The idea of Go Gyroz comes from a singular passion to serve the taste buds across age groups but to do it with a novel combination of a new age form and old age, authentic & carefully fashioned flavors.It’s all about taking the classic pita breads, guacamole salads, gyro slices and putting them together in an amazingly novel fashion. So whether it is the Babylonian Bite or the Son of King or the Mayan Myth, it’s the whole of Ancient culture wrapped in a small handful. Of course there is the secret Gyro sauce to add the golden touch to your meal. 


Beautifully done exterior with the brightest color of green and blue,full of livelihood and the warmness and coziness adds to the ambiance and shouts out loud about the place,white cemented walls,soft leather sofas,both high and low end chairs for our comfy,regular lamps hanging from the ceilings giving the colors a brighter perspective,a big screen showing the servings and menus on display with details to give a clear picture of the Gyros.The Chef all smiling and chirping with some very passionate staff on board.

After a quick run down of their menu, which is divided into sections, they have 4 main sandwiches: the Babylonian bite (Arabian), the Spartan spread (Greek), the Mayan Myth (Mexican) and the Ottoman (Turkish). They also have gyro plates, salads, sides, desserts and with the ‘build your own gyro empire’ – the options are actually endless.

We were offered fresh Laban with Mint,very refreshing and soothing,I think one of the best way to start a meal with.Perfectly blended mint leaves and the taste and flavor can be felt on every gulp of the drink.A worth try.

Laban with Mint Leaves

We were first served The Ottoman Odyssey encased within delectable Doner pocket bread, Infused with succulent Gyro meat slices,tomato and crunchy pickle , smoky roasted eggplant sauce and tomato sauce flavored with Gogyroz seasoning.The meat just got melted in my mouth,the softness and the moist just added lots of character to it.”Worth sailing the seven seas for !”

The Ottoman Odyssey

The second Gyro was The Babylonian Bite served inside Arabic bread with Gyro chicken slices,a splash of sesame tahini,sliced pickles,garlic sauce,tomatoes and chopped parsley.Very delectable with the tahina sauce spread,galic spread and the sliced pickles just added a lot of character to the gyro.”One bite is enough to conquer our taste buds”.

The Babylonian Bite

The third one is my favorite The Mayan Myth with tortilla bread within diligent gyro chicken slices,accompanied with ground Guacamole (avocado,coriander,tomato,onions mixed paste),Chipotle salsa (red chilly,egg yolk,white vinegar,sugar syrup,olive oil and garlic beans mixed),and with wild Jalapeno spread (coriander,tomato,onions,jalapeno,garlic,beans,olive oil,cumin mixed).Very delectable and still the taste lingers in my mouth.”There’s no mystery about how undeniable the flavor is”.

The Mayah Myth

The last but not the least Gyro was The Spartan Spread folded within fluffy soft Greek pita bread with Gyro meat slices,cream Tzatziki spread (cucumber,Greek yogurt,mint leaves,garlic beans,olive oil mixed),Arugula leaves (a type of salad leaves like Rocca),red onions and GoGyroz seasoning.Just couldn’t resist the flavor of the tzatziki cream with the bread,so delectable yet delicious.”A spread so sensational it seizes the senses!”.

12458923_10153879803179337_1674393833_o (1)
The Spartan Spread

Then comes the Gyro Plate seared meat and chicken gyro slices with hummus, warm pita bread, lettuce, onions, tzaziki and crunchy fries.We went for both meat and chicken and the hummus was the hit,house made with the perfect blend of lemon extract on it.A full plate one can go for in lunch or as well as dinner options.

Gyro Plate
Gyro Plate

The sauce and the spreads plays the trick in all the Gyroz,i was explained with details with all the home made sauces the Chef use to make the most delectable,delicious and mouth watering Gyros.The perfect blending of the sauce as it differs for all the Gyroz is fantastic giving us the most unique,creative yet an aromatic meal every time you visit.I couldn’t stop myself by clicking a shot of all the sauces and spreads they use,with every tiny details of the making,the blending and the mixing method use expertly by the Chefs in the kitchen of GoGyroz.

The House Made Sauces
The House Made Sauces & Spreads

My most favorite part is the tasting of the dessert and this place has got some of the most cravings for last sweets.

The first one was the Jello,Grayham,Labneh which is a mix of the jello being in the bottom,the grayham biscuit in the middle and the labneh cream on top and a cherry topped on them.You may wonder why labneh in a dessert?But believe me the Labneh plays here the trick as it balances the sweetness of the jello and the grayham biscuit leaving us with a n unique yet creative dessert.

Jello,Grayham & Labneh

The second one was the  Muhalabia (gelatin like Arabic dessert) fresh milk,corn starch,infused with rose water and topped with sliced pistachios and cherry.Another  beautiful creation by the Gogyroz team.


The third one was the Oreo & Cheese Pudding with full of cheese at the bottom and crushed oreos on top,it tasted like a cheesecake to me which is again one of my favorite dessert in my top list.

Oreo & Cheese Pudding

In short, Go Gyroz is our Gladiator in the food arena. Stands tall, lots of meat, built to win and oh, what a marvel to look at.Now you know where to grab your Greek hunger with the best sauces,spreads,hummus all house made to give the freshness and the healthier perspective too.

HIGHLIGHTS: Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
LOCATION: Shop 5, Indigo Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai
CUISINES : Greek, Street Food
OPENING HOURS : 12 Noon to 10 PM
COST : AED 90 for two people (approx.)
RESERVATION : 04 4560707

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