Amore,the beautifully placed Cafe in  Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai,dazzling interiors for Shisha lovers,comfy leather chairs for outdoor seating with shimmering flames of decor,engulfing the majestic view of Burj Khalifa,snugly placed leather comfy sofas with LCD screens for the match,bread section gets its own astute space with cute tiny statutes for decor,the pickles and plates placed in a posh look,the salads n desserts exquisitely in glass racks,good enough for your cravings.An enormous place with beautifully lid palm trees  to indulge us into the culture of the Arabic peninsula is indeed a good option to spend  a lovely evening in the classy place of Dubai.


It has been a quite while in Dubai with ever increasing foodies to try the International Cuisine with a Lebanese twist to it.A valet parking will soon be opened so the trouble of parking will be a hassle free.The cutlers served are beautifully placed in green,orange and blue,a vibrant look to the dishes being served.

The Ambiance

Being a food blogger its always being amazing to write about places you genuinely love to eat and dine out,and i must say this place really got some serious cravings issue right from the salads,appetizer,main course and of course the dessert.

We were served freshly cut Carrots in Ice Crushed with Tzatzkiki Sauce in a beautifully cocktail glass giving it the most elegant yet fresh vibrant look.A truly new concept and freshly cuts carrots can also taste so very delicious,a big thumbs up to the team.The Tzatziki sauce plays the trick when the carrots gets a touch of it.

Carrots in Ice Crushed served with Tzatziki Sauce

We wont find any frozen,nor preservatives as they believe to serve the best in quality,every dish gets on hand kitchen made touch,fresh and healthy.The juices we asked for was freshly squeezed Watermelon Juice and                                  Lemon Mint Juice.Every sip of it was shouting out loud of its freshness and the soothing taste of it.

Lemon Mint & Watermelon Juice

Then comes a garden of salads which are on the display section of the menu,as i have always a cravings for the salads served in this region and i must say this place serves the most fresh and healthy salads in town.A must try out salads and i bet you will always come back for it.

Our first try was the Quinoa,beautifully yet delectably done with fresh boiled shrimps,cherry tomatoes,eggplants, green and yellow zucchini,dressed with lemon oil giving us a divergent yet luscious taste,you feel like why it has to finish!!!


Our next try was the Taboule freshly prepared with lettuce,tomatoes,onions (optional),the basil,fresh taboules,dressed with lemon oil,you can also go for balsamic vinegar for the sourly taste.The salad was fresh and lots of healthiness contained in it.The lemon oil added lots of character to it.


Then comes the Artichokes,done with boiled artichokes fresh,sun dried tomatoes,feta cheese ,tzatzkiki leaves for the added fusion to it,the fresh lemon oil dressing.The artichokes was so perfectly blend with the other veggies as it gave a little sourly taste yet very appetizing.


Our next dig in was the Lentils Salad beautifully done with boil lentils,zucchini,carrots,dressed with lemon oil and topped with grape fruit.I never knew lentils would taste so better in a totally fusionized way.A must try out display on the menu of Amore.

Lentil Salad
Lentil Salad

The next one was the Wild Rice Salad,black organic wild rice turned in boil with cucumbers,tomatoes,oregano fresh leaves and lemon oil dressing.The perfect that it could be,black organic rice has always been one of my favorite and with a salad in concept was hit.

Wild Rice Salad
Wild Rice Salad

Barley Salad was perfectly done with boil barley’s,fresh oregano,green and yellow zucchini,sun dried tomatoes,olive oil and basil leaves for toppings.The barley was so very well done and the herbs added so much character to the salad.

Barley Salad
Barley Salad

The next one was the Fattoush,beautifully done with crispy rolled Arabic breads in herbs fried ,pomegranates,cherry tomatoes,cucumbers,lettuce,bell peppers in red and greens,olive oil and dressed with balsamic vinegar.The first appearance of it was enough to win me over,the vibrant colors,the alluring look and the divine taste shouted out loud about the credibility of the Chef at Amore.


This was the most amazing Hummus i have ever tasted in this region,the perfectly done hummus with beef salami,pine nuts and the olive oil was my shows steal.The salami tasted like heaven in my mouth and the hummus getting mingled up just added lots of character to it.A big shout to this luscious hummus.A must try out sides ever.


The Khubbus was freshly made from the kitchen,the freshness and the aroma was enough to tell about the place quality  which they believe and promise to give all its foodies.Bit crispier but very soft n tender on each bite.


