Now theirs a delectable bad boy in town,from the crispiness of the dough to the freshness of the ingredients to the aroma of the cheese – Pizzaly (Pizza + Itlay) pegged in the heart of JVC, ready to serve you the best pizzas and the most unique that your taste buds will really crave for.New in town but already the shows topper of all pizzas served,very unique yet very ingenious.


The Neon pink interior was my first spotting of the place with pizzas depicted so precisely,sober white interiors with pizzas all around the place,the neon pink P on walls,the LCD shouting out loud of the pizzas all over,a beautifully crafted cozy place with the vibrant attire was enough to win me and shouting out loud to be the best place for pizza lovers.A beautifully placed reception with pizza boxes lied on,here i must say you get 2 options in pizza the small and the big ones with 4 and 6 slices,the round tables having pizzas as their theme with comfy high end chairs.A rather cushy environment to spent your evening at.

The Pizza Ambiance 

The most vibrant,die hard foodie and so much passion about pizzas all over the world came out with a totally new yet fresh concept,importing ingredients from Italy,not frozen,not fried all in the kitchen of Pizzaly giving us the best in quality,taste and flavored pizzas, Mr.Corrado.

When asked why pizzas ? Certainly answers me ”My love for food and the passion in me trying something new but of the best quality”.His creativeness can not only be seen on the interiors but also in the menu,all the foodies out there the menu has got some luscious pizzas and you are really going to die for it.

Mr.Corrado,the Mastermind

The menu has got some serious cravings,and it comes with 4 sections, The Classic Pizza,The International Pizza,The Healthy Pizza and The Dessert Pizza.

We were served Bufalina pizza and Pizzaly pizza from the 1st section.

Bufalina Pizza freshly prepared with fresh Buffalo cheese, juicy tomato paste, mozzarella topped with basil leaves and extra Virgin olive oil.This has really got some high end cravings and all the veggie lovers this is the right pizza for you,being a meat lover by heart and mind this has really stolen my show.

Bufalina Pizza
Bufalina Pizza

Pizzaly Pizza  made from beetroot paste, fresh mushrooms and topped with four different kinds of cheese including Mozzarella, Gorgonzala blue cheese, Parmesan and Emmental topped with extra Virgin olive oil. This is perhaps one of the best pizzas I have ever had.The pizza had a hint of pink because of the beetroot inspired from the neon pink interiors,so vibrant yet so delectable.The mushroom here plays the trick very well giving it the most luscious taste ever.This one is highly recommended and a must try out.

Pizzaly Pizza
Pizzaly Pizza

The next section is the International Pizzas and its done by the expert themselves ranging from UAE,Saudi Arabia,Germany,Mexico,Indonesia and Thailand.The pizzas gets hand on taste and flavor from their respective chef’s to give us the authentic pizzas in a totally different twist serving us the international cuisine at its own best.These are the 6 signature pizzas served in the kitchen of Pizzaly.

We were served the Thailand Pizza and the Mexico Pizza.

Thailand Pizza with base fresh mozzarella,Thai chicken marinated with coconut milk and yellow curry,topped with eggplant and potatoes and sprinkled with fresh basil leaves.I doubt whether Thailand has ever thought of replicating pizzas with their cuisine.A big thumbs up to the Chef and of course Mr.Corrado. The aroma of the thai can be felt on every bite if it.A new,unique yet a most luscious pizza which had to be tried and tasted from the kitchen of Pizzaly.

Thailand Pizza
Thailand Pizza

The next try was  the Mexico Pizza freshly prepared mozzarella as the base,Mexican minced beef,Fresh tomatoes,guacamole paste with hidden pomegranates,some corn sprinkled.Another hit from the kitchen of Pizzaly serving us the cuisines we had cravings for and getting on a pizza is what you have to go for it.

Mexico Pizza
Mexico Pizza

The Healthy Pizza section was also a very unique and healthy concept by the team of Pizzaly. The pizzas are prepared with fresh brown rye dough and you also get an option for no cheese and no extra toppings,so all the health conscious out there this is a place to crave your taste buds on.The Seitan Oasis and Veggie Garden serves no cheese and its totally vegan giving us a choice to try it healthy.I must say Healthy taste luscious too.

As i always have space for dessert and this place has got some of the delectable yet unique in store for us.A dessert on a hot pizza,at first i was not to sure about this.But after my first bite i can say that ”Change is always Good”.We were served Custard & Fruit which was freshly made custard on a pizza base with fresh strawberry,peach and apples on top,oven baked.The hot dessert with the fresh dough was another hit by the team.So freshly done giving us the most unique yet delicious taste.

Custard & Fruit
Custard & Fruit

This place has got some serious cravings and you get the fresh dough straight from the kitchen,24 hours proofing,ingredients imported from Italy giving us the authentic taste,the dough so light and crispy from outer and soft and tender from inner.The place is basically meant for deliveries as i can see the rush but for diners you too get an ambiance with pizzas all over your heart and mind.A must try out outlet and soon the Dubai Marina outlet will be opening soon with the same concept and same delectable taste.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
LOCATION : Wing A, Sobha Daffodil, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai
TIMINGS : 11:30 AM to 12 Midnight
COST : AED 110 for two people (approx.)
PHONE NUMBER : 04 5509107

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