Never wait for an Opportunity..Create your Opportunity!!!

“All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy


As i look back this last 365 days of my life,i feel amused,relaxed,confused,irritated,failure,success,sad,happy and so on and on.These year had given me some of the best days and the worst days of lives but life goes on and here i am standing and smiling,eagerly waiting with hands wide open to welcome the new year.

During the last year i was no where to go with my career,totally lost and was wondering and thinking,”What am i doing with myself”?.Did lots of way outs to keep myself busy,did voluntary works,did part time,rather searching for my dream and passion in every piece of work that i was offered.

Was very happy with my married life but still something was bothering me every minute of the clock ticking.Even went back home to freshen up my mind and get a boost up i would say.Out of nowhere my passion for food and writing gave me the idea to start my first ever blogging site about food places i have visited/revisited.A big foodie and also very keen at trying different cuisine,i thought why not blog about the best places i have tried,their cuisine,their ambiance,their staff etc.Not only for me it will be a help for others to go and dine in by reading my blogs,an easy way to dig in.

I started my official food blog under my name TheShazWorld,i chose this name as i was having thoughts of starting other blogs too as in travel,fashion etc.So here i am just 3 months old,learning and developing every bit of my work i feel relaxed and happy to see my 30 blogs flaunting in my site.But its no where to stop as big things come with big responsibility,a long way to go,had to learn a lot from other experienced foodies.

My 2015 Year.. Full of fun and lods of work.


I will be happy and proud to share my achievements and writings when my blog will complete its 1 year on June 2016.I thank my family,fiends my followers who have liked my blog and my pics and really appreciated well,even bigger then that tried out places on my recommendation.A big Thank You to all of you..