”Moshi” is hello in Japanese and its very artistic to blend the two words Momo & Sushi into one and fusionized something delicious yet something out of the box concept.The menu is totally budget friendly and you get to taste some of the finest fusion forms of Sushi,the whole concept of the raw fish sushi has been changed to an overly imaginative art form.Myself being a bit away from the Sushi world had made me fall in love with it.


Rahul the man behind Moshi is Dubai based,studied in UK and so his journey to his dream started with the love for fusion cooking living with a bunch of culturally diverse mates.He developed a taste for sushi and momos and was surprisingly astonished to find that the momo-sushi combo was on a heat in UAE due to very minimal options available.But when asked why Moshi he honestly said  ”being a son to vegetarian parents,my parents will never get a chance to taste and know what sushis are so i fusionised the concept and gave the vegetarian touch to it and now my parents love my sushis more than i do”.

I was Invited to taste the fusionized Sushi’s with the other delicacies and it was definitely a worth try.Pegged in Al Barsha clearly opposite to City max hotel and you get a free parking beside the hotel as a Moshi customer.indeed a blessing as parking is a hard try over there.My attentions grabs the graffiti print outside the door giving us the dilute details of  Momo’s and Sushis and the cozy interiors with white and orange shouting out loud the Japanese culture in it,the vibrant and the elegant.

The Graffiti 

The bright logo is the appealing factor in the place with a combinations of orange jars and vases kept to give a brighter aspect to it,love the concept of the mason jars kept on the racks so to serve any drink the staff have to grab it and fill it.The best trick is for Non Vegetarians Moshi use orange cutlers and for the Veggies white cutlers.

As we made ourselves comfortable we were offered juices and i chose to go with the Lemon Mint which is my regular and i love the concept of the mason jars with lids on to fill the juice in,they even provided pens to write down our names on the jars.So don’t touch this is mine!I have my name on it.

Lemon Mint

Then comes a brilliant Japanese dish Edamame its green beans boiled and sprinkled with spices made in the kitchen of Moshi. The way of eating is quite interesting as in India all tamarind lovers when we use to just lick up the tamarind and pull in it,so does edamame just pull it inside in one stroke.The beans are soft and moist and the spices gives a soothing taste to our taste buds.


This place has got some serious cuisine fusion from Japanese now we are served with a Nepalese soup name Thuppa its a clear seafood soup with noodles done with vibrant capsicums,onions and noodles.A very thick and lots of seafood filling rather a try out dish in Moshi.

Thuppa – Seafood Noodle Soup

When we were in college and staying in hostels we often mix up weird combo of all the food  and come up with a great dish.The next dish is very well done by us as a hosteler to mix up raw noodles as Chaat with anything available in the moment.The Wai Wai Chaat of Moshi is a brilliant hit with the the taste of spiciness ,tangyness and a bit crispiness gives it a different level.Mixed with onions,chillies,tomato,spices,lemons is a tangy spicy dish but a worth try,i had also packed one more plate for the next day to it.


The Momos here has got 3 options available the Steamed,the Fried and the Pan Fried also known as Kothe in Nepalese which is fried on one side.

The shapes varies according to the desired filling and the 3 options available.

Served with the delicious Moshi made Sesame Sauce and the Tomato Sauce,one of the very popular sauces in the Nepal’s,best goes with the deliciously hot momos.

The round shapes are Potato,Cheese and Corn pan fried momos,so cheesy filling and goes well with the corn and potato mash.the fillings are generous and the pan fried concept adds lots of character to it.

The Kothe – pan fried Prawn Momos was a hit,it was steamed and then fried on one side.The crispiness of the dough with the juicy minced prawns gave an added advantage to the dish.I have never tried it before but its a worth try and a worth ordered dish.


The steamed momos are the regular Chicken Momos and Pero Pero Chicken Momos.

The Chicken Momos are the regular ones with lots of fillings,the juiciness,the tenderness and the blend of gingerly flavor could be felt on every bite.

The Momos

The Pero Pero Chicken Momos was the hit,the original name for peri peri its spicy,juicy and perfectly blend with all the spices and gives a very divine taste to the hot steaming momos.Bought from the Nepalese cuisine the momos are freshly made,the dough is fresh and the fillings are selected and blend with perfection.

The Fillings

The fried ones in the wooden plates are the Mutton Momos again another inventions from the team Moshians,very well minced and cooked,mildly spicy and perfect with the crispiness the outer layer had provided.This ones too a worth try with the sauce on it.

The Momo Plates

We were then given a plate of Moshi Salad,the first look of it was wow with the vibrant colors of carrots,beetroot,cabbage,lettuce,peanuts and the sweet chilly sauce and a bit of sweetener added a lots of character to the dish.It was a sweet,tangy and spicy salad and the taste still lingers in my mouth.

Moshi Salad

Sushi  is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegar ed rice combined with other ingredients, seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits.But here in Moshi the sushi has been fusionised according to the taste and cuisine of every foodie.

