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“Yum Cha – From starter to dessert, come discover the delicious taste of Chinese cuisine at Chop Suey! Taste and ambience are priority; the restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients and rest assured there is no added MSG in this kitchen! It is the perfect place for a laid-back get-together with family and friends over delicious Chinese favorites and all you can eat Dimsums” ChopSuey

Chop Suey is a neat little boutique tucked in the Jumeirah Beach Plaza. Getting a parking during dinner time at Jumeirah Beach Plaza, can sometimes be a nightmare, but we were fortunate enough to get one. The restaurant’s interior was understatedly Chinese. It didn’t scream chinese with overly red interiors and lanterns. The seating is a mix of american fast-food leather sofas with a mix of metal chairs and tables.The wall was covered with a graffiti like wallpaper with chinese scripture and a yellow silhouette of a man doing a high kick. Beautiful chopsticks are on board to give the chinese look.All very modern yet oriental.

The mesmerizing ambiance.
The mesmerizing ambiance.

We were welcomed with a very high level of hospitality and one of the host came over to us to explain the history of ChopSuey and their restaurant which i found quiet interesting. “Chop Suey is thought to have originated not in China but in California during the 1800s. Food historians speculate that Chinese cooks in the United States, seeking to sell Chinese food to Westerners, but lacking many of the ingredients required for traditional Chinese dishes, created Chop Suey out of necessity rather than culinary creativity. The name Chop Suey means “mixed pieces”. Try our version of this American classic”.
We were served Prawn wafers with Sweet chilly chutney which is really indeed what we call the beginning of a delicious night out.The Chutney was a bit sweet and a bit chilly and it was perfect combination with the crispy brown prawn waffers.I could not resist so requested them for one more bowl of Chutney…

Our complimentary dishes with a warm welcome.
Our complimentary dishes with a warm welcome

The first difference which i well liked is that you have the menu numbered and a part of the menu can be torn apart on which you have written your order. This shows “We care for your order and don’t want to get anything wrong with it”, not a brand new concept but nevertheless well appreciated and cool.Most of the selection was done by the staff adviced so that we do not missed the delicious and best ones.
For Starters we ordered Hot & Sour Sea Food and Crispy Mixed Mushrooms Manchurian Style.
The soup was very thick and smooth but not too spicy as the name suggest.The soup was like a garden with lots and lots of different flowers inside ,the crab pieces,prawns,veggies,tofu,olives.I suggest one soup is enough for two person to share.It was delicious and one could definitely go and grab the soup over there.
Our second starter was a mixture of different mushroom – Sauteed shitake,straw,oyster & button mushrooms in a special manchurian seasoning.It was very crispy and all the mushroom gave a different but saucy taste in each and every bite.

Deliciously mouth watering Starters.
Deliciously mouth watering Starters.

Now comes my favourite part the Main Course.
We wanted something to be saucy gravy and a bit spicy which can perfectly blend with the rice we order.The host just gave us the dish which was perfectly meant for us The Sizzling Chicken with ChopSuey Chilli Sauce and a bowl of White Jasmine Rice.
The Chicken was perfectly tossed with the Chilly onion,Garlic,Black Mushroom in a spicy sauce which was the perfect blend with the Rice we ordered.It was very smooth,hot and the great combination of the herbs and spices they used.It goes very well with the white rice as we can feel the taste properly and each and every ingredient used can be tasted and felt with every bite.I am very happy to announce that i ordered two bowl of rice which i usually don’t.

Main course it is.
Main course it is.

Dessert is like a Good song and the best ones make you Dance to it.So it was Dessert time and we ordered really the best one which will make everyone dance.
It was Sesame Toffee Banana with Ice cream.The good it sounds the better it tastes.The banana wrapped with flour,sugar and deep fried till golden with sprinkle of sesame on it and served with Ice Cream topped with hot hot chocolate.I am not been able to write more as the taste makes me feel more hungry now.As is says “STRESSED is DESSERT spelled backward” so just grab this and you are stressed free.
Very smooth,thick and delicious.The bananas were very crispy and the added flour and sesame gave a better taste to it.I highly recommend this all you food lovers.

Too Good!!!!!!
Too Good!!!!!!

“So all well that ends well” and it was the perfect ending to a deliciously mouth watering evening.
The main Highlights of the place was that it serves all the dishes made with the freshest ingredients, no MSG and low sodium products.They serve Organic too which are selection from Main course of Beef and Chicken.I highly recommend Chop Suey .If you dine in rather than ordering , have a look on the ceiling. I really liked the lightning idea. If you go for take away you will love the boxes they are using, well known from many US movies, and really comfortable to eat from.The ambiance is beautiful and definetely the staff are just very polite and very great advicers on dish selection.
Good news for some lucky card holders,they give discount on Fitness First as they have joined forces to assess and endorse a selection of dishes that are healthier options and delicious too,the dishes are carefully crafted with Fitness First Nutrition Manager to bring you the maximum nutritional benefits.Emirates platinum card,Aviation platinum card and Mashreq bank members do not miss this beautiful and lucky (me jealous) as you have a good discount ones you grab the food in here.
Cuisine : Chinese
Timings : 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Price : 100 for 2 people
Location : Ground level,Beach Park Plaza Centre,Next to Emirates Hospital,Jumeirah 2
Website :
Zomato :
For Reservations please contact : 044498538

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