Taste of Fame is the first of its kind restaurant in Dubai,located in Sunset mall,Jumeirah where you can experience the presence of your Iconic stars that screams exclusive. The silicon statues, props and decor captures something wonderfully unique in your imagination.Walking inside the Restaurant makes u feel like a Hollywood diva.As you walk up the red carpet, a pensive figure sits behind the receptionist desk and, upon closer inspection, it turns out that it’s Albert Einstein who’s waiting to meet and greet you.The statues and the decor, although dated, range from Elton John playing the piano to Justin Berber being taller than he wishes to be.They also have incredible one off life-like renditions of Dwayne Johnson(The Rock), Al Pacino, Amitabh Bachchan, and even Kim Kardashian .The incredible Hulk and Iron man, coupled with delicious modern style food tailored to set a new standard to the gastronomic scene at an accessible price-point.

A novel way to celebrate your special occasion.The restaurant serving Hip-Asian ranging from Japanese,Middle Eastern to Italian and American rather an  international Cuisine with a live Kitchen,live Bakery,world famous Italian lava stoned Pizza oven and Sushi bar spread over 12,000 square feet.The staff are all dressed in crisp black and white attire,making them look professionally adorable.

The Bakery Section
The Live Cooking Section

The statues and the decor range the sorta jazz-age outfits the entire statues were flaunting.Rihanna, The Rock & Will Smith, George Clooney, Super Man, Captain America, Elton John, Batman, Daniel Craig, Justin Bieber and Amitabh Bachchan .

The Star Studded Themed Restaurant

The mastermind behind this uniquely flaunting restaurant Mr.Ahmed Bishara,a gem i would say,not only  his creativity can be seen in the interiors with the star studded themed but also his love and passion for food,giving the unique taste,flavor, and artistic touch to the menu just tells us so apparently about his work and love for food.Being a Chef in professional and owner as in a artistic way,when asked about his future plans sarcastically smiled at me and said ”something better and bigger more to come up”.Cant wait for another creation by this immensely talented Chef,proud owner of an exclusive boutique restaurant.

Mr.Ahmed Bishara

Now i was lucky enough to try out their new tasting menu flaunting gorgeously inside the black leather book menu.With a warm welcome we were allotted a seat right in front of the LCD displaying birthday wishes from over the world famous celebrity,loved the concept of celebrating birthday over here where you are lucky enough to get wishes from the stars with your name high on LCD,shouting out loud birthday songs for you making it more life like.

As its always the complimentary Breads freshly prepared in the ovens,hot and soft were placed and it was just like the morning dews,right from the ovens,soft,tender and so very moist and the butter it tasted warm and so palatable.

House made Fresh Breads From the Ovens

We were given Orange Juice and Water Melon juice to start our meal of,the freshly squeezed juices right from the kitchen is what you needed in a star studded themed place,so refreshing yet so delicious.

The Watermelon & Orange Juice

Then comes our soup Tom Yum so freshly prepared with the perfect blend of fresh ginger,mushrooms,onions,sprinkled parsley,lemongrass flavored so well that shouted out loud and added so much character to it. In-fact a blooming soup with the concept of Thai cuisine so in mind.

Tom Yum Soup

Dynamite prawns has always been on my craving list consistently,and this place serves one of the best in town i would say.With the secret dynamite sauce and the kick of spiciness added to the most crispy outer portion,juicy and the tender of the prawns just so well exemplify the quality of the ingredients exert by the chefs in the place.The shrimps were crispy, spiced to a perfection and boasted tantalizing flavor.The vibrant color,the flavor,the luscious taste was enough to win my heart and give this place a thumbs up.

Dynamite Prawns
Dynamite Prawns

The next was the Beef and Sesame Seed Salad,indeed a salad prepared with Wagyu Beef Steak (which itself is a premium salad) and the sesame fried with it and some raw kept for sprinkling,skilfully blended with boiled edamame,salad leaves,caramelized cherry tomatoes and peppers,mixed with house made sweet chilly taste giving it the divine taste and aroma,and sesame oil done in a healthier way.So much of a full dish i would say with flashy colors of the ingredients added so much character to the dish with the sweetness and tangyness just shouted out loud.

Beef and Sesame Seed Salad
Beef and Sesame Seed Salad

For the mains we had Black Cod Fillet, Premium Beef Steak and Chicken Skewers.

The Black Cod Fillet was itself a hit with caramelized mango,soy sauce,chillis boil for 24 hours for reduction and marinate the fish for 3 long days.You cant even imagine the taste without trying it,so immaculately done with the sauce and making  it the most appetizing dish ever.Served with roasted potatoes,soft and tender from the oven,a portion of freshly prepared vegetables and pink ginger just shouted out way loud about the dish.My entry into the cravings list for sure.

Black Cod Fillet

Our next one was the Premium Beef Steak,premium because the steak is marbel 6 to 7 and when cooked all the flavor from the fat is imparted into the meat, and the meat becomes as soft as butter.This really is the most exceptional meat in the world.The steak is aged more as told by the chef its hanged for 21 long days to give the extremely well taste as well as the tenderness and softness to the meet.The ultimate balance in tenderness and flavor.

Beautifully served with house made Mushroom Sauce unique yet so delectable.

So proudly sitting alongside the steak but had really was on my hit list,the house made Mash Potato,done with an Italian trick of blending with Parmesan cheese,butter and cream.Mash potato was never in my good books but this ones when you taste for the first time,you are in for a luscious ride.

A must try out Beef Steak in the Taste of Fame.

Beef Steak
Beef Steak

The next one was the most popular dish of the place the                                    Chicken Skewers,marinated for 24 hours and grilled in volcanic rock grills to give the smokey flavor and the taste.Served with freshly prepared French Fries,fresh Salads and Ketchup.

The Peri Peri Sauce served was my shows steal with its secret ingredient that cannot be revealed though,added so much to the character of the sauce.

The look of the dish was so appealing that no one could resist without ordering it.

Chicken Skewer

As i always have space for dessert and if i wouldn’t,i would have definitely regretted as this place the best sweets in town.

The Golden Globe as the name commends is a white chocolate dome stuffed with chocolate mousse,crunchy honey pops,sprayed beautifully with golden fruit color giving it the elegant look,insolently sitting on a spongy chocolate cake,a moon shaped thin wafer stands still across the globe,and the hot chocolate poured just adds to the goodness of the dessert by its so rich chocolaty flavor.Being a chocolate lover by heart,mind and soul this is the dessert from heaven i would say,being poetic though but one of the best tasted in my whole year of food blogging.

A worth try and must order,the signature dessert will make you fall in love with chocolate even more for better.

Golden Globe
Golden Globe

Overall my experience in a celebrity themed restaurant ended in a luscious yet extremely well defined way of creativeness,uniqueness,artistic and so much a better way.A must try out place with the dazzling decor,the star studded themed,the celebrity feld and with the most delectable dishes served.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available,Outdoor Seating,Celebrity Themed,Birthday Wished by the Stars.
KNOWN FOR : The first of its kind in Dubai; a unique movie-themed restaurant with wax statues of celebrities and marvel figures
CUISINES : Asian, Italian, American
LOCATION : Level 1, Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
COST : AED 240 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted
RESERVATION : 04 3388552  04 3388552

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