A vibrant and foodie by heart,Mr.Ibrahim and his wife Mary gave us an American stall The Hot Dog Stand,the first gourmet hot dogs in the heart of the Marina waterways,Dubai Marina.Mr.Ibrahim love for hot dogs can be seen as i roll down the pages of the menu,with every cuisine in mind and coming out with the best ones.Not only his love can be seen from the menu but also from the ambiance he have created,the lovely grassy outdoor seating,the low wooden table and chairs giving us the picnic surrounding,the high end chairs inside with very cool lights done with mason jars and suspended from the ceiling.


I was Invited to taste the menu at the first ever gourmet hot dog stand in Dubai,at first i was not sure as hot dogs was never in my foodie list but as you know if you do not experience you can never know that hot dogs can also create magic in your taste buds.So you have to try for it to know the hot dogs divine taste.

We is definitely my hubby and  me as in all my blogs,were served Pink Lemonade and Mint Lemonade fresh from the kitchen.

Pink Lemonade was beautifully done with grenadine syrup to give the tart and the sweet taste,the pinkish drink was my hit of the day.

Mint Lemonade was freshly done with the ever so refreshing mint leaves,so soothing,so fresh,a great way to start a meal in a chill weather.

Pink Lemonade n Mint Lemonade

We were served Jalapeno Pepper Fries and Mini Cheese Ball Fries for starters.

The Jalapeno Pepper Fries had the cheese based inside which gave the cheesy flavor to the full extent along with the crispiness of the outer layer and the tangyness of the jalapeno peppers.A good combination was inside my mouth!

The Mini Cheese Balls Fries had the garlic flavor along with the cheesy flavor and every bite was of the garlic,cheese and the crispiness of the outer layer.My favorite pick of the starter.

We got to try the bestsellers and the signature hot dogs for the kitchen of The Hot Dog Stand.As asked we preferred Beef for every hot dogs.All hot dogs are served with shredded cheddar cheese and milk bread.

The Mexican Hot Dog generously done with Guacamole which is (avocado,coriander,jalapeno,tomato,onion) mixed,salsa sauce to give the tangy flavor,nachos at the bottom to add to the crispiness,toppings of shredded cheddar cheese and cream to add character to the Mexican style hot dog.

12434934_10153877391134337_725115328_o - Copy
The Mexican Hot Dog

The second most seller is the Monster Hot Dog done as the name applies monster it is done with tomatoes,jalapenos,pickles,green onions,potato sticks,beetroot and to the toppings 3 sauces has been added up the ketchup,the mustard and the mayonnaise.The mustardy flavor can be felt on every bite but it has been well balanced by the ketchup and the mayonnaise.My hubby loved it a lot.

12435025_10153877391609337_976495129_o - Copy
The Monster Hot Dog

The Cheesy Coney Hot Dog as the name suggest with lots of shredded cheddar cheese as toppings,very well mixed with a secret chilly recipe and white onions.The cheesy flavor along with the chilly just shout out loud the taste and the look of the hot dog.

The Cheesy Coney

You can choose to make your hot dog into a meal with either a freshly made bean salad or homemade coleslaw in a cute little jar with spring onions,fries & drink.

The Bean Salad done beautifully with red and green beans and a secret sauce added much to the character of the salad.It was sweet and sour in taste,a cold mezze i will rather say but one of the hits in the menu.So cutely served in tiny little jars.

The Coleslaw has always been my favorite in any outlet they serve.This ones also added to my favorite list of Coleslaw.

The Potato fries are done in two styles The Curly Fries and The Ziggy Fries and served with Tomato Sauce and Mustard Sauce as dipping for the fries. 

The Coleslaw n The Bean Salad

The Spring Onions was my favorite of all the fries,very well done and the crispiness of the outer layer and the juiciness inside can be felt with the BBQ Sauce served as a dipping.

The Spring Onions

We were then served the 4 Way Pasta done perfectly with the steaming spaghetti covered with secret chilly recipe,well done spicy ground beef,very well cooked red kidney beans and shredded cheddar cheese on top.The specialty of the place is they serve shredded cheddar cheese on every dish.I loved the mixing the cheese through the pasta so it melted.So Cheese lovers this is the right place for you!! 

The 4 Way Pasta
12435325_10153877393314337_1803086129_o - Copy
The 4 Way Pasta

As i always have space for dessert and this place has got a very unique but my craving on the list.Its the Churros,fried bread stick sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar powder,very well presented with 2 dipping sauce the Chocolate Dipping and the Caramel Dipping.A must try out sweets for all the sweet tooth’s.

The Churros

As with the chit chat with one of the Chef he discussed with me the the upcoming launches in the menu which will have the BBQ Hawaiian Hot Dog,the Buffalo Hot Dog and the New York Hot Dog.

THDS offers delivery and i can see within the time spam of 1 hour the rush of deliveries and orders taking,it will be a hassle free if one calls 800 and tell them they need a parking and the gated parking will be open for them.

Be alert on their social media pages for the menus,their limited addition offerings,the new tasting menu and stay tuned as this couple will be coming up with innovative yet delicious ideas very soon.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Takeaway Available,Seating Available,Outdoor Seating,Kid Friendly,Wifi Available
LOCATION : Dubai Marina,Shop 3, Jannah Place, Nasaq Street, Dubai

CUISINES : Street Food, American

COST : AED 60 for two people (approx.)Cash and Cards accepted


ZOMATO : https://www.zomato.com/dubai/the-hot-dog-stand-dubai-marina

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