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Momo’s Magic

Momos are dumplings native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India. Biting into hot steamy Momos, with a touch of tasty, spicy sauce is a food lovers delight. Momos are more than just food, they are ‘wrapped’ with love and a lot of tender care.Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos are widely popular in the region.

Vegetarian: Fresh vegetables, textured soy chunk or paneer are common fillings that are usually mixed with seasonal vegetables.

Non-Vegetarian: Buff meat (buffalo) is popular in Nepal, one of the reasons being its low price compared to the rivals, chicken or goat. Outside of Nepal, beef and turkey join the group. Buff and Beef probably taste similar. In this region chicken and prawns are popular.

Momo’s Types:

Steamed momos: This is definitely the most common way of cooking momos. Usually they are cooked in a steamer for 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the wrap and amount of fillings. It is wildly popular among the fast-food restaurants that serve them right off the steamers.

Fried momos: More common in dine-in type (slow) restaurants, fried momos are steamed momos that are either pan fried until the outer layer turns red (ish) or deep fried.

The best place after a long time.Was really waiting for one more place to open where you can have your favorite momos.The name says and creates magic in your mouth.Coming from a place where you had tasted the best momos i.e Delhi its very difficult to find and compare any stall out here in Dubai.But this stall had really set its foot in town with the small tiny outlets in four different locations.

The Outlets
The Outlets

As said “good things come in small package and so is this”.

We means my Hubby ofcourse and me ordered One mild chicken momo and the other Spicy chicken momos.As claimed by them they serve fresh it took almost 10 mins to get it delivered to us.Now the good part was we have to select from a section of veggies n salads to top those momos which comes in a box.I selected parsely,coriander,tomato and onions and topped with the mustard sauce of your choice.

Then they asked for the sauce selection which comes in small plastic containers and there are 5 variations in it.The soy,chilli,tomato,peanut green chilly.I ordered for peanut and chilly and it was the perfect for those deliciously mouth watering momos.

The momos are freshly prepared with the juiciness and lots of tenderness inside it.The momos were fully stuffed,freshly prepared and really the yummy taste just made my evening after a long tiring day.The momos come in boxes and so well decorated that its like a garden of freshly grown flowers in it.

The Momo’s Magic has got it outlets in Oasis Center,International City,Lamcy Plaza and DIP…So neighbors go and grab your Hot momos with the veggies you like and the sauce you want to grab it.

Location : Oasis Center , Lamcy Plaza, International City & DIP

Cuisine : Street Food

Price : 40 aed for 2 ppl

Timings : 10 am to 10 pm

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