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Thai concept offering a blend of Thai taste and senses – spicy, tangy, sweet and sour, accentuated with traditional spices, treated in a contemporary ambiance.


Offering traditional Thai cuisine in a modern aesthetically environment with freshly earthy tones and energizing hues have been combined with natural materials to create a warm and welcoming feel.Water, pebbles and bamboos, essence of nature, have been used to emphasize the serenity and calmness associated with modern Asian ambiance. Seating areas have been segregated with levels to create privacy yet exhibit a dedicate sense of belonging within a crowd…The simplicity of plain walls has been broken with either textures, or, sharp, geometric edged black-and-white images.Rich Thai fabrics spell tradition in their accent, yet have been diffused with completely modern approach, thereby accentuating optical simplicity.

The staff welcoming in their traditional Thai gesture which back in India we call it ‘namaste’.Their attire speaks loud about the culture with a modern twist and the smiling and chirping staffs just adds one more reason to visit the place all over again.

Its never late to write about this distinguished outlet with the perfect combination of food,ambiance and tradition.I am glad i am writing it bit late as i have got to taste a lots of dishes out here and penning down will be very exciting and imaginative for me.

Starting from the starters we are served with a complimentary prawn wafers with a Thai sauce,perfect to start the meal of.

I have tasted their Guay Tiew Tom Yum Soup which is a hot and spicy noodle soup served with chicken and seafood and sprinkled with ground peanuts.The perfect combination of the herbs and the chilli takes us back to their aromatic Thai cuisine.

The second favorite soup is the Tom Yum Soup which can be in Chicken/Seafood/Prawns and Veggies ad its perfectly done with lemongrass,chilli and lime leaves.The flavor gives lots of character to teh soup.

The Appetizers they served in my personal opinion are the best in town.

The Lemongrass set plate is the best way to taste all their specials in one plate which comprises of Veggie spring rolls,marinated chicken pandan leaves,glass noodle salad with minced chicken,prawn cake and chicken satay served with assorted chips served with Thai sauces,The best that it could be to taste it in one go.

The second favorite is Gai Hor Bai Teuy which is fried marinated chicken cloth wrapped with pandan leaves and served with Thai soy sauce.The pandan leaves are crispier and once breaked by spoons easily comes out and due to the flavor gives the prefect taste.

Oh my the list never ends when it comes to taste in Lemongrass.

The mains always includes my favorite dishes cooked in Coconut milk and the flavor of lemongrass just makes the dish so pure and divine.

Starting with the rice section o yes i have tasted a lot in their rice section and to pen down is more delicious for me right now.

The Kao Pad its a Thai fried rice which can be chosen between Seafood/Chicken/Egg Garlic and Veggies.I have always a craving for eggs so i prefer the egg ones and its the perfect fried rice and goes best with all the curries served in the outlet.

The Kao Pad Lemongrass which is fried rice done in a chilli paste with chicken and sea food in it.All spicy lovers this is the best you can try.

The Pad thai which is wok fried rice noodles with bean sprout,tofu served in an egg wrap,this also comes in Prawns/Chicken and Veggie selection.This ones my favorite as the creativity lies in the dish both in the taste and the presentation.

Other rices like the Jasmine and Sticky rice are also good option to choose as it goes with the curries very well.

The Curries are the biggest weapon for them as it has the traditional Thai cuisine with the modern blend in it.

Gaeng Kiew Wan which is a green curry eggpant,sweet basil and chilli and the coconut milk just shouts loud about the dish so well.The perfect curry with any Rice you try and also comes in options of your choice of Chicken/Prawn/Beef and Veggies.A must try out dish.

Gaeng Panaeng which is a creamy panaeng curry with chilli and shredded lime leaves,so aromatic and heavenly in taste.Best goes with the jasmine or the sticky rice.Also comes in options of your choice.

The Stir Fried sections also comes with lots of character in their dishes my two most favorite are wok fried duck with spicy,sweet and sour sauce topped with crispy basil known as (Ped Sam Rod Kapraow Krob).The duck pieces are so tender and moist and all the sauces just go perfectly with the whole dish.

The other one is the prawns wok tossed in sweet and sour sauce known as (Pad Priew Wan) which comes in Prawns/Chicken/Fish Fillet.The prawns gets the sweet and sour taste of the sauce and also has lots of pineapples,capsicum in it.The prefect that it could be.

The perfect meal cannot end without the dessert,though not tasted a lot of sweet tooth here but one which will always be in my mind and heart is the Sweet Sticky rice with mango.The deliciously done rice and the fresh mango,its heaven in my mouth all over again.

Sweet Sticky Rice

So what a perfect way to end my blog and it feels so proud and honored to have a place in town where you could enjoy in 4 outlets in Dubai one in Al Rigga,Oud Metha,Jebel Ali Village and Trade Center area.Their is a loyalty program for every foodie visiting the place you just have to go to their website (link below) and join the loyalty program where you have to enter the order no. from your food bill and see how the points gets you to be a lucky winner.

CUISINE :    Thai, Chinese, Seafood, Asian
HIGHLIGHTS :Lunch.Dinner,Home Delivery,Takeaway Available,Seating Available,Outdoor Seating,Wifi Available.
PRICE :  180 aed for 2 people approx. (Cash and Card Accepted)
WEBSITE : http://www.lemongrassrestaurants.com/