The Dynamite Prawn Sushi is the bestseller of the place featured with Prawns,Crabs and Avocados steamed and rolled,sprinkled with spring onions and Tobika – which in Japanese means fish eggs topped in it.The  Dynamite gets a bright sunny look with the eggs crunchiness and the sushi’s taste.

Moshi Dynamite

Traditional Sushi uses Maki, the characteristic black seaweed roll it all together.The fishy aftertaste of maki puts many people off sushi altogether,so ”Air Rolls” gets invented in the kitchen of the Moshi’s.

Air Rolls feature a lettuce skin that has a translucent outer layer made of rice to hold it all together.

We had Moshi’s Chicken Tikka and Chicken Katsu sushis in the Air Roll variation.

Chicken Katsu is a Japanese based curry and i wonder whether the Japanese has rolled out in sushi and tried it or not.But thanx to Rahul he made it possible.

The Chicken Tikka was officially the taste of the usual chicken tikkas but in a sushi was the best fusioned ever.

The sushis are served with Wasabi,a mustard paste which is way to spicy but the Moshians had came up with the mild version of it and the light green mild wasabi gets its own fusion.The Pickled Ginger which is sweet and sour in taste goes well with all the sushis served.After a hot wasabi try the pickled ginger gives much of a relief.

Chicken Katsu & Chicken Tikka

Sushi gets a local Arabic twist with Moshi’s Falafel, Hummus & Cucumber and Cheesy Chips Oman maki rolls. These fall under the list of vegetarian sushis on the menu.

The Falafel, Hummus & Cucumber is accompanied with a serving of tahina (sesame) dipping sauce on the side. I was definitely not sure about this but the crunches and the hummus mingled well plays a very trick roll in it.Its also one of the most popular sushi in Moshi.

Rahul explained the story behind Cheesy Chips Oman to me. Growing up in the Middle East he  have munched their way through many packets of ‘Chips Oman’, a brand popular for their packets of potato chips.chips. He decided to add Chips Oman to a sushi with a  cheese center! Believe me the rice with cheese on center and the crushed chips on side was my shows topper.The most in demand by the locals too.

The next one we said yes to was the Thai Mushroom and Asparagus as its a Thai based green curry and both me and my husband love Thai food.The green Thai paste just added a lot to the sushi rolls and Thai with sushi rice is always a hit.

Thai Mushroom Asparagus

Rahul just asked do you like raw and my without delay my hubby said Yes definitely that is Sushi all about,eating it raw.

We were then served a plate of Sashimi – raw slice sushi featuring the Salmon and Tuna.

Nigiri – Raw fish Salmon and Tuna with rice in the bottom.Those who do not eat raw and find it smelly this is the place to have the best raw sushi in town,highly maintained quality,accurate temperature and goes very well with the wasabi and pickled ginger served.

Sashimi & Nigiri

So we are done with Sushi and now comes the kitchen made dough and cut with hands the Chicken and Egg Noodles.Due to home made dough it has got a very unique taste of its own and the taste can be felt by its appearance and the preparation.Beautifully done with eggs and chicken,both gets a distinguished flavor to it.

Chicken & Egg Noodles

After noodles it has to be fried rice and this one was Prawn Fried Rice,properly done prawns and lots of filling in it with the other veggies,the rice are separated by each other which is my personal favorite.If you crave for some spicy delicious fried rice then this is a good choice.

Both these dishes are served with Moshis special Chilly Sauce and it gives a lot of character to it.

Prawn Fried Rice

So finally dessert time and i can say the dessert gets a fusion too.

Nutella Maki which is Maki rolled in melting nutella,the dough of the maki is made fresh and the nutella gives it a chocolaty taste.My favorite dessert though!!

The Peanut Chocolate Bar is a healthy dessert,peanut bar sauce and dark chocolate melted in bars with no added and preservatives,a rather tastier and healthier fusion.The best part is it has my name on it!!

Nutella Maki & Peanut Chocolate Bars

After  a delicious meal it feels good to know that 5% of the bills goes to feed the laborers of construction site,a very generous act and yet feels good to come across such a great team.


Overall i enjoyed the delicious menu,love the artistic way of fusionising the dishes to go along with the other cuisines.Very well prepared,hats off to the whole smiling and chirping staff of Moshians.A must try and highly recommended.Waiting for Rahul to start his new fusionised projects soon.

HIGHLIGHTS : Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Takeaway Available,Seating Available,Wifi Available
LOCATION : Opposite Citymax Hotel, Behind Mall of the Emirates, Barsha 1, Dubai

CUISINES :Nepalese, Japanese, Fast Food, Sushi

OPENING HOURS : 11 AM to 12 Midnight
COST : AED 80 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted
RESERVATION : 04 4298972
ZOMATO: https://www.zomato.com/dubai/moshi-momo-sushi-barsha-1


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