST :  AED 250 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4535262 Table reservation recommended

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