The last but not the least salad was the Octopus,perfectly boiled and marinated octopus with lemon oil,fresh mint leaves,and a fresh lemon on side,with some pickles and garlic cloves.The salad was itself a art and tasting octopus in a salad was totally a different concept for me.My hubby simply loved it being a die hard sea food lover,this was one of his hits.


The next section on the menu was From The Kitchen,we were served Crispy Calamari,Spicy Chicken Wings,Spicy Shrimps Pil Pil,Chilli & Cheddar Sweet Potato Bake and Dates & Chicken Croquette.

The Crispy Calamari gets a fresh touch of calamaris with flour and fried till crispy brown,topped with fresh lettuce and lemon.The crispiness outside and the tender,juiciness inside just added so much character to it.A big hit for an evening out with some juice or cocktail to go with it.

Crispy Calamari

Spicy Chicken Wings,all wing lovers this is the right place for you!!Perfectly marinated to lemon oil dressing and fresh tomato sauce,giving us the most sourly taste,blended well with onions and garlic and topped with parsley and fried till crispy red.It got the tangyness so well that one bite was enough to win me over,my hubby’s favorite too.

Served with Garlic Mayo Sauce so perfectly tasted when touch with the spicy chicken wings.

Spicy Chicken Wings
Spicy Chicken Wings

This was one of a dish which i will definitely go back to have it over and over again,the Spicy Shrimps Pil Pil. Fresh shrimps cooked with olive oil,topped with cherry tomatoes,freshly sliced mushrooms,parmesan shavings,garlic,lemons and olive oil.The shrimps was done very well and the outer skin was so efficiently remove that the meat inside can be eaten with minute taste and flavor.The most delectable plates of shrimps ever tasted by me.The appearance was so vibrant and gaudy to win every ones taste buds.A big hit by Amore.

Spicy Shrimp Pil Pil
Spicy Shrimp Pil Pil

The next one was Chilli & Cheddar Sweet Potato Bake,all veggie lovers this is the dish for you,the utterly delicious sweet potato,perfectly baked with Cheddar cheese and chilli and topped with olive oil.The taste was so divine and the flavor of the cheese and chilli was so very perfectly blended.So luscious yet so delectable.

Served with Tzatziki sauce to give the complete taste of the sweet potato bake.

Chilli & Cheddar Sweet Potato Bake
Chilli & Cheddar Sweet Potato Bake

Dates & Chicken Croquette,the croquettes has chicken slices,dates slices,Balsamic vinegar to make it sticky and smoothy,creamy inside and rolled and fried in deep brown.The creamy flavored dates croquette was another hit by the Amore team,so creamy and a bit of sweet taste to give us the divine dish.The Tzatziki sauce was placed in a lettuce leaves,so innovative yet so delicious.Served with cherry tomatoes,lemons on side and fresh herbs.A wholesome dish to crave your taste buds on.

Dates & Chicken Croquette
Dates & Chicken Croquette

How much i am filled with the delectable dishes i always have space for dessert.This place serves the most delicious dessert to seduce even the most ardent diabetic into sin in a most creative yet unique way.

The Bahamas Pastry was so chocolaty in flavor,the spread chocolate,slice of bananas,white cream and glaze chocolate to give the divine look.Topped with red tiny cherries,a white chocolate domed brushed with golden fruit color.So creamy and so heavenly.

Bahamas Pastry
Bahamas Pastry

The next is the Tiramisu,perfectly done with the lady finger with coffee syrup,mascarpone cream,coffee powder for toppings.Beautifully tugged in mason jar,the one look at it was enough for you to order for it.The taste was so creamy and the flavor of the coffee was my shows steal.This one i bet if you wont try you will miss your favorite tiramisu in town.


So a delicious yet magnificent place in town,giving you the outstanding food,ambiance,flavor and view.Rather a all round place to crave your taste buds in.A big thumbs up to the team for coming up with such a delectable yet a posh ambiance and taste,

HIGHLIGHTS : Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Wheelchair Accessible,Seating Available,Valet Parking Available,Outdoor Seating,Private Dining Area Available,Sheesha,Wifi Available
ADDRESS : Opposite Souk Al Bahar, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
COST : AED 150 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted
PHONE NUMBER : 04 4535416, Table reservation recommended

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