The specialty Mandi had originated in Yemen, which is now very popular in the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and in many other Arab countries including The Seven Emirates 
At Maraheb they strive to create an unforgettable dining experience with the true essence of Arabian culture and tantalizing aromatic flavors. 
Explore the real charm of local Mandi in the heart of Dubai, Rashidia, with branches in International City,Arabian Ranches,Al Safa and Jebel Ali Village.The ambiance shout out loud the Yemeni tradition with seating arrangements like a Majlis style where soofrah (disposable tablecloth) are placed so that the food are kept on that,soft cushions red printed cushions are placed to keep the arrangement comfortable and enjoyable.Their are also place table and chairs if in case people find it hard to sit on the floors.

Weekdays are also a hard time for them as they have to welcome a lot of foodies to taste their aromatic divine mandi’s.We visited on a Wednesday as suggested by one of a big foodie and it was worth a try.

We rush through the menu and asked for the staff help without much delay he suggested us to have their signature dish The Hanith and The Chicken Madhbi.We also placed a Beef Liver which i always wanted to try out in a local outlet.

They placed our tables with the Soofrah and a parcel of salads consisting od Lettuce,White Onions,Carrots,Cucumber and Lemon came up.A meaty flavored Lamb Broth soup was put in front of us and it was delicious and the aroma speaks about the character of the soup.The Spicy tangy tomato chutney has always been my favorite when Mandi is concern,the spiciness and tanginess gives a divine taste to the rice.And of course their is always the packet of yogurt which is always a best option when rice is concerned.

We were served the Beef Liver with a complimentary Malauwah (Yemeni Bread),too large in size and interestingly the bread was warm for a longer time then expected as Arabic breads tends to get hard and cold quickly.But this was placed on a bamboo mat which allows the bread to remain warm for a longer time.The black seed sprinkled gave a character to it.The Beef Liver was the ultimate in its taste,the crispiness,the juiciness,the tenderness all adds up to a great combination of a delicious dish.Mixed well with the onions,tomatoes and peppers and the pieces were evenly sliced to go well with the bread served.

Its time for the Hanith and Chicken Madhbi which was served in steel plates to hold the warmness of the dish.

The Hanith was the signature dish and it was fresh Lamb Ribs cooked in tandoor and served in a bed of flavored basmati rice which was pleasing to the tongue and to the eyes.The Hanith Lamb was sealed inside silver foil before being slowly steamed to perfection with a saffron inspired combination of spices that delivered a delightful gustatory sensation.The juiciness of the Lamb shouts out loud about the Chef’s outstanding accomplishment.

The Chicken Madhbi had a character too in itself with the Char coaled Smokey chicken placed on the aromatic rice give itself a taste of the traditional food.My favorite is always Madhbi when it comes to choose between all the Chicken dishes.As i love the smokiness in the dish,it gives a clear taste to the dish with the perfect blend of the fragrant Basmati rice and the Tomato Chutney.

The experience is well defined by the dish we ordered.The staffs immense hard work to settle down a huge crowd is incredible.A worth try one of the Local Dishes in a Local Outlet with the traditional look and the traditional cuisine.

HIGHLIGHTS :Lunch,Dinner,Home Delivery,Takeaway Available,Seating Available,Outdoor Seating
PRICE: 100 for 2 people
TIMINGS: 11 am to 12 Midnight 

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