Cafe Blanc embodies the Lebanese taste of tradition and delivers the tradition in a contemporary fashion.The Lebanese traditional dishes to heartwarming oriental customs and give a creative lift.

The ambiance loudly speaks of the hues of the sand tinted concrete floors and the hints of vivid Mediterranean turquoise like a bright end of a beach day. The intricate ceiling design and partitions, through clever lighting, give a romantic oriental atmosphere to the space.
The furniture is custom made and the tableware seems like handcrafted.

It had the advantage of 3 types of seating areas –

Indoor in the comfort of air-conditioning minus harsh natural light

Patio area (air-conditioned with fine natural light) and

Outdoor under the sun, breathing in fresh air or some flavored sheesha (a perfect evening/winter setup). Since we visited on a chill November weather so we preferred to sit outdoor with the beautiful view of Burj Khalifa.


Creativity is at the heart of the menu.Alongside the familiar mezze and the large selection of traditional dishes, you will also find a few traditional dishes with a twist but Cafe Blanc also stands out from the crowd in the way the food is served in a thoroughly contemporary style with tableware and accessories designed exclusively for it.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon where we were just strolling in Dubai Mall just neat to the beautiful Souk Al Bahar and the gigantic Burj Khalifa where we saw this cafe and thought of giving it a a try.

We just ordered 2 cups of Cappuccino and thought of having the coffee and walk around.But the menu just caught my eyes that me and my husband without any delay started to look down at the delicious menu.The coffee serve was hot,creamier and delicious.The thickness of the coffee resembled the chef’s perfectness to taste and art.The coffee art really steals my eyes and breathe away,the best thing i like about it so much and Cafe Blanc has stood on my expectation so thanx to them.


For just a evening snack out we ordered one scrambled eggs with spicy sausage served with salads,pickles and khubbus.The scrambled eggs was perfectly done and the sausage added the spiciness in it.Served very delicious and had a class in it.The taste was terrific and the mixture of the eggs and sausages was perfect with the khubbus they served.

Our second order was Fried shrimps served with Chilli tartar sauce and i must say what a delicious snack it was for the November weather.The outer layer was crispy but the shrimps juicy and tender inside just out of the pan to give the best taste on every bite of it.The chilli tartar sauce was perfect with the shrimps and was very rich and thick.

For complimentary they served Lebanese bread,a tray of pickles with it so that it could be a perfect meal for 2 in the chill evening across the serene waterways of Downtown Dubai.

Warmth and generous hospitality lie at the heart of Lebanese traditions and at Cafe Blanc the staff takes these traditions to an exceptional level, blending professional training with a natural desire to deliver the best in customer service.

Highly Recommended for all lovers of Food.

Highlights :Dine-In Available,Outdoor Seating,Sheesha Available,Burj Khalifa View

Cuisine: Lebanese

Price : 100 aed for 2 people (Cash & Card accepted)

Location : Lower Ground Level, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Reservation : 04 4340828

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