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Bengali cuisine is a culinary style originating in Bengal.Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle flavors, and its spread of confectioneries and desserts.Ceremonial food differs from the daily food. While daily food consists mainly of rice/roti(handmade bread), fish, lentil(dal), meat, vegetables etc.,in different occasions and festivals, guests are entertained with different kind of Polao or Biryani, Chicken korma, beef kalia, Kebab, borhani, firni, jorda or different sweet dishes etc. A significant feature of the cuisine is a significant variety of sweets based on milk and sugar as part of tradition. Wheat is used alongside rice, in different types of breads, such as luchi, kochuri and pôroţa. Special cuisine are also prepared in different seasons; for example, in winter, both urban and rural areas prepare various kinds of Pitha (Cakes like ‘ bhapa pitha’, ‘phul pitha’, ‘ telerpitha’, ‘patishapta’ and ‘taler bora’) and Payesh/ khir (a special kind of dessert made of milk, rice, sugar/gur and spices) are prepared.Shorsher tel (mustard oil)is the primary cooking medium in Bengali cuisine.

The tradition of Bengali Cuisine is very well defined by one of the places in Dubai Food Village which had loudly and clearly shows that great food from a land can be inculcate in a foreign land where foodies can enjoy and cherish their home made food for the Bengali kitchen.Food Village as the name appears to be a place where you will find the food cooked in the house of a Bengali family with utmost style and care.As you enter the place you get a feeling of coziness and homeliness with bright colored furniture,a huge coconut tree in the middle to give us the mother nature feeling,comfortable seating,wallpapers reminds of the brick houses back at home,beautifully done gardenery around the restaurant.

As i have visited a number of times and its a second home for me so i have a lot to write about their dishes which are perfectly cooked and presented with a style.

Borhani: is a fantastic starter drink. It is a chaas (buttermilk) turned upside down my mixing a whole lot of condiments and spices a must try on the drinks.

Rohu Kaalia Fish: (less but sharp bones) on recommendation was served and we both loved it.The gravy was mildly spiced and rich in fat but went well with a huge rice pot serving. The quantities served here are huge.

Fish Curry: (Rui Curry) (Pabda Curry)specially prepared to go with rice immensely tasty,rich,thick,a mild spicy and with full character in  it.

Shoeshore Ilish : (Hilsa cooked in mustard paste) My favorite one here very intricately prepared with the perfect blend of the mustard paste with the fish and the gravy will just make you fall in love with her again and again.

Dish of the day : Fish Chorchori (Small fish prepared with lots of spices and oil).Lau Chingri (Small prawns prepared with gourd).Bengun Chingri (Small prawns prepared with brinjal mash).The dishes are terrific in taste and the taste loudly tells about the character of the dish.

The Bharta Platter:(The mashed platter) This platter comes in 2 proportion one small and the other large,as i couldn’t make out the difference between the two as the quantity is so high it consist of dry fish chutney,saag chutney,potato mash with onions and spices,kosu chutney,lau chutney,saag with potato,pumpkin bharta,bengan bharta etc.If you have not try this then you are definetely missing something in this place.

Dal : Perfectly cooked with the tadka of pasfuron,garlic just seems like freshly prepared from mommy’s kitchen.

Beef Rezala : Very rich and thick,immensely spicy and the perfect mix of the chilies and the spices used.Perfect with the parathas served there.

Paratha: Very soft and tender,freshly prepared and bought hot into the table.

Salad:The best thing in any place i have ever visited.The tomatoes,cucumbers,onions nicely cut in long thin shapes and a pinch of salt and mustard oil just adds uniqueness in itself.

Sweets occupy an important place in the diet of Bengalis and at their social ceremonies. It is an ancient custom among both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis to distribute sweets during festivities.The sweets of Bengal are generally made of sweetened cottage cheese (chhena), unlike the use of khoa (reduced solidified milk) in Northern India.This place serves the best sweets from their land with that perfect taste and character.

Kheer Mohan & Mishti Doi were excellent bengali sweets i have had in a long time.The mishti dahi (sweet curd) set in an earthen bowl is terrific and the texture of the dish spoke a lot of it. Kheer mohan made from sweetened, finely ground fresh chhana (cottage cheese), shondesh in all its variants is among the most popular Bengali sweets.

Chom Chom : The modern version of this oval-shaped sweet is reddish brown in color and has a denser texture than the rasgullas.

Rasmalai : Ras malai is composed of white, cream, or yellow coloured balls of channa which are dipped and soaked in sugar and malai or cottage cheese. This dessert resembles the rasgulla greatly.

Roshgulla: Its a Bengali tradition dish.Soft balls dipped in sugar syrup just perfect for every occasion.

A must visit for every Bengali Cuisine lover.This place had immensely tried to give the best food within the budget of every individual living here from their lands and also has succeeded in its taste,style,character and the homely environment they provide as soon as you enter.The staffs are very friendly and polite,always ready to give you the best advice in their menu.

Highly Recommended by me.

Highlights : Home Delivery,Dine-In Available,WiFi Available
Cuisine : Indian, North Indian, Chinese
Price : AED 50 for two people (approx.) Cash only
Location : Near ENOC Petrol Pump, Amman Street, Al Nahda, Dubai
Reservation : 04 2398502 04 2398503
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