I was Invited for the new tasting menu at Flippin ‘Pizza,Ibn Batuta Mall this week and had the pleasure to taste some of their signature yet delicious dishes and around the world pizzas,different types of Risottos,as well as Salads and Dessert.


A New York original, since 2007. A casual dining American Italian concept with a strong emphasis on pizza. Flippin’ serves a variety of appetisers, salads, pizzas & pastas prepared from fresh ingredients with no added sugar or fructose. A pizza you’ll flip fora? Because that’s the kind of pizza that stand here and make every day.So what’s that got to do with Flippin’ Pizza for 105 years, Flippin’ Pizza has served authentic, hand-tossed, NY-style pizza.

The  light wood walls,the bright red leather sofas,the images from New York gives us a New Yorker feeling with the big screen right in the middle is what the eyes goes into it,the pizza live station in the middle with the experts flippin dough is the catch of the place.Warm and Cozy with smiling and chirping staff to help and serve you the best. It seems the streets of New York is just replicated in the walls of this place keeping in mind the Middle Eastern architecture and design.

I was the first to be there with all the other Bloggers (Its always fun to be around people who has the passion about food),quickly i ordered a Green Apple juice and made myself comfortable in their soft leather sofa.The Green Apple juice was a worth try with the freshness and juiciness including the light,soft greenish color gave lots of character to it.Served in Mason Jars with lids out was perfect to start the tasting with.

As the bloggers gathered we were served freshly made breads with a Tomato sauce – a secret ingredient indeed as told by the staff. The breads were twisted in shape and was fresh just from the ovens as the moistness can be felt in the very first bite itself.The tomato sauce was a hit with the breads with the tanginess and the chilli flavor shout out loud about its taste and freshness.

The next one one a bowl of Minestrone Soup perfectly done with Grilled Chicken and Vegetables,Parsley,Parmesan,Pasta,Carrots,Kidney beans,minestrone sauce.The soup was thick and creamy with an American Italian Style and the taste was very cheesy due to the Parmesan,very tangy due to the tomato based in it.It was a big bowl of rich,thick,cheesy and with lots of characterized soup.A worth try dish.

Next comes the Beetroot,Feta & Rocca Salad done with Wild fresh Rocca leaves,roasted beetroots,pomegranate vinegar with Onions and Feta cheese sprinkled on it.The Salad was a bit sweet and sour taste,a cheesy flavor,which i liked the most but the roasted beetroot was the dish topper.The perfectly roasted and the flavor of the vinegar can be felt in the mouth and in our noses,soft and moist beetroots and i can see foodies searching for only the beetroots inside the salad.The pomegranates were done with a lot of efforts as it gave the grilled character to it. Overall it was a tasty bowl of salad to try in Flippin’s.

The Appetizer as the name was Crispy Risotto Balls was crispier from outside and soft and moist from inside.The risotto balls were done with Mediterranean fillings with Balsamic and Vinegerate and a rich tomato sauce in the bottom.The risotto’s gave a cheesy flavor with the moistness and crispiness of the fillings used.The authentic Italian balls is what i am thinking about right now.It was served with a Garlic Ayoli Sauce,very thick and rich but a perfect blend with the crispy balls.

Then came our much awaited Main Course and to start with the first it was Tandoori Chicken Pizza,it was a twist as an American Italian serving Indian cuisine to it.The tandoori chicken had been marinated and grilled in slow cooking oven and kept for 48 hours in the freezer so that the spices just gets into each and every bite of it.The specialty of the dish that it is prepared with Makhani (Butter) Sauce sprinkled with parsley and the flavor just added a lot of character to the pizza.I love when the pizza’s have a thin layer crust and this one had my perfect layer crust.Though i never order a Indian based pizza but here in Flippin’s they believe in creating and twisting so it was a worth try being an Indian.

The Tandoori Chicken Pizza

The Chicken Mushroom Risotto perfectly done with chicken stock and it varies according to the choice of the customer,as for Veg they will use Veg stock and for Sea food it will be Fish stock,every dish gets the taste of its own.The risotto gets the creamy and cheesy flavor from the added cheese and creams to it which is a perfect blend with the mushrooms as i always say Mushrooms goes well with the Cheese.It was thick,creamy,full of life to it dish.

Chicken Mushroom Risotto

The last but not the least dish was the Chicken Braised Rolls.It was my favorite as the chicken braised was stuffed with Mediterranean filling of Olives,Onions,Corn,Cheese and cooked for 8 hours in a slow cooking oven so that the rolls get a lot of character to it.The chicken rolls are then laid over a bed of Marinara Spaghetti done with grilled tiny Tomatoes and Eggplants on it.The Chicken Braised Rolls with the spaghetti was very innovative again with the twist of American Italian in it.

As the green apple was about to finish i was served an Electric Lemonade,a blue Curacao (Jamaican Pineapple) with lemons in it.The vibrant color of blue was indeed an electrifying touch to the lemonade.Freshly made and perfect after a tasting session.

I always have place for dessert as this is my favorite part in tasting and i am pleasured that i have some good space as the dessert served was way out of the box with a whole lot of sweetness in it.

The first dessert was the Triple Chocolate Brownie and the most unique combination was the brownie was baked with 3 chocolates – Dark,Mild and Milk.The caramel prepared was salted to give it a distinguished taste drizzled with chocolate sauce all over,topped with Vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with Lotus biscuit.The combination of the brownies,the ice cream,the chocolates shout out loud that ” I am the Best”.The chocolaty,soft,moist brownie was way above all the other dessert tasted.

Triple Chocolate Brownie

Peanut Butter Sauce Pancakes was a layer of pancakes tugged in a stream of peanut butter sauce with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle on it.Here the ice cream plays the trick when cut in with the pancakes and the peanut butter sauce.You have to be messy to try this as lots of smashing of the pancakes is required to get the sauce inside.

Peanut Butter Sauce Pancakes


The Messy that it could be.

My tantalizing meal at Flippin’s had listed this as one of my favorite places for Pizza and Risotto dining.Hope too see more branches coming up and foodie’s to grab the best pizza,pasta,risotto and of course the dessert in no time soon.

HIGHLIGHTS :Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Seating Available
CUISINES : Pizza, Italian
KNOWN FOR : Hand tossed thin crust flavorful Pizzas
COLLECTIONS : Featured in Upper Crust Collection
OPENING HOURS : 11 AM to 12 Midnight
COST : AED 160 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted
LOCATION : Jebel Ali Village,China Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai
RESERVATION : 8003547746
Website : http://flippinpizza.me/
Zomato : https://www.zomato.com/dubai/flippin-pizza-jebel-ali-village